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  1. I've also just ordered this book as further background on the M60A3 as I return to, hopefully, finishing my one-third developed new scenario featuring the tank: http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/sab009.htm 130-page photo-reference guide of the M60A3 "in Europe during REFORGER exercises as well as M60A3s as OPFOR at CMTC in Hohenfels and at Ft. Knox, Kentucky."
  2. If anyone has had issues associating the maps with the scenario 'Heavy CT Delay v Tank Battalion FD v2.31', this should now be resolved with the relevant Base and Delta maps auto-downloading from the map server when the scenario is opened. It is recommended you click the blue "Refresh map package folder" button before trying to query or download the map package with the Map Download Manager. If that still doesn't work at least one member finally had success after shutting down, restarting their computer and trying again.
  3. Great result! It took input from a number of people to troubleshoot and resolve (thanks!) but we got there in the end. Hopefully @stormrider_sp, and anyone else affected, has similar success. Cheers
  4. Yes, @Sean confirmed earlier today via PM that both Base and Delta maps should now auto-download from the server when the scenario is loaded. That's the theory. I'm not sure if earlier or incorrect download attempts have the ability to corrupt that process?
  5. Thanks @Ssnake. I have separately uploaded the Base map 'OTW AI [autocreated base]' as suggested: The previously uploaded Delta map 'OTW Beaudesert ver 3' (UID d87bfd19-f78d-4153-ab4c-d7c9935c454b) needs to be installed as the /deltas folder to this Base map for the scenario 'Heavy CT Delay v Tank Battalion FD' to work correctly (as I currently understand it). I will continue to troubleshoot if this still does not work as hoped.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is the Base map required for the scenario 'Heavy CT Delay v Tank Battalion FD'. Assuming a default file structure, it should be installed to /ProgramData/eSim Games/Steel Beasts/maps/packages. Important: 'Heavy CT Delay v Tank Battalion FD' also requires the separate Delta map ‘OTW Beaudesert ver 3’ (UID d87bfd19-f78d-4153-ab4c-d7c9935c454b) installed in the /deltas folder of the Base map to work correctly. Map originally supplied by @Gibsonm.
  7. Thanks @Gibsonm, I appreciate your offer but I'm troubleshooting this via the forum today as time allows and will hopefully upload the correct combination of map files this evening after work. Hopefully I manage to properly correct the issue for users in about the same time frame you can provide a link anyway. Fingers crossed!
  8. Thanks @Jartsev, to confirm, and ensure I get the upload correct this time, do I include the Base map and Delta map as a single upload (e.g. Base map folder > Delta map folder) or two separate uploads: Base map file plus Delta map file (already uploaded)? Apologies if this should be clearer to me but I'm definitely muddling my way through this one...
  9. Thanks @stormrider_sp, this seems to be a problem for other users too so I’m troubleshooting the issue in this thread: Hopefully I’m able to determine a resolution soon and users can enjoy the scenario!
  10. There’s another report of this in another thread: I’m trying to troubleshoot the issue for users and have a theory. On the relevant page of the Downloads section where you upload ‘Map Packages 4.1+’ it says: “If it is a delta map, then Zip/RAR the appropriate delta map folder inside the base map's "deltas" folder. If it is a new base map (ie. if its a completely new height map), then Zip/RAR the base map folder.”, per: https://www.steelbeasts.com/files/category/137-map-packages-41/ The map used for this scenario is a Delta map so I followed the Delta map process but, if the user doesn’t have the Base map installed, will the Delta map process still work when trying to play the scenario? Obviously I have both Base and Delta installed, otherwise the scenario wouldn’t work for me, but the map is not a default map offered with Steel Beasts so most other users won’t (other than some potentially in BG ANZAC). Perhaps I misunderstood the instructions and need to upload Base and Delta in some combination? Cheers
  11. One minor tweak made to 'Heavy CT Delay v Tank Battalion FD' brings it to version 2.31: I recommend you overwrite v2.3 with this. The one change: - Scenario start time changed to 0410 to account for time and lighting system adjustments with 4.1x. The accompanying map is now also available, as required for 4.1x scenarios, here: Thanks to @Gibsonm for the original map file.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This is the Delta map required for the scenario 'Heavy CT Delay v Tank Battalion FD'. Assuming a default file structure, it should be installed to /ProgramData/eSim Games/Steel Beasts/maps/packages/OTW AI [autocreated base]. Important: 'Heavy CT Delay v Tank Battalion FD' also requires the separate Base map ‘OTW AI [autocreated base]’ installed (assuming a default file structure) to /ProgramData/eSim Games/Steel Beasts/maps/packages to work correctly. Map originally provided by @Gibsonm. To download this map, enter d87bfd19-f78d-4153-ab4c-d7c9935c454b as the map package into the steel beasts map tools UI.
