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  1. Does it still have the same semi-automatic lead system that the existing T-72B in the game has or has that been updated as well?
  2. OlegNik, just a list of the different commands that the TC/Gunner speak in the game, in either the Cyrillic or Latin alphabet. I don't necessarily want English translations, however, that would be appreciated if possible (I can use google translate/a dictionary if not though). Thank you.
  3. Hello all, does anyone have/know the transcripts for the crew commands said by the TC/Gunner in Russian? I am talking about the actual commands in Russian, not the translations to English. Thanks!
  4. jazjar

    We love photos

    I did! It was fantastic, though pretty much all the food was.
  5. jazjar

    We love photos

    ...Should've edited that out... oops.
  6. jazjar

    We love photos

    Some random cadet in front of the German Army's premier IFV.
  7. Hello all, In about a month or so, I'm going on something of an exchange to the Germany Army to spend some time with them and work on my German a bit. I don't quite yet have a sponsor over there, I only know the unit I'm going to, which is a Panzergrenadier battalion. As I'd like to not show up completely unfamiliar with the German Army, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the basics of how a modern Panzergrenadier battalion is organized and subdivided. All I can seem to find online are WW2 organizations and 80's era organizations. As for the question about equipment, I know that the primary combat vehicles I'm likely to see are the Puma and Marder, but I was wondering if there are any Leopards included with a PzGren battalion. Any knowledge would be appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the advice. CTLT is probably the summer training that I'm looking forward to the most. Besides that, I only have CLDT (14 days in the field) and my leadership detail to do. Hopefully I can frontload all of that next summer and get the summer before my Firstie year to be all leave.
  9. Well now that's definitely news to me. Honestly, I'll probably end up doing something like ADA for my CTLT.
  10. Is that CTLT you are talking about? I did hear a story about how some cow (junior) was an actual PL for three weeks because his host PL had to step out for some reason.
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