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  1. Thanks @MAJ_Fubar, appreciate your effort with the Wiki and glad I wasn't seeing things. I'll use full stop "." in future.
  2. Okay, that’ll do it; user error then. I must be getting old and my eyesight failing, I genuinely thought that was a comma key in the Wiki. Thanks for checking and confirming 😂
  3. Yes, with mils in rectangular border, not “GPSE”?
  4. In the Sho't Kal section of the SBWiki under "Tank Commander's Position F7" it mentions: "When operating the commander's observation sight, the , key activates the cupola lock, which will automatically lock the cupola in the direction of the gun after the commander moves the cupola/sight in the direction of the gun. Once locked, it can be unlocked by pressing , again." When I access the commander's observation sight I can press and hold or press and release the comma "," key and the cupola does not "automatically lock the cupola in the direction of the gun after the commander moves the cupola/sight in the direction of the gun." Does anyone else experience this or do I have a unique set-up that may influence the result (I shouldn't, I'm using the mouse to slew the cupola / sight and comma "," key on the keyboard). Curious if it's something I'm doing, an error in the SBWiki or a bug? Cheers
  5. Thanks @hoggydog, appreciate the feedback. I'm not sure I've got the patience for that right now either (plus cost / benefit outcome for Steel Beasts seems low, the only application I'd use it for) so might shelve my button box aspirations for the time being, maybe to revisit at some point in the future. Cheers
  6. @hoggydog how did the button box go? I've been looking at similar, commercially-available button boxes but I'd be keen to hear your experience, and whether it adds value to the Steel Beasts or not, before pressing the button, so to speak. This is the one I'm thinking about: (https://www.ricmotech.com/RealGear_RACEpro_H22_Button_Box_p/rgr-rpbp-h22.htm)
  7. I was thinking about optical rangefinders in the context of Steel Beasts and the Leopard 1A3 and M60A1 (not modelled) and what the sight picture would look like as range was determined. I found two excellent short videos on YouTube explaining stereoscopic and coincidence rangefinders (in a naval context) and a practical demonstration of a crude coincidence rangefinder in action: I’ve included them here in case anyone else has been similarly interested and never seen an optical rangefinder in action.
  8. Good use of concealment didn't save this T-55A: Showering with shrapnel can be harmful to your health:
  9. Centurion Mk 11 [Sho't Kal] of the Royal Canadian Dragoons destroys the first T-55A of a combat reconnaissance patrol (CRP): The gunner admires his handiwork through his sight as the full CRP burns in front of his position:
  10. Thanks Team eSim, installed. It looks like a lot of bugs were killed to produce this patch.
  11. I found the U.S. Army's 'Armor 2019-20 Training and Leader Development Strategy' and thought it may be of interest to Steel Beasts Pro PE users: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hms2mbdait33aif/2019-2020 Armor Training and Leader Development Strategy_US Army_Jun19.pdf?dl=0 Chapter 3 in particular focuses on defining the capabilities of armor and scout platoons and companies and their essential warfighting skills (3-2 6.4, p. 21), e.g. "Engage stationary and moving targets from a stationary and moving combat vehicle." and "Engage multiple targets using the auxiliary sight.", which could be used as a template or guideline for structured individual and collective (i.e. Virtual Unit) training in the Steel Beasts environment. Personally, I'm planning to use the SB Wiki and tutorials, if available, to (re-)master an individual vehicle and then work-up selected 'essential warfighting skills' at vehicle and then section / platoon level. Once you move past individual vehicle training it segues nicely into publicly available doctrine, such as 'ATP 3-20.15 (FM 3-20.15), Tank Platoon, December 2012': https://www.dropbox.com/s/22d146emr3hn63t/ATP 3-20.15 (FM 3-20.15) Tank Platoon_Dec 12.pdf?dl=0 Using these resources I reckon you could be a proficient virtual tanker with a reasonable investment of time and effort, as Steel Beasts has always been unforgiving of tactical ineptitude (and has become more so since 4.16x, in my opinion). I'm keen to hear if others think the training strategy document has the same value I do?
  12. Where are you at in the training cycle this week @Gibsonm? Contemplating a return but trying to balance attending with updating my current scenarios to 4.16x standard (2.8 down, 4 to go), and the limited "PC time" I have to do that.
  13. I did well out of 4.1 again with #6 on my Top 10 Wish List, the ACRV IV14/15, being included (not to mention the incredible improvements to the Steel Beasts environment and lethality). As I update my published scenarios for 4.162 I've been reflecting on a revised Top 10 Wish List, and here it is: T-80BV Challenger 1 Mk 3 (crewable, 3D interior) M2/M3A1 T-72B3 Updated 3D model for M113AS4 3D model for British infantry with Mk 6 or Mk 7 helmet GAZ-66 FV432 SPG-9 IP/M1 105 mm interior gun breech and external (commander's view) fume extractor model I've prayed to the dev gods and I can only hope they're listening...
  14. Hi Team Reviewing the SBWiki to brush up on the Leopard AS1, I noticed the majority of Wiki images (14 of 16) in the 'Crew Positions' section are broken. I'm not sure how Wiki publishing works but presumably the original images are saved or hosted somewhere and can be re-linked? Clicking on the broken links produces the error page: "Login required. Please log in to upload files." Cheers
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