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  1. Hey guys! What's new? Did the game become better? I played SB several years ago and even made some single player scenarios. For example, you can look them up here: I have CodeMeter Stick and want to upgrade license to play again. How do I do that? Any guides? Advices?
  2. Ssnake, we are very glad tht eSim have such a high quality standards, it's, no need to argue, only benefits the game. Of course, it would be stupid to tell you how you should do your product. As you mentioned yourself, "Steel Beasts Professional is not a game". But SB Pro Pe is. So, can you consider to include more Russian units in the SB Pro Pe. I think, it would not require such high quality demands as SB Pro does. I absolutly sure, that it will be profitable both for eSim and for the players.
  3. Maybe I missed something, but I didn't find anything on simulation sources in the manual. It has very interesing chapter, called battlefield hazardz etc., which personally I found very interesting and educating, but there is actually nothing on where eSim got the data on simulation.
  4. I have voted for t72:) (for fun, mostly). Anyway, its the most cheap tank among all in the poll:)
  5. Yeah, Chinese intelligence entangled SB forum with its tentacles. Do you think, they would say if I have changed the location in my profile, for example, to "Sydney, Australia"?
  6. I agree that you can only dupliacte the "performance", it's not nescessary to know all the composition. But how they actally know the performance of t80u against M829A3? or against dm43? or leo2 against bm42? I don't question the quality of their work, I'm sure they've got a good expertise. But how far does their knowledge goes?
  7. Don't know! Maybe, just maybe they are somewhere near the actual values. All the information about armour quality is strictly classified in every country. So I'am also wondering: what method did the SB designers use to calculate it?
  8. Since the latest versions of M1 was made in SB virtually impenetrable it is the obvious choice. But it is easier to shoot from leo2.
  9. Don't say that you particpate all the secret meetings of Russian Army and Government.
  10. The fact is that they can afford it. The question is do they still can build it.Noticed, that the turret of the "tank" doesn't seem to be unmanned.
  11. That's really interesting, indeed. I'am curious, do they have something more than plastic models, since they promised to put Armata in service in 2015. P.S. Did "Zvezda" make those models?
  12. maybe this will help: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Random_Numbers_In_Control_Logic&diff=2564&oldid=2562&chappeep_sbvbforum_wiki__session=592034fcda7cb355f0c59032bdac9e75 You can also search the forum: Type random site:http://www.steelbeasts.com in Google and watch the result.
  13. Hi! What t72 skin did you use for the pic that you attached at the beginning of the topic?
  14. I have limited my signature to 400 x 60, but it seems to small comparing to other users signatures. Overwise it doesn't appear. What can I do?
  15. Ka-50 production was planned for the beginning of 90ies. These plans didn't work out not because of the Ka-50 performance, but due to collapse of the Soviet Union. The helicopter itself was top-notch at that time. It shouldn't be a surprise that after more than 20 years (!) it was upgraded, and this new version is going into production. It's incorrect. Quite the contrary, Ka-50 required a very skilled pilot. It was one of the weak points, comparing to its main contender Mi-28, which has 2 pilots, thus they don't need so much training as Ka-50 pilot does. Soviet engineers had made special tests before they made the decision to design one-pilot helicopter to understand, if it could be controlled by one man. They used the newest technologies to produce the machine, but in the end Ka-50 became to sophisticated, so middle-trained pilot could't use it safely. Frankly speaking, I don't know where could You take the information about this "automatically take to the point and back" concept. I doubt, that even USAF had such technologies at the 80ies. So sophisticated battle drones appeared not so long ago.
  16. DCS is the development of LockOn Series, where radar is modeled for at least 2 human controlled jets: su-27 and f-15, and for several not-controlled, like mig-29, f-16, mirage etc. It has autopilot system, but it was never designed to perform like attack UAV. It was adopted by the Army, but due to the economic turbulence in Russia in 90ies it wasn't produced in the large numbers. The modernized version, Ka-52, should be produced in over a hundred of copies in the next 10 years.
  17. Pics of Russian (made in Belarus:) ) newest gunner's sight "Sosna-U" ("Pine-U"). Modernized t-72 and t-90 are equipped with this staff. Device includes thermal vision block (built under French license, Catherine FC or Catherine XP). Most likely, new tank Armata would be equipped with the same sight.
  18. Interesting photo. Very soviet-like colours (reminds me old "Svema" videotape). The laser is turned off?
  19. Did you use any effects-mods? The flames look better than usual.
  20. I have done as you said, but didn't make it. I created a mission with one t-72m1 (blue), several other units (red), didn't connect them with any movement paths, just placed them on the map. Used the Range map, tried to find the similar location as in the original .sce. Suprisingly, mission started with the same message, although I have printed nothing. But after I pushed Start button it showed an Error and closed the application.
  21. Can eSim make something to improve instant action for t-72? Now it seems to be crippled. It takes a several minutes to spot the first vehicle. Then, at the 5-7 min., infantry appears at the distance of 2-3 km (!), then, if you lucky, at the 10th min. you can see the first tank. It is obviously something wrong with this instant action. It takes too much time to wait and it spawns very few vehicles. Please, change it (or give us a password:) )
  22. The map is marvellous. There are very few maps like this in the default version of SB: big city and interesting terrain. Looking forward to use it!
  23. At least, it was funny: "Symbolically enough, a poplar, or “topol” in Russian, brings up associations with Russia’s modern intercontinental ballistic missiles Topol-M. "Idecided to plant two trees at once,” Rogozin quipped in his Twitter later and attached a photo featuring the process of planting. “To the left is just a topol [poplar] and to the right it is topol-m [poplar-m],” Rogozin commented". By the way, I've made a scenario for the Centauro. http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/24/p13_fileid/2250 Believe me or not, I began to design it several days before the possible Russia-Centauro deal was announced. Possibly, my brain works at the same length as Russian Defence Ministry. :eek2:
  24. Version 1.0


    Leo 1 and Centauro defence mission. Protect the city while the enemy is advancing in 3 different directions. Opponent forces, advance routs and directions are randomized.
  25. My bad! The name of the map is starting from #, and I was searching for the Um-Saad... Sorry once again and thank you for the map!
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