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  1. Thank you for the quick response👍🙂. I ran the CmDust as advised and will attach the log file when i send the email to sales@esimgames.com.
  2. DISASTER !😱!....my codemeter stick decided to quit on me after more than a decade of hard use. My question is, do i now have to buy a complete new $115 license to get a new stick or is it possible to get a replacement dongle? . The old one ofc had a 4.1 license on it upgraded to 4.265.
  3. Fully admitting that this is borderline necro-posting and nitpicking , i would like to point out the obvious fact that those arent in fact Piranha IIIs but Strykers😁....which means crappier (and less powerful) engines, crappier transmissions and crappier tires. Even in their up-armored 22t INTOPS version , our Piranha IIICs never looked that overweight and under-powered.
  4. Yes i do......my reply was in response to this post :
  5. Not trying to belittle the British achievement, but hitting a stationary target from a stationary tank at that distance isn't THAT big of a feat with modern fire control systems. We used to have an annual long range tank shoot, as part of the qualification for new gunners., where they had to hit one target at 4300m with HEAT (DM12A1) and another at 4700m with sabot(DM53A1) ........back then the FCS was still limited to 4000m so they had to manually input range and then use the Emergency Fire "button" to actually fire the gun, despite this most crews seemed to have little issue reliably achieving first round hits . The FCS was later upgraded to allow fire solutions out to 5000 meters making those "long range" engagements a simple lase and shoot process, and with the coming LEO 2A7DK, with its more accurate gun and vastly superior optics, it will present even less of a challenge.
  6. Yes of course i do🙄......the "t" only gets the TC of your back when you are in the gunners seat.....and only for a few seconds at that.........What i am talking about is that when in contact with the enemy , the AI never completely lets go of the player controlled vehicle, even ignoring or resisting player issued commands.......one can literally see the opposed programming "fighting" each other in the vehicle behavior. I surely can not be the only one to have noticed this ? Its been that way for long but its been getting gradually worse as the AI has become more advanced in later SB versions.
  7. The option of disabling or at least temporarily overriding the AI (all of it) in player controlled vehicles. The AI often seems to suffer from severe target fixation, stubbornly ignores all commands and will essentially reduce the player to a passenger/observer in the supposedly "player controlled" vehicle........i have lost countless vehicles because the computer would refuse to let me move the unit or it would ignore new target commands....for instance a higher priority target popping up.
  8. Yikes!😬.....Suddenly NATO's vehicle line up seems a little dated...if not outdated. Dare one hope for a modern western AFV also ? 😉.....Anyway the new Russian vehicles look absolutely awesome,....i anticipate much fun (and frustration 😁) playing with them in the near future.
  9. Well they dont call it the Daily Fail for nothing😁
  10. A very satisfactory answer and much appreciated....thank you . 🙂 .....Also thanks for the new vid.....looks awesome🤘
  11. First thank you....its a great video🙂.......the air defence part especially look awesome.👍......though i'll admit to being a little disappointed ......my first reaction was , great!....now 3P is a true one-shot wunder waffen.......and KETF is still useless😠.....particularly in unprogrammed mode. But i dont want to be a party-pooper and i know the video clip might not show the full potential or effectiveness of the round, so i will withhold judgement until i get my hands on the new edition myself......cant wait😁.......and in fairness at least we can actually shoot down helicopters with the CV9035 now, which is a huge improvement.
  12. Does the new HE/ fragmentation model include FAPDS /PELE behind armor effects ?
  13. No...they are very much muzzleloaders, as can be seen in this video : Also if you look at the PDF on Mjölner on BAEs website, it clearly states that they are muzzle loaded. https://www.baesystems.com/en/product/mjolner
  14. No only 2.....the 2 tubes on top is used to manually reload the lower pair, which is the actual (muzzleloaded)mortar barrels. The Mjölner looks kind of cool and futuristic, but it really is a quite primitive system. Completely manual loading process with one loader per barrel, a manually traversed turret, limited to a firing arc of only 60 degrees in azimuth. And as far as i can tell no integrated fire control system like most other modern vehicle based mortar systems has. (could be wrong about that though) On the other hand its probably going to be reliable, cheap and easy to maintain. Plus it has a very respectable ammunition stowage capacity of 104 rounds. Still ... a little bit too much of a low-budget solution IMO.
  15. Or turrets ....from this years "tank biathlon" : Result of moronic tank jumping :
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