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  1. Don't know why, but it seems that when I lase target it gives me wrong range in 50% cases.

    It is obviously wrong, because the sabot goes only a half of the distance to the target. First, I thought it happened because I burnt out the laser, but the problem appears even after the first lasing attempt.

    Can't really figure out how to use it properly. Any suggestions?

  2. It doesn't show it on the map screen. I don't have any "error" messages.

    I tried to open those maps using "file-new-pick up map" sequence, it helped. I used "pick up map" before and failed.

    Started to make new mission using part of the Hannover map, but now faced another problem: after I close map once or played scenario and exit from it, it shows blank field if I choose "replay" or choose this scenario from the main menu.

    I can reinstall my SB and install it once again? It wouldn't affect my license, right?

  3. I try to make scenario in mission editor, but the files don't open. It shows only blank field like the map with no processing.

    Frankly speaking, I don't remember how I had installed the game. I have only one profile on my PC, so, I guess, I installed it with administrator's rights.

    Suprisingly, I can open them in the map editor, but not in the mission editor.

  4. IMHO, all speculations about the possible outcome of "the Third World War" are useless, 'couse it's hard to imagine, that such a colossal conflict wouldn't turn into a total nuclear war, in which all the tanks, planes and ships would immediately become meaningless.

  5. First of all, I would like to say thanks to Esim for the brand new update. For me, as for a lot of the soviet armor fans, it was a milestone in the development of the game.

    Except of dozens of cool add-on's, 2 main things happened:

    1) T-72 included

    2) Infantry was made in 3D

    Before the Russian armor became playable, I didn't perceive SB as a fully functional game, for me it was just a half of what it intended to be. When I read about paid 2.64 update, I wasn't eager to pay for this at all.

    But since I learned from the forum that T-72 was included, I didn't hesitate to order it, and price didn't play a role:)

    Hope, you will continue this trend and make more Soviet/Russian armor. Besides all, you already have models, ballistics etc. for T-80 and others, just add interior and it could be playable.

    T-72 add-on has injected a new blood to the sim, if you develop the rest of the Russian armor it could bring new life to it:)

  6. Well, maybe Esim could introduce a new method in the future? 'cos can't say it is very convenient.

    I understand that, in theory, gunner should always listen to the TC commands, but in the reality AI usually makes a lot of mistakes.

    And one more "clever" question: as I understand, there is now separate "identify" and "shoot" orders in T-72 as it was in, for example, Leo2 ("up arrow" and "space"). In T-72 they all merged in space button.

    Why did they do it so?

  7. Hi!

    I just downloaded v2.64 and practicing with awesome T-72 tank right now.

    One annoying thing immediately broke out: when, while playing for the gunner, I’m aiming at the target, TC often forces me to move GPS away to aim at the object, which he thinks is more important.

    Can I make something to stop TC interrupting me?

  8. Hi!

    I have v2.546 (dvd+usb-stick).

    Please, explain me what should I do to upgrade to 2.640.

    As I have read here http://www.esimgames.com/licenseInfo.htm, I should

    1) Place order

    2) Receive 2 e-mails

    3) Download content through the link in the email

    4) Delete previous version of the game

    5) Install new one

    And all this I have to do with the usb-stick connected to the PC.

    Am I right?

    Can You give discription of the upgrading procedure step by step?

    Moreover, my internet connection is unstable, for how long the download link would be active?

  9. Hello!

    I purchased SB Pro Pe recently and found out that since SB Gold, the game changed in many ways. Besides drastic graphic changes, SB became more tactics oriented, it added multiply units, big maps etc.

    It’s uneasy to master quickly in such a versatile product, so I would be grateful if somebody answers my questions:

    1) How to command multiply units? As for now I make separate routs for each unit under my command one by one (using “engage” rout), hence I have to correct routs many times during the action phase, it takes a lot of time and its hard to concentrate. Is there any way to issue a command to all units simultaneously? What is the best way to command multiply units?

    2) Do units have some sort of AI? I know that their behavior depends on the property of the waypoint they are moving in, but if I make the separate waypoint for each units it would take even more time.

    3) There a lot of scenarios available for download at the site, but there are very few missions for the last version of the game. Where can I download new scenarios (2.552) and is it possible to make older scenarios work on the new version?

    4) Is there Challenger 2 in the game?:) In which mission? I still haven’t seen it.

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