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  1. @Gibsonm I've just switched the minimal required client version of our TS server to 3.1.10. It should work for you now. Of course only for the PzBtl911 Server, I have no control over Kanium server.
  2. This sound very odd. Can you provide more information on this? The minimal needed client version is 3.3.0 which was released in june 2019. the actual release is version 3.3.2 (3.5.0 if you use the beta branch). Or don't you get a connection at all? Have you tried to ping the adress and get a proper ip adress? Edit: Just read your post in the other thread . So, what is the actual TS version you are using?
  3. The Server of the PzBtl911 is expected unavailable on feb 15th.
  4. Just provide some more informations. Which version of SB are you running (4.161 is the actual one) which joystick are you using? Do you have/use some kind of config software for your joystick? Are you sure, you press (and hold) Joystick Button 3 (which is the deafult setting for the dynamic lead on the Leopard 2)?
  5. Cannot confirm this. Just tried the Leopard 2A5 on the gunnery range and the dynamic lead work as designated. I'm using the default control settings with Thrustmaster T 16000M.
  6. Can't confirm. I've installed the update KB4512508 as well and can start SB without any issue. That does NOT mean, there is no issue caused by this update. But maybe not all system are affected.
  7. @Hoover What about he bug where the unbuttoned commander could not be steered with the joystick? That bug was in V 4.157.
  8. Unnecessary to say, but this is exactly the same Problem which I described here:
  9. Well, i could remove SB completly and reinstall it. I'm pretty sure in this state the file will be like the old one. If that helps you?
  10. I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean? Do you ask me, if I have a backup version of the specified file? Then sorry, no. I can upload the actual file, but i applied already what ssnake wrote and the strange signals are gone.
  11. Thanks, that workaround does. Hoping for a patch soon ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. That does the trick, thank you! But I had it completly unconfigured so no axis was assigned. I would expect that no driving signal at all is used.
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