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  1. Damm was watching a documentary about The greatest tank battle of WW2, on Discovery channel, and here I am. Should I comeback or not? Silly question that I can't even answer by myself. The reason of this thread is maybe to get some insight from you guy's, to help me out decide if I comeback to this game or not, and invest some valuable free times of mine and your's ( teaching me hopefully ), to learn to be a proper TC. My main concern for me not to comeback and I think it would be the only one reason, is the support that I did not received from the SB community. I don't want to be rude to anyone, and mark my words please, but this is how I felt when I was learning the ropes of TC, and I did not sense that I fit in. I felt really left out to myself, or I felt I was annoying to most of you, and also that I was more of a disturbance then a future asset to you people, has a TC. Sometimes there were plenty of players online, but they did not seem to bother much about me and other noobs. You know I play other sims and games online and I have to say most community that I am involved with, are very helpfull and open minded with noobs like me. But sincerely I wasn't impress by the helping mode with this community. Of course some of you were more incline to help a noob, then some other individual. It seem also that your comunity is very bonded together wich is good but when it comes again to noobs, you're not that open minded, well this is my opinion or I should say the way I felt been part for a short time of the SB community. Now for me it's a matter of serious thinking, and maybe reading some of you, before I get back to this sim or not. Sincerely, Thank you!
  2. My 2 GTX 580 OC ( Overclock by the company, btw ) run also with a creative X-Fi sound card, so if it is true what you're telling me, about dropping to 10 fps, is there a way to solve that little problem, please? Also, so far my game run perfectly, without any stuttering.
  3. Well just came back from the tank range, and my best was: 78% 11 out of 14 targets, in 8.7 secs average to a kill. But I would have done better, I messed around with one difficult target and it blown my score away so I can do better I guess, am sure. :redface: Toger that for tactical moves, but am not at that point yet. Am refining my shooting skills, right now. Only 2 day's with the game so far, so I won't be too hard on mysel, yet :debile2: Thanks!
  4. HI! It's my second day I play this game or should I say this sim, and I wanted to know your feedback about my skill so far at shooting moving targets and lasing them. My best score so far on the tutorial C is: 9 moving targets, 9 kills 100% accuracy, and 9.8 seconds average to aim, lase and kill the target is this good or reflect any of the reality, concerning speed and accuracy of a real gunner in a Leopard 2A5, please? Also on no moving targets I have an average so far of 5.2 secs. Your comment and feeback are very welcome Thank you!
  5. Not at all, I don't mind playing with players from other country's, sometimes my biggest problem, it's to understand some of you with the funny english and/or australian accent, but hey I have a funny accent myself, am french and I speak english kinda weird also :debile2: Cya
  6. ok will do, after hours on the mod folder for my skins some of them works and some seem not to show up, nut hey at least it works for some. Take care and thank you all!
  7. Well kinda sad for me I always work on Wednesday, Thursady and Friday night shift. I am available ONLY from Saturday afternoon all the way to Teusday very late night. :frown: Thank anyway
  8. The problem here is that none of my skins works, and I think I have done what you have said. BTW your file are old ones bitmap files, and mine are .DDS so mayne that is the problem, cause no matter what I do, the skins doesn't appear on my game, solo or multi. I take a scenario with Leopard 2A5 autumn, and when the game starts skins doesnt appear on my Leo. Can you help me please?
  9. Hello! How can I play with some of you online to learn and practice my skills and new ones? Is there a way to meet with some of you online, like now, Saturday. Well anyway I am your TS3 server, if someone is interested to play with a completely noob, well be ny guest then! Cya later maybe
  10. Hello! I am training right now on the tutorial E going to F soon, and I have notice that sometimes while I lase my target, that the gunner overide me and shoot my target, instead of me pulling the trigger. Is this normal, or maybe I am touching a button on my Warthog, making my gunner shooting for me, while I lase and palm switch the target. So far so good training going well anyway, maybe it's a bug, well I'll be waiting for your feedback gents Thank you!
  11. Tahnk you Sir, will do! :luxhello:
  12. Thanks Alzheimer maybe! Just Kidding :debile2: Cya
  13. Hello! I am starting the tutorial on the Leopard 2A5, and I want to reconfigure my joystick so when I push it, the crosshair of my Leopard goes down and when I pull it, my crosshair goes up, but in this case it's the contrary. I went on the game control options and I cannot find where I can reconfigure my little annoying crosshair function problem. Anyone have a clue how to solve my little problem, please? Thank you again
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