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  1. 1 hour ago, Count Sessine said:

    Thank you :) Is there a link to the Bergen-Soltau-Fallingbostel map? I can't see it in the downloads section.

    It should be in the default set of maps.


    It would be nice if the map list and the map names were sorted in the way users could understand the location and type of the map. Despite that some have modest discriptions, now its a mess and a real pain to chose.

  2. 3 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    FFS, they are coming. We've implemented them for IEDs so that's where you can look at them; it's been explained in detail how you can do it. Eventually we'll get around to implement this for other munitions as well.

    Software and physical-world behavior are different. Just because IEDs can make holes doesn't mean that similarly-sized explosions from other sources will automatically do so, too.

    I looked up at the meaning of FFS! And now I know.

  3. To build up on the "crater" argument:


    I'm also interested in this issue. Saw some nice holes in the ground on Youtube videos, but didn't saw them in game. Any kind of explosions known to ne (airbombs, artillery, tank shells etc.) don't leave a trace.


    So only IED make the craters?

  4. On 2/13/2020 at 2:27 PM, ben said:

    Hi all, I have just released an update to this mission for anyone who’s interested.


    I have reduced the number of SPIKE teams and also reduced their missile count.  Missile teams are now separate from the Infantry company.  It’s less unrealistic than before :)


    I have added the third Infantry Platoon of the company, giving you more boots on the ground to hold the objective. For more challenge you could leave one platoon in reserve.


    The SPIKE teams from the weapons company have a couple of Pinzgauer trucks for mobility.


    Any feedback is welcome as always.



    Trying to beat the mission, but still no success. 


    How do you suggest to do it?


    Usually I take the big southern hill, covered in forests and try to destroy the targets with the missiles from cover,,, Anyway bad routing and a lot of missiles in enemy team stop me.


    At H+60 tanks are coming. Am I supposed to stop them as well?

  5. After almost completing the scenario I'm working on right now, I realized that the map area I used is much bigger then I actually need


    I tried to pick up the same map and cut off the smaller size, but it's close to impossible to duplicate all the routs exactly to the new part of the map. PC makes it automatically but it doesn't match.


    Is there a way to cut the part of the map in the already existing scenario?

  6. On 7/23/2019 at 5:08 PM, Gibsonm said:

    I've been reading the Release Notes (thanks for posting them) and have a few queries / requests for clarification.


    1. Page 7: "Especially, the performance of navmesh generation was improved by several orders of magnitude (!), and likewise the use of the navmesh works so much better now that we strongly recommend enabling their use by default."


    Yet the picture shows the choice requiring you to select "alt" to use the navmesh being "on"?


    Am I correct in thinking we need a sentence in there to the effect of:


    "In view of this improvement, we recommend you de-select (uncheck) the option requiring the use of the "alt" to access the navmesh routes for both the Planning Phase and the Mission Editor"?


    What's navmesh and how does it affect the ability of units to navigate? Really see no difference between cheked and uncheked options. 

  7. 15 hours ago, Maj.Hans said:

    You might have an older version of the game.


    The current version offers the T-72M, T-72A/T-72M1, T-72B1 m.1984, and T-72B1V m.1985 as playable vehicles.


    While I admit that the T-72B1 might not exactly be 'cutting edge' tech, it's quite a bit more advanced than the first few playable versions we had.  Plus with the latest game version you can now select AVEPS as an add-on which seems to give an effect similar to Kontakt-5, Relikt, Kaktus, etc ERA.  You can always do that and pretend it's the T-72B1 m.1989.

    I have the latest version of the game with all that fancy Armata prototypes... 


    Night vision, lead ability and better ammunition for Russian tanks in the game would be very appreciated.

  8. Any suggestions how to make TOS-1 fire? I noticed that if I choose Suppress in the Tactics it starts firing around in chaotic mode. 


    BM-21 grad can be ordered to fire with the help of FO team, but TOS-1 seems to unable to do that.


    I would like to understand how to make it fire at the point or the unit, and  script the on map artillery fire.

  9. On 2/14/2020 at 3:49 PM, Jartsev said:

    There is an installer containing all maps(minus Terrastan), which were delivered with v.4.0: Legasy Maps Installer; 'Suweon-Osan' map is likely should be included. 


    Please note, that those maps are not converted for use with v.4.1, and you need to do this yourself:


    Thank you for the advice!


    I've managed to restore my scenario... But I can't make this map published (the upper right side is grayed out).


    Why is that? 


    As I understand to upload my scenario I should share this map... Correct?

  10. 8 minutes ago, Gibsonm said:

    OK so can you define that a little better?


    Do you get the initial menu screen (grey with choices like “Tutorial”and “Instant Action”)?


    If you don’t see that then the location of the maps is the least of your problems.


    If you do see that what happens if you select “offline session” and then pick a scenario?

    Thank you for help. 


    I figured out what was wrong - I had to install the maps first, and the game second.


    Now it works... but pretty slowly.


    Btw, are there any ways to make loading times less? It takes forever to load the map and forever to quit.

  11. 7 minutes ago, Gibsonm said:

    Your clicking on “OK” just confirms that the path information is correct (only you will know if it is or not, since you know where you installed the maps), it doesn’t load any maps.


    I’m not quite sure what you are expecting / hoping?


    You only really get to “choose” a map in the Mission Editor when you are creating a new mission, or in the Map Editor when you want to edit a map.


    If you can chose a scenario (select one from “offline sessions”), the underlying maps will be used.


    Again I’m pretty sure how to start an offline session is described in the Manual.

    Maybe I described it incorrectly, but the main problem is that games doesn't start. 

  12. 3 hours ago, Gibsonm said:

    If you mean the 10 parts - the installer should put them in the right place (“right” depends on where you installed the basic maps).


    Note: You can now elect to store the maps on a different drive (not everything has to go into C:\ where you install the game).


    The map tool puts the ones from the “Downloads“ in the right place.


    All of this and more is in the documentation (i.e the Manual). :)


    I downloaded the packages, installed them, but game doesn't pick them up.


    When I start the game the path to the directory with the maps appears in the menu , but when I click OK nothing happens (game tries to launch the main menu, but fails).


    So no Steel Beasts for me yet.


    Any tips?



  13. 1 minute ago, Gibsonm said:

    Yes the 10 parts are the “usual” maps.


    If some makes a new map, or modifies an existing map, you use the download manager to get it.


    New maps are no longer posted complete to the “Downloads” section.

    Where should I put them after downloading?

  14. Hi! 


    Updated to 4.162 and was surprised that the default version doesn't include any maps (almost).


    How do I download them and install? Do I have to download all those 10 (!) parts archive? Whats the purpose of Map Tool? 


    So many questions and confusion, really (and everything for $30).



  15. Hey guys!


    What's new? Did the game become better?


    I played SB several years ago and even made some single player scenarios. For example, you can look them up here: 

    I have CodeMeter Stick and want to upgrade license to play again. How do I do that?


    Any guides? Advices?

  16. Ssnake, we are very glad tht eSim have such a high quality standards, it's, no need to argue, only benefits the game. Of course, it would be stupid to tell you how you should do your product.

    As you mentioned yourself, "Steel Beasts Professional is not a game". But SB Pro Pe is. So, can you consider to include more Russian units in the SB Pro Pe. I think, it would not require such high quality demands as SB Pro does. I absolutly sure, that it will be profitable both for eSim and for the players.

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