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  1. Hi Gibson, All I did was just get the maps to load using the new system, and removed the passwords. I was trying to not modify zipuli's original design at all. It would probably be cool to truly "modernize" this campaign, but I didn't do that here
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Updated for 4.167 but works on 4.265 too:, more context here: All credits to the legendary Zipuli - I did not make these missions, just updated them to work on the latest SB.
  3. Definitely. Already planning on doing that. Gotta pay it forward.
  4. The workflow I did was a little different than what you suggested in the other thread. I just opened the mission, selected the newer Hannover terrain area, then saved the mission. It seemed to work fine. Played through 4 so far with some buddies, playing roughly 1 a night. Thanks for the offer though, you the man!
  5. Nevermind.. he somehow responded to me immediately. ❤️ Zipuli
  6. Does anyone know the passwords for the brave rifles missions? Zipuli hasn't been active on the forum in over a year. I PMed him but don't expect any response. Trying to update mission 4 for 4.6.1 and its password protected even on blue
  7. Wow, thanks a ton! So it does sound like you have two installs on your disk?
  8. Hi Gibson long time no see! Glad to see you're still around. Is there any documentation on what you said? Do you have a SB 4.0 version installed and a 4.1 version installed? Would appreciate any color/details here.
  9. As the title says. I'm trying to update the Brave Rifle campaign, and other stuff, to work on 4.1 When I open Zipuli's old missions I see this: How do I know what to select? I also saw a "fulda gap" map above in the list, which SEEMED to work but i cant remember what the Steelbeasts map trace is SUPPOSED to look like to verify. Any suggestions? This is a general question - not specific to BR, we may want to play other missions in multi and trying to figure out best practice.
  10. I really wish I had more opportunity to record video, but in most of the missions I was mostly looking at the map and issuing orders - or I just didn't have the chance to record due to hardware limitations. I wish I had a long video of each mission! Thanks for your fire!
  11. There are two things sorely missing from SB at this time: 1. An early cold war NATO tank (equivalent to the t-62) like the m-60 2. A good russian/soviet tank like the t-80u or t-90. I would love to see either/or.
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