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  1. "Sir Nils" and "Herr Nils" are names first attributed to your identity by a user named Azure Lion in his posts to me; please refer this matter to him for clarification and correction. (I note no correction by you of his use of those terms.) As for the rest of your request, please refer to these posts: This is but a small sampling of a search for the spelling "SSnake" on this forum; I stopped after the fourth page of over 100 results. All of these users shown above have previously referred to you by the same spelling/capitalization style as I did, without any rem
  2. Yes, you are incorrect. When you say"...using mostly data that supports your case without also objectively showing data that shows the disadvantages...", you presume your answer in your question. I only ask that you try to keep an open mind about this, but I cannot require that, of course. The only purpose of my post was to connect the statement made in 2016, by SSnake, about the state of SBPro graphics, which I linked, to the thread about VR possibilities that I put it in. I reread my OP, and I find nothing more in it than my comments about my personal experience and
  3. You know, I was concerned that somewhere along the way, I had offended your person somehow, so I took the time to go back and read the posts where I interacted with you. That was several years ago, and either you have a remarkable memory, or you are somehow otherwise predisposed to dislike me. Other than what follows, all of our exchanges seemed to be on par for my interactions with other forum users. Since you don't read what I say, and you accuse me of things never done by me, it is hard to warm-up to conversation with you, but I am always willing to try. The only impression t
  4. Your post is polite. I implore, you, however, to make your reasoned judgements based on what I have actually written, not what you seem to project upon me. Very little of your introduction has any factual basis in my writings, and I will not take up your time by covering each point you make in an effort to show you your own error. You seem an intelligent person, and I believe that you have the capacity for yourself, within yourself, if you take the time to read what I have written, to see where you err. Please start with the first, most uncomplicated posting, and note where the
  5. Odd double post, don't know why, sorry.
  6. Given the personal hammering I've been put through for a simple post, I must admit I am a bit touchy about it just now. I prefer a computer opponent; I get plenty of human PvP everyday. The "hard stuff", however, went just fine, and I am very satisfied with the final outcome. Criticism is not accepted well here, and the fanboi reaction to my OP was a bit "over-the-top". Like I said, bruised but unshaken. Sorry if I was brusque, but you seemed to suggest that I was not entitled to post if I weren't a regular, on-line player. Thanks for the gentlemanly post, a first.
  7. An odd challenge, your question. Would this being my first post ever, make a difference to the topics chosen and logic of it? Would it make anything less accurate? Your question seems to infer a certain inauthenticity to my presence here, your disclaimer notwithstanding. I do not play on-line cooperative multiplayer or PvP; I get enough of that when I step outside my front door. I have posted on this forum before, over many years. I own two copies of SBPro 3.0. I'm a combat veteran, honorably discharged from my time in the USN and USA. Do you require more info to v
  8. Well, I cannot agree with your summary, since your "taking the high ground" at the moment of being shown quite convincingly that you hold an intractable position is disingenuous. Too, it's unmanly of you to take a few parting personal shots as you abandon the field, but that is your choice. Nonetheless, I will say this: I no longer have the original SB disc to install the game from, so I cannot do more than try to recall what was so some 19 years ago. In 1996, or there-abouts, W95 was still going through its infancy. 1996 would have been about the right time for Al to have beg
  9. Give IL_2 a spin; it has tanks with VR...WWII tanks, for sure, but it is a lot of fun to play...numbers and calculations and ballistic computers aren't everything, but VR multi-crew tanking is more than you are going to find here, ever. Like I said to begin with, I'm not pushing VR. I like it and the sims I play it in. The bottom line is that it's just plain fun. Tank Crew will be out and full of PvP and single player VR, including PvP against aerial opponents as well, in the same scenario, with lots of different WWII types to use for armor in a year or so:
  10. I missed the part about "friendly" and about also "advice". Strawman? Your posts appear to me to be very antagonistic, do you intend to be that way?
  11. "I never claimed it was." <<I have no idea what you are saying here, and this is most likely your language difference hindering your writing, but you HAVE been insisting that SB was a 3D accelerated game, which, in my answer above, I directly quote you and McConnell as saying it was not. I think the off-hand remark of DX7 API function calls, as you obliquely refer to, has nothing to do with 3D acceleration at all. So, after all your cries that SB was 3D accelerated, you just slip quietly away into the night, never admitting that it was not. Stur. A wonderfully indirect answer
  12. It's more than you afforded me. I don't need to duplicate answers that other folks have already taken the time to lay out for you. Nothing rude in a referral.
  13. I politely (more so than you) suggest you take up the discussion on the "Dogs Of War" forum, where all of your remarks have already been addressed.
  14. This person is not trolling; just take the words as written for their face value. No need to look for motives or hidden meanings. My writing is clear, as is my meaning.
  15. Ssnake: 1) You have not addressed any particular error of my having confused the two game versions , so I will not ask for more. I recognize that English is probably not your first language, and I will just accept that your nebulous reply is likely based on your probable failure to understand my request for specificity due to subtleties of language when reduced to writing. 2) SB was a VGA (640x480) non-3D accelerated game. You just noted that M1Tank Platoon II was Voodoo accelerated. That was the Glide API. It was in stiff competition with OpenGL and DirectX back
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