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  1. I just tried my Xbox 360 controller and it worked out of the box.
  2. As far as i read, the USB-C is full backward compatible with USB 3.0 and 2.0. So there shouldn't be any issues.
  3. Thank you guys for your replies. I finaly identified the reason for my issue. It's my sound device... After changing the default sound device my loading times are normal again. So the 1809 Windows update has no known negative impact on SB. The problematic sound device is called Realtek ALC S1220A. I'll try to play around a bit with different drivers and tell if i find more usefull information on this.
  4. I have a strange issue with SB. The loading time is dramaticaly high (about 3-4 minutes) on my system. I'm not sure but it could have something to do with the latest Windows 10 update (version number 1809). I'm looking for other users who may have the same Windows version and can confirm or negate the issue. To find your Windows version press Windows Key + R, type "winver" and press "Enter". The second line shows the version. Thanks in advance
  5. I'm very glad I found this thread. I've tried to run SB in fullscreen windows mode for a long time and didn't knew about the command line option. I had an issue with my dual monitor (1080p) setup. SB take the whole space of both monitors but i wanted SB only on 1 monitor. I also found the commandline option --uiarea and this does the trick. So i added --fullscreenwindow true --uiarea 0/0/1920/1080 and this works as expected. Well, you have to change the coordinates if you run a different resolution (2k/4k). I hope this helped.
  6. Sounds good to me. Do you mean details like in this Post? And as you can see, not eSim is fixing anything, the "grousehead" community does. But hey, i don't want to conceal a statement of an official eSim Staff in this Post: (Free translation by me) I'm really sorry, this is totally OT and I won't write anymore about this issue. Just try to understand why not every SB player is very pleased.
  7. So the point is "we have only to be better than a worse product"? Until now I thought the strategy behind SB is different...
  8. Password of the PzBtl911 TS is "kettenpolster" (without the quotes).
  9. Probably you bookmarked the IP adresss which has changed a while ago. Try steelbeasts.org as adress and it'll work again
  10. I would like to ask what kind of hardware and settings are used. It seems, he has ~60 Frames/s permanently. :confused:
  11. Added a Mirror (server location germany): http://steelbeasts.net/downloads