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  1. So upgrade from 4.26 to 4.3 is not free?😢
  2. Thank you! We feel it! Now make playable t-80 and t-90s please!😁😄😆
  3. Ben, thank you for your scenarios. I've been really enjoying them. Nice that you have them updating. Looking forward for more Russian side missions.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Russian offensive operation. Tanks. More tanks. Helicopters. Explosions. Additional tanks. Missiles. Fire. Winter. Snow. And your favorite! - TOS-1A that makes A LOT OF FIRE AND EXPLOSIONS! Download one now and you can download it second time absolutely for free. Enjoy!
    Just finished the mission. Very impressed with the lighting and weather effects: those purple bolts flying from the distant mountain in the deep blue mist. Good, balanced and really enjoyable scenario.
  5. Trying to beat the mission, but still no success. How do you suggest to do it? Usually I take the big southern hill, covered in forests and try to destroy the targets with the missiles from cover,,, Anyway bad routing and a lot of missiles in enemy team stop me. At H+60 tanks are coming. Am I supposed to stop them as well?
  6. solus

    Cut the map?

    After almost completing the scenario I'm working on right now, I realized that the map area I used is much bigger then I actually need I tried to pick up the same map and cut off the smaller size, but it's close to impossible to duplicate all the routs exactly to the new part of the map. PC makes it automatically but it doesn't match. Is there a way to cut the part of the map in the already existing scenario?
  7. What's navmesh and how does it affect the ability of units to navigate? Really see no difference between cheked and uncheked options.
  8. I have the latest version of the game with all that fancy Armata prototypes... Night vision, lead ability and better ammunition for Russian tanks in the game would be very appreciated.
  9. Any plans to make t-80 or modern t-72 versions player controlled with interior etc? Really awesome to have so many Russian armor in the game, but it sucks to have only early t-72 playable.
  10. Any suggestions how to make TOS-1 fire? I noticed that if I choose Suppress in the Tactics it starts firing around in chaotic mode. BM-21 grad can be ordered to fire with the help of FO team, but TOS-1 seems to unable to do that. I would like to understand how to make it fire at the point or the unit, and script the on map artillery fire.
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