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  1. Where do I have to put this files? I extracted .hgt to height folder, ter. to terrain folder, but didn't find any Um-Saad revised or Um-Saad small map in the mission editor. Only the old Um-Saad without buildings.
  2. It's a good mission, interesting to play. Glad that somebody already posted a mission featuring playable missile teams. Few minor suggestions: 1) Add scoring and conditions for victory/defeat. 2) T62 and T55 are no match to Abrams. It's better to reinforce Red forces.
  3. IMHO, even today SB graphics is not only up to date, but the best in some aspects. First of all, it has no competitors in the terrain quality. The terrain is as realistic, as beautiful. I like its colors, trees, bushes, curves. it is a real masterpiece. I hope, it will never become something bright and violent, like some children's coloring or most of the modern games. I think, that SB could be better in terms of some vehicles detalization, but I can't say that I'm not satisfied with the present condition. If I were asked, I would choose to add new vehicles into the game (primary, Russian:bi
  4. Well, I'll be happy to participate in the scenario design contests, if it will be announced. I don't think that it is necessary to provide any valuable prizes or any prizes at all. The status of the winner itself, especially if the mission would be included in the next version of the game, would be enough. By the way, where can I look at the list of the last contests winner? Didn't find it in the thread here http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=14174&page=6
  5. Any links? I also heard that he broke up with tanks research, but don't know the details.
  6. And who is a researcher? Svirin? Maybe, but he doesn't write about modern armor.
  7. Well, Baryatinskiy published several dozens books on tanks, including WW2 era and modern. I could send you a pdf version, but only in Russian:) Can't say that he is a very interesting author, his books mainly contain long passages about equipment with the list of all devices by name etc. As Jartsev pointed out, one of the most valuable part of his T72 book comes from waronline.org. The article describing first combat action of T72 in Lebanon war is here http://www.waronline.org/IDF/Articles/t72-myth/ You can try reading it using http://translate.google.com.
  8. Кто бы сомневался By the way, I also doubt the story about ATGM ambush and the dozen destroyed syrian t72: the only reason why Baryatinskiy presents it like a true episode is that, as he writes, the story told by Israel officer "seems reliable". So it's not based on documents, but only on the story from one source. Should it be sufficient? I think, no. But in the same book he argues, that every photo of destroyed t72 in that war pictures the same tank, so to a certain extent it shows the scale of t72 losses.
  9. I see, somebody has red Baryatinskiy's book:)
  10. I'd like to see some of them. Especially, with the evidence of killing by M60:)
  11. P.S. If you find any bugs, please write about them here or contact me by e-mail: drunkblackstar@mail.ru
  12. Hi! I have made new single player scenario called "In Motion". The concept of “In Motion” scenario is simple: get rid of all the tactical stuff and bring back pure simulation to the SB. So I tried to make a “movie-style” mission, where the player occupies the gunner position and all that he (or she, if there any ladies playing SB )has to do is to aim and shoot. You don’t have to make any tactical decisions or work with the map, just quickly find the target and destroy it. All the routes are pre-scripted, so you don’t drive manually. Instead, you would be taken through the battlefield, guid
  13. Version 1.0


    It is a “movie-style” mission, where the player occupies the gunner position and all that he has to do is to aim and shoot. In the same time, you would be taken through the battlefield, guided by and driven by AI. All the routes are pre-scripted, so you don’t drive manually. Mission approximately lasts 30 min. In the scenario you a playing for the T-72, participating in the large scale operation, involving offensive and defensive actions.
  14. Yeah, they are nice scenarios. I enjoyed playing them both, ecpecially, russo-turkish battle - it is simple, short and interesting.
  15. Thanks ESim and many thanks to all the beta-testers!:luxhello:
  16. Are the sce. 2.640 compatible with the new version? I've been making the scenario for 2 weeks already, hope it wouldn't be lost in vain:)
  17. Did you unrar them? You have to put the unrared files in my scenarios folder in my documents directory.
  18. Ok, I hope that next payable or some future free patch will include new Russian units:) I think, nobody will argue, that, despite it will require certain work from the developers, it would add attractiveness to the game, and, as result, bring new players and money to the company and benefit the sim community.
  19. Yeah, it's tough. One of my own worries is the proper balance in the mission. I'm REALLY glad to hear it:biggrin:
  20. Well, I said "at least comparable", meaning that it should be at least not so obsolete as t-72. Even the pc-controlled t-80u in the game is much better than t-72m1. You are right. But they can make payable patch, and it would cover their expenses. As I know, 2.640, featuring t-72, was sold well.
  21. My main point is that, first of all, I tried to make an interesting scenario. I didn't want it to fit any abstract theory. In the second place, I think that the situation, presented in the scenario, is absolutely possible and it doesn't contradict the reality of the battle. "Large, tank-heavy force" is attacking the heavy fortified front of NATO defense, which undertake mobile defense measures. I don't see why it is not possible in the tactics theory of the 1980's. P.S. I suppose, I should make a notice in the briefing not to spread forces in the 3 different ways, because, maybe I didn't ma
  22. It's not a tasks. It is written "you have 3 options". When you are driving and see 3 road signs, do you perceive it like you have to move in all the 3 directions one by one? I think, I will change that in the next version.
  23. Year, already understood it myself, while reading manuals:) Didn't get a hint. What do you mean by that?
  24. As far as I know, it can be downloaded from the steelbeasts site: http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/320/p13_fileid/1888 There is a detailed description starting from the p.159. But it's only 1978 version, almost similar to t-72 in the fire control system.... T-80b instruction here: http://biblioteka.cc/2180-военное-дело/101338-танк-т-80б-объект-219-р-техническое-описание-и-инструкция-по-эксплуатации-пособия-экипажу-министерство-обороны-ссср-главное-бронетанковое-управление.html
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