  13. Yes, apologies, this was an oversight of the new 4.1x scenario requirements on my part and the need to upload an unpublished underlying map separately (it’s hard teaching an old dog new tricks!). I’m intending to upload the relevant map tomorrow evening my time so hopefully it’s available to associate with the scenario by mid-week latest and you can enjoy it after that. Cheers
  14. My 4.161 update to my 'Heavy CT Delay v Tank Battalion FD' is now available for download: Changes to v2.3 include: - Added a M1A1 AIM SA (M1A2(SEP) with 'Commander's sight' disabled) for squadron second-in-command (2IC). - Replaced the MB240GD of the echelon with a second M88A2 (M88A1 ARV). - The 'FO team' of ASLAV-PC V11D has been replaced by a 'Rifle squad' with JIM-LR. - MTLB/FO changed to ACRV/MT-LBU. Includes new JIM-LR and ACRV/MT-LBU from 4.1x. Try your hand at a challenging Delay, oh, and have fun...
  15. 4.159 installed. Thanks for the quick patch. I’m really enjoying all the foundational improvements to the sim with this update.
  16. 1) ‘Map’ > ‘Use theme colors’ in the Mission Editor adds some spice to the map view! 2) Smoke trail from Javelin missile. 3) Tracer 4) Dust and smoke 5) Lighting 6) Ground colour palette
  17. Thanks for the shout-out @Mirzayev but credit where it’s due. The two phases of this scenario were inspired by a two-scenario mission created by @Gibsonm and used by BG ANZAC which I condensed (into a single scenario with less specific reconnaissance focus and more manageable TO&E for single-player) and moved back in time to 1994. So, while I designed the scenario from the ground up, I’m not sure it would have included the “something different” you credit me for without the inspiration from @Gibsonm‘s earlier effort.
  18. ARMOR magazine ran an article about East German plans for the occupation of West Berlin here: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AuYsbQPUQlikrHPd6vaxPrRev3pL (if this link doesn’t work I’ll replace when I’m at my laptop (currently using iPad)).
  19. The new suspension effects on the terrain in this video look awesome too.
  20. Thanks @Scrapper_511, appreciate the encouragement. The next pre-4.1 update available is 'Mechanized Infantry Company Team Attack at Gershausen 1987': Changes to version 1.4 of the scenario include: Supporting artillery battery increased from six to historically correct eight tubes. Corrected a bug that could see the mission end before the Red counter-penetration force launched in limited circumstances. Have fun! There will be one more scenario updated to pre-4.1 standard before dedicated updates to include any relevant new content from 4.1 post-release and then, hopefully, one or two all-new scenarios as time allows over the next 6-12 months (one is already ~40% complete).
  21. This recent post from Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) refers to Russian strategic analysis linking achievement of Russian strategic goals to fundamental reform of its economy: https://www.aspistrategist.org.au/russias-strategic-priorities-viewed-from-within/ A courageous call in today’s political environment but also borne out to a degree in this thread and preceding posts. At least, I linked the two in my mind.
  22. Yes, reviewing the AAR it was amazing how many times the M833 (not a poor round for the period) failed to penetrate the glacis of the T-80U even at point blank range. A worthy adversary!
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