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  1. Another faultless infantry skin from Splash, this time of New Zealand infantry in contemporary Multi-terrain Camouflage Uniform (MCU).  Use this skin to represent Kiwi infantry from 2013 onwards (all troops were issued by end-2013), when MCU superseded the DPM uniform included as default in Steel Beasts Pro PE.

  2. Another exceptional skin from Splash, this time representing the unique camouflage of a T-55AM of the late Soviet- or early contemporary Russian-era Baltic Fleet.  It's definitely one of the most interesting camouflage patterns available for an OPFOR vehicle.

    US Camo for ASLAV-25

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    A very nice USMC camouflage skin for the ASLAV-25 by Splash that does double duty as a proxy for the USMC LAV-25 (minus dismounts) or original trial LAV-25 of A Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment of the Australian Army from 1990-95 when Phase 1 ASLAVs began arriving in the default camouflage provided in Steel Beasts and superseded the trial LAV-25s. 

  3. Another high-quality, customised crewman skin from Splash for Danish AFVs.  It can be used to represent Danish AFV crew from the mid-1980s until at least 2013 when the M/84 pattern represented began being replaced by the M/11 MultiCam variant.   

  4. Very nice indeed!  It's great to have British AFV crew in Woodland DPM, which covers the Cold War period up until its replacement with the current MTP from 2009-11.  These will bring an extra level of immersion to the British armour in Steel Beasts.

  5. Excellent!  The north of this map includes the south-western corner of SOLTAU and allows me to develop a head-to-head scenario between elements of US 1st Cavalry Division (Blue Force) and BR 4th Armoured Brigade (Orange Force) during REFORGER 87 Certain Strike.  I've been looking for virtual representation of this piece of dirt for a long time; thanks Abraxas!  Watch this space...   

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