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  1. Well, I guess I should of been able to figure that out myself. Must of been getting frustrated at that point. Anyway, I got a hold of them and everything's good. They had me run the update process again and this time it went okay. Thanks for the help!
  2. Okay, I got to the Codemeter site and tried to click/dbl-click on to the support@codemeter.com link but for some reason nothing is coming up. I even tried the link you've posted on "If your dongle is not working, please read this" thread. Is it down at the moment?
  3. Finally got a chance to take a look at this. First off, the Codemeter icon no longer shows up in the icon tray. I inserted the stick and get the Win 7 pop-up asking if I want to "Scan and fix(Recommended). This will prevent future problems when copying files to this device" or the "Continue without scanning" options. I clicked on the first option and got a choice of: "Automatically fix the system errors" or "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" Again I chose the first option. The green bar of progress seemed to run properly. I then get a pop-up with general options. Only thing that shows is the "open folder to view files" icon. Clicking on it says that the folder is empty. Little bit lost here. Should I uninstall and try to re-install SB Pro?
  4. Hmm. I tried to update as recommended but during the process, I got a error box stating a problem had been encountered and the update was cancelled. Now my codemeter shows a steady red light. I have to head out for most of the day so I'll have to see whats wrong when I get back. I wasn't having any issues so maybe I should of left it alone.
  5. I'm running XP 32 bit as well. I had SP2 but thought I'd try SP3 to see if it would help. Nope!. I was under the impression the 5970's where not experiencing this but the link below has somebody mentioning that they could be affected as well. There's also some talk of adjusting some setting in BIOS as it seems like the original setting is too low when the card is at idle. Seems to make sense as mine works fine when playing games. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/ATI-Grey-Screen-Fix-5870,9549.html
  6. Well I hope they get it sorted out. I was hoping to add another 5870 and crossfire them as part of my PC upgrade this spring. One things for sure. ATI did an outstanding job with the frustration sensor that came with this card. Every time I start to get ticked off enough to rip it out and put back in my trusty reliable 9800GTX, it'll smarten up and behave itself for a few days.
  7. Yes I installed the latest driver as well as the hotfix that was supposed to help alleviate the situation. I even updated my chipset driver not realizing I missed a few updates. As I mentioned, not all cards are affected but seems to be a fairly high percentage. Quite a few people have gone the RMA route and received cards with the same problem well others have got ones that worked fine. It's great to hear your not having issues but I thought it prudent to let everybody know about this as it could end up being quite a hassle if it turns out to be problem that can't be solved with a software fix.
  8. Just thought I give a heads up in case anybody is considering buying any of the recent ATI VGAs(5750,5770,5850 & 5870). I bought a XFX 5870 and have been impressed with it's performance but unfortunately, every once in awhile, my screen will become corrupted and I'll have to reboot the system. I thought it was just a glitch that I'd be able to sort out sooner or later but I found this post over at the HarwareCanucks forum that indicates it's a problem that seems to affect a unknown percentage of cards: http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/video-cards/28464-ati-5xxx-series-issues-driver-updates.html I tried the 10.1 hotfix that was released a couple days ago but I can't see any improvement. The only good thing about this is that it seems okay while playing games or watching videos and only gives me problems while web browsing. Hopefully, a software fix will take care of it but I must admit, I'm starting to think there's more to it then that. Rob
  9. Mako88

    downloading missions

    Check page 3 of the manual titled "File Structure". It will explain what you need to know. I'm just getting back into this again after a long hiatus and had the same problem regarding downloading scenarios. Rob
  10. Looking for some helpful info for upgrading my videocard. I have a ASUS P4C 800 motherboard with a GE Force FX5600 card. Just like some opinions of what would be a good card to upgrade to. Thanks.
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