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  1. Yes well this is Secondus ..... so I'm aware of duties as Babysitter .....
  2. The parcel arrived at 1410 !! a Grand daughter weighing in at 2.245 Kg.... petite but complete...
  3. In case anyone has a similar problem as I outlined a few posts ago, that is units do not move beyond a way point, when it is intended that the way point only be for a change of speed or formation etc and wait until a proceed command is pressed in F5 view. I identified the problem and the solution. The problem was that you can set a Default Route Way point Tactic for a way point in Options .ie. Defend, Suppress, Guard . I had inadvertently set a default Waypoint tactic for the way points I created , when the intention was for only changing speed or formation tactic to be be actioned until I over rode it with the command, " To proceed". The solution is to set a universal command of "none" in options for "Default Route Way point Tactics and manually set each way point, or conversely manually change the way point to none if you want a vehicle to proceed without stopping and adopt the action of the next route. I hope that helps if your searching for a solution as I was. SB is set up logically so it was definitively operator error. Thanks to Gibsonm ( Mark) for his assistance.
  4. OK I ll keep a look out for you ...... what is the preferred means of voice comms ??
  5. Mark .... yes !!!! but no guarantee as daughter No 2 is expecting child on Friday 24 April ... not quite an ANZAC baby .
  6. With the advent of the Covid 19 I have returned to scenario writing in Steel Beasts. When testing my scenarios I have noticed that units often and sometimes do not move beyond way points at all. The proceed order appears when you highlight the unit in Map view ( F5) , which when pressed moves the unit past the way point and the scenario progresses until the next way point is reached where the same thing happens. I have tried to solve this myself and returned to an old sand box minefield breach that was quite complex and based on the excellent guide of Col Gibsonm. Initially although reasonably complex ie. at least 7 sequences and 7 waypoints all worked perfectly. As I loaded up some more complexity .i.e some delay for some sequences, units started to stop and not proceed beyond way points. It did not happen for all units or all way points and looked somewhat random. I am I now doing something wrong as the rust of my brain forgets procedures or is there a known issue here ??
  7. Thanks Storm Rider........ all you have said is good advice and why I'm looking for some help. I shall heed what you say .....
  8. Mark, It was B Sqn who supported my father's Battalion and with a Tp in Support of his Company ..... an extract from the Official War History "This was the situation when Major Ryrie 4 of the 1st Armoured Regiment arrived and said his tanks were coming . Cook told his leading platoon to hold on . By 11 .40 two tanks had climbed Hill 87 and were helping to dispose of isolated pockets of Japanese . Ryrie moved about fearlessly reconnoitring for the tanks and inspired all by his coolness . As soon as the tanks appeared over the crest the Japanese on Hill 8 7 ceased firing . By 12 .50 preparations were under way for an assault o n Parramatta. Six tanks, including one Frog, were now forward and a battery of the 2/4th Field Regiment was being registered by Captain W. A . S. Whyte on targets on Parramatta. Before midday a team under Lieutenant Low 5 of the 2/2nd Anti-Tank Regiment had manhandled a 6-pounder forward to a point near Hill 87 whence L .V.T's helped it on to the hill itself . I can pass on other documents more directly if you are interested. My father was 2IC C Company Regards, Michael Michael Official_War_History_Oboe_2.pdf
  9. Yes thank you .... I have gone there as well as some other places ....... but if you don't ask you will never know
  10. I am seeking to make a video of one of the last set piece battles of WWII in July 1945.. The Australian 7th Division amphibious assault on the town of Balikpapan on the Island of Borneo, then Dutch East Indies now Indonesia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Balikpapan_(1945) It was a Divisional operation but I am seeking to highlight one company, that of my father, who had the key task of talking the vital ground on the first day of the operation. I wish to try and use Arma 3 as basis for simulating the attack and make a video of that footage using the after action report in the Battalions War Diary as the basis I have investigated making new terrain from height maps in Arma 3 Tools and associated programs but it seems complex to an ex Infantryman. Looking for a more experienced terrain builder who may be interested in the project.
  11. Oh as an ex Infantryman I do appreciate pictures !!!
  12. Thank you Bond Villian have checked that; both enabled, so I put it down to stubby fingers at some stage. Thank you for the support. Heavy bar snacks are a curse !! as they are usually accompanied by more beers...... cè-zù tin-ba-deh (Thank you very much)
  13. Yes that is what i I was doing !!! I made a new scenario in 4.023 and I don't have the problem and tried a very old scenario and can't replicate the problem , however the scenario where I had the problem still has it.. ... All very odd! but I will call this closed. Thanks for your support. I will try and make it tomorrow night but heavy bar snacks and beers at 4 PM so I may get mislead !!
  14. Dear Mark, thank you for your prompt ( as always ) reply. Yes I thought that is what I tried, but when it goes to test the scenario and reboots the screen it only allows Blue units to be altered. I'm off for the rest of the afternoon but will try again tonight . Thursday ??? yes possible !!! Regards, Michael
  15. After a hiatus of a year or so and with the purchase of a new more powerful computer, I have ventured into the CP and started to construct some simple scenario for myself. Having uploaded 4.023 I now find I can't see red when testing a scenario. I have looked for switches of radio buttons that I may not have clicked but with no luck. Can someone put me right here to ease my frustration. Regards. G2
  16. My thanks to Gibsonm for planning, promoting, herding and finally running RL 15, (Predator's Clash). I have an inkling of the amount of work, effort , sweat and tears that go into such a thing. It requires persistence, dedication and perspective as well as a good sense of proportion and a liberal sense of humour at times. A great scenario .... imaginatively devised and accurately executed. I hope the participants enjoyed the realistic elements well conceived and executed. An actively true to SB; a simulation, not a game!! It was great to hear the range of accents on the net and the sense of community across many time zones and continents. Also thanks to 911 for hosting, particularly D u k e for hosting, leading and not sleeping. BZ !!!!
  17. Got it and verified it !! thank you...
  18. Yes understand the problem if you cannot specify the total rounds of artillery available for the scenario. I wonder if there is is a relatively easy fix to the issue. I know we are probably stretching the simulation beyond that for which it was designed but the ability to provide 10 minutes of low rate Smoke / HE as neutralising covering fire for a move or breach or say 4 minutes of fire to support an assault just short of an objective would bring (without the work arounds) would make SB Pro PE a more versatile combined arms simulation.
  19. Thank you all .. I would be interested in the exploitation as I thought the ability to fire timed fire missions as apparent from the fire mission dialogue box is an excellent development to fire planning for sub unit and greater operations. Mark ... thank you I use all those work arounds ...
  20. Despite the apparent ability to call artillery fire missions for specified duration with variable rates of fire, I can only get any mission to fire for 2 minutes. Is this intended or am doing something wrong ?
  21. For EX Con Info Only !!! Attendance not required Always think of the troops needs ( timing first first ....) wil probably adjust an hour ......
  22. Final Co-ordination Rolling Thunder 15 Mission 1 Falli and Duke, I think it important we have a final coordination discussion on Mission 1 before commencement. With Tango 29 being in Canada and I in Australia there is no acceptable time for all of us to get together, so I propose that only the three of us ( Less Tango 29 ) get together. 1930 (GMT + 2) is 0430 in Australia. Any night this week will work, I propose 4 June 1730 GMT , however any night / morning will work for me at this hour , please let me know you availability. Regards Michael G240 _______________
  23. Perhaps a remarkable Intelligence Officer !!! PS Grenny I am educated enough to know your signature's translation but a modern education; where to go to translate, Google translate. G240 "Gladio vivere est gladio mori"
  24. Combat Team Commanders I would like if possible to conduct BG Orders for Mission 1. I believe that you are all GMT + 1 and +2 , so I assume a time like 1800 GMT may be suitable for you. It would be great to have it in the next few days. Can you please advise your most suitable times. I will post this on the SB forum as well. Regards G241 ( Michael )
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