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  1. Up until I started using it I had no idea the BMP-2 had to turn off its turret drive to use its ATGM. My question is what is the mechanical reason behind this?
  2. just wondering if buying the preorder for 4.1 will work with my 3.0 license or do i have to order the 4.0 upgrade first then the 4.1 preorder?
  3. I haven't upgraded to 3.0 yet and wanted to re-download 2.6 but it seems the download link is broken. is 2.6 no longer available?
  4. WOW! thanks man! that did it... lol i would have never suspected steam would have to be in administrator mode..
  5. Iv'e added SB pro pe to steam in hopes I could use the overlay to chat with friends as i play, and just wanted to know if anyone else has been able to get the overlay working without taking the game off administrator mode? The overlay works without administrator mode but without that i'm unable to get into the map editor. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. thanks for answering my post. i'll just have to wait to use it then but still its a great IFV. I didn't even know it has a AA-sight and it seem to be a cool little thing to try once its in sb pro pe :biggrin:
  7. I saw on the wiki that the commander has a anti-air sight but any time i hit the switch to turn the sight on i don't see it. I'm I missing a step?
  8. so i never have seen this thing till i started playing sb pro pe and I tryed reading up on it when i noticed that i can't get a straight answer on what class of AFV it is. Some say its a tank destroyer, some say its a IFV...... I'm just curious what it falls under.
  9. im sorry for taking up your time guys lol. it was me not sb. i was so use to the folders being in order i forgot the new year bumped it to the top...... i feel like facepalming myself.....
  10. so i was taking screenshots of my battle and when i went to the folder to look at them there were no screenshots. this has never happend before and just need a little help.
  11. thanks! its now set on administrator and works now..... lol teach me to read the release notes now :biggrin:
  12. so when i try starting up map editor it gives me "you don't have permission to access this" is this a bug or do i need to reinstall SB pro pe?
  13. i don't know if anyone has posted this bug but the missile on the bmp-1 still shows up after the turret has been blown off. just sits there in mid air :cul:
  14. Thanks a lot!!!!!! This will look nice in some of the missions I'm working on.. doing some what if west German cold war flair ups... But ya love the skin
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