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  1. 4.159 installed. Thanks for the quick patch. I’m really enjoying all the foundational improvements to the sim with this update.
  2. 1) ‘Map’ > ‘Use theme colors’ in the Mission Editor adds some spice to the map view! 2) Smoke trail from Javelin missile. 3) Tracer 4) Dust and smoke 5) Lighting 6) Ground colour palette
  3. Thanks for the shout-out @Mirzayev but credit where it’s due. The two phases of this scenario were inspired by a two-scenario mission created by @Gibsonm and used by BG ANZAC which I condensed (into a single scenario with less specific reconnaissance focus and more manageable TO&E for single-player) and moved back in time to 1994. So, while I designed the scenario from the ground up, I’m not sure it would have included the “something different” you credit me for without the inspiration from @Gibsonm‘s earlier effort.
  4. ARMOR magazine ran an article about East German plans for the occupation of West Berlin here: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AuYsbQPUQlikrHPd6vaxPrRev3pL (if this link doesn’t work I’ll replace when I’m at my laptop (currently using iPad)).
  5. The new suspension effects on the terrain in this video look awesome too.
  6. Thanks @Scrapper_511, appreciate the encouragement. The next pre-4.1 update available is 'Mechanized Infantry Company Team Attack at Gershausen 1987': Changes to version 1.4 of the scenario include: Supporting artillery battery increased from six to historically correct eight tubes. Corrected a bug that could see the mission end before the Red counter-penetration force launched in limited circumstances. Have fun! There will be one more scenario updated to pre-4.1 standard before dedicated updates to include any relevant new content from 4.1 post-release and then, hopefully, one or two all-new scenarios as time allows over the next 6-12 months (one is already ~40% complete).
  7. This recent post from Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) refers to Russian strategic analysis linking achievement of Russian strategic goals to fundamental reform of its economy: https://www.aspistrategist.org.au/russias-strategic-priorities-viewed-from-within/ A courageous call in today’s political environment but also borne out to a degree in this thread and preceding posts. At least, I linked the two in my mind.
  8. Yes, reviewing the AAR it was amazing how many times the M833 (not a poor round for the period) failed to penetrate the glacis of the T-80U even at point blank range. A worthy adversary!
  9. Luckily there were more M833 than T-80U (or T-80BV in this scenario); they were needed! And, yes, we've fought over this particular piece of virtual dirt with BG ANZAC a number of times... Stay tuned.
  10. After some deliberation I decided not to include the M113A2G in the company headquarters because: It is not organic to the company Doesn't have a material role, e.g. XO, recovery or supply, or add material combat power So, in effect, it becomes an extra vehicle to manage and potentially lose with little benefit to the scenario design or player. The remainder of the changes described above have been implemented in the scenario update, so thanks very much for all the input, and I may revisit this decision in future updates.
  11. The latest update to 'Area Reconnaissance at Neustadt am Rübenberge 1989' is now available for download: Changes to version 2.2 of the scenario include: Corrected Blue mission scoring so that the combat effectiveness score is accurately affected by own unit losses. The Bergepanzer 1 (M88A1 ARV) has been replaced with the Bergepanzer 2 (Wisent ARV). An echelon of 1 Unimog 1300L/Supply and 1 MB 240GD has been added to company headquarters. A GAZ-66 (Unimog 1300L) has been added to the headquarters platoon of the 2S1 self-propelled howitzer battery of the FSE. Enjoy!
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