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  1. _--__[]KITT;217544']They don't need to know that' date=' What they need to know is the power of the gun and the performance expected from the round(classified data).

    Then they compare those with the protection of each potential target in game(classified data) and voila! Pretty simple math if you know the telemetry/classified data from defense agencies.

    [/quote']Well, it looks pretty simple, but the only problem is that "performance expected from the round" and "protection of each potential target" both are, as you mentioned, classified and,what is even more important, basically unknown because there was no examples of confrontation between modern tanks (except modern m1 and outdated t72, which is not the case). So there are 2 questions to be asked:

    1) How do they simulate the potential outcome of such a confrontation?

    2) Do they have "classified" data? (anyway, even if they have, they have only the data from the "Blue" side)

    Well I'm pretty sure they aren't going to tell someone posting from Beijing for starters.
    Yeah, Chinese intelligence entangled SB forum with its tentacles. Do you think, they would say if I have changed the location in my profile, for example, to "Sydney, Australia"? :)
  2. Its not a big deal to design and procure new tank, but there is very big problem with political and military leadership in Russia(they constantly changing requirements and demands in very erratic way without any analytical evaluation).

    Don't say that you particpate all the secret meetings of Russian Army and Government.

  3. However, none of them have Air to Ground radar and this curious refusal has left them with some curious subject matter. Such as a helicopter that never entered production and has had to be upgraded to even be considered to be put it into production. (KA-52) The fact that it was majorly upgraded just to be considered for production should tell you all you need to know about the KA 50.
    Ka-50 production was planned for the beginning of 90ies. These plans didn't work out not because of the Ka-50 performance, but due to collapse of the Soviet Union. The helicopter itself was top-notch at that time. It shouldn't be a surprise that after more than 20 years (!) it was upgraded, and this new version is going into production.
    No. It was designed to get a poorly trained or low skilled pilot automatically to where he is supposed to be, let him attack targets in a low to medium threat environment, then get him back home. On auto pilot.
    It's incorrect. Quite the contrary, Ka-50 required a very skilled pilot. It was one of the weak points, comparing to its main contender Mi-28, which has 2 pilots, thus they don't need so much training as Ka-50 pilot does.

    Soviet engineers had made special tests before they made the decision to design one-pilot helicopter to understand, if it could be controlled by one man. They used the newest technologies to produce the machine, but in the end Ka-50 became to sophisticated, so middle-trained pilot could't use it safely.

    Frankly speaking, I don't know where could You take the information about this "automatically take to the point and back" concept. I doubt, that even USAF had such technologies at the 80ies. So sophisticated battle drones appeared not so long ago.

  4. The unspoken but real limitation of DCS and Black Shark is that it apparently can only model single pilot aircraft that lack any type of radar. While this was OK for the A-10, it forced them to model the KA 50 when they wanted to make a helicopter.
    DCS is the development of LockOn Series, where radar is modeled for at least 2 human controlled jets: su-27 and f-15, and for several not-controlled, like mig-29, f-16, mirage etc.
    An odd choice for an attack helicopter if you ask me. Forced to find something with only one pilot, they ended up modeling a heli that isn't really an attack heli, but more of a flying missile truck, that was designed to automatically fly its pilot to a target area let him expend his weapons, then automatically fly him back home.
    It has autopilot system, but it was never designed to perform like attack UAV.
    As far as I know it never even went into production. Maybe a dozen or so were made.
    It was adopted by the Army, but due to the economic turbulence in Russia in 90ies it wasn't produced in the large numbers. The modernized version, Ka-52, should be produced in over a hundred of copies in the next 10 years.
  5. Pics of Russian (made in Belarus:) ) newest gunner's sight "Sosna-U" ("Pine-U"). Modernized t-72 and t-90 are equipped with this staff. Device includes thermal vision block (built under French license, Catherine FC or Catherine XP).

    Most likely, new tank Armata would be equipped with the same sight.





  6. I have done as you said, but didn't make it.

    I created a mission with one t-72m1 (blue), several other units (red), didn't connect them with any movement paths, just placed them on the map.

    Used the Range map, tried to find the similar location as in the original .sce.

    Suprisingly, mission started with the same message, although I have printed nothing. But after I pushed Start button it showed an Error and closed the application.

  7. Can eSim make something to improve instant action for t-72? Now it seems to be crippled.

    It takes a several minutes to spot the first vehicle. Then, at the 5-7 min., infantry appears at the distance of 2-3 km (!), then, if you lucky, at the 10th min. you can see the first tank.

    It is obviously something wrong with this instant action. It takes too much time to wait and it spawns very few vehicles.

    Please, change it (or give us a password:) )

  8. TWhat else can you expect from the guy planting ash-trees in the NATO HQ!?

    At least, it was funny:

    "Symbolically enough, a poplar, or “topol” in Russian, brings up associations with Russia’s modern intercontinental ballistic missiles Topol-M. "Idecided to plant two trees at once,” Rogozin quipped in his Twitter later and attached a photo featuring the process of planting.

    “To the left is just a topol [poplar] and to the right it is topol-m [poplar-m],” Rogozin commented".

    By the way, I've made a scenario for the Centauro.


    Believe me or not, I began to design it several days before the possible Russia-Centauro deal was announced. Possibly, my brain works at the same length as Russian Defence Ministry. :eek2:

  9. I'm afraid, it didn't.

    Now I have:

    #umSaad_Small_1c3.ter file in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\terrain

    UmSaad_Small.hgt file in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\height

    But no map in the editor.

  10. It's a good mission, interesting to play. Glad that somebody already posted a mission featuring playable missile teams.

    Few minor suggestions:

    1) Add scoring and conditions for victory/defeat.

    2) T62 and T55 are no match to Abrams. It's better to reinforce Red forces.

  11. IMHO, even today SB graphics is not only up to date, but the best in some aspects. First of all, it has no competitors in the terrain quality. The terrain is as realistic, as beautiful. I like its colors, trees, bushes, curves. it is a real masterpiece.

    I hope, it will never become something bright and violent, like some children's coloring or most of the modern games.

    I think, that SB could be better in terms of some vehicles detalization, but I can't say that I'm not satisfied with the present condition.

    If I were asked, I would choose to add new vehicles into the game (primary, Russian:biggrin:), instead of graphics changes.

    Anyway, I'm very exited about upcoming "visual facelift":)

    P.S. Ssnake, DCS ground can be filled with different types of ground units, including soldiers with Igla, Stinger, Ak-47, RPG etc.:)

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