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  1. Thank you! I'm refreshing the basics after several yeaes leave)
  2. Is there a way to override commander's orders when playing in the gunner's position? I find it very inconvenient that sight is shaking or turret changing angle in the very second I want to make a shot.
  3. Thank you, everybody! I've upgraded and that was much easier then I thought it would be. Testing BMP-2 now!.. Any signs of upcoming Russian units?
  4. I guess, you mean upgrade 2.5 or higher? Its $40:) So how do they update my stick? Send link to my email? How do I download game files?
  5. Hey guys! What's new? Did the game become better? I played SB several years ago and even made some single player scenarios. For example, you can look them up here: I have CodeMeter Stick and want to upgrade license to play again. How do I do that? Any guides? Advices?
  6. Ssnake, we are very glad tht eSim have such a high quality standards, it's, no need to argue, only benefits the game. Of course, it would be stupid to tell you how you should do your product. As you mentioned yourself, "Steel Beasts Professional is not a game". But SB Pro Pe is. So, can you consider to include more Russian units in the SB Pro Pe. I think, it would not require such high quality demands as SB Pro does. I absolutly sure, that it will be profitable both for eSim and for the players.
  7. Maybe I missed something, but I didn't find anything on simulation sources in the manual. It has very interesing chapter, called battlefield hazardz etc., which personally I found very interesting and educating, but there is actually nothing on where eSim got the data on simulation.
  8. I have voted for t72:) (for fun, mostly). Anyway, its the most cheap tank among all in the poll:)
  9. Yeah, Chinese intelligence entangled SB forum with its tentacles. Do you think, they would say if I have changed the location in my profile, for example, to "Sydney, Australia"?
  10. I agree that you can only dupliacte the "performance", it's not nescessary to know all the composition. But how they actally know the performance of t80u against M829A3? or against dm43? or leo2 against bm42? I don't question the quality of their work, I'm sure they've got a good expertise. But how far does their knowledge goes?
  11. Don't know! Maybe, just maybe they are somewhere near the actual values. All the information about armour quality is strictly classified in every country. So I'am also wondering: what method did the SB designers use to calculate it?
  12. Since the latest versions of M1 was made in SB virtually impenetrable it is the obvious choice. But it is easier to shoot from leo2.
  13. Don't say that you particpate all the secret meetings of Russian Army and Government.
  14. The fact is that they can afford it. The question is do they still can build it.Noticed, that the turret of the "tank" doesn't seem to be unmanned.
  15. That's really interesting, indeed. I'am curious, do they have something more than plastic models, since they promised to put Armata in service in 2015. P.S. Did "Zvezda" make those models?
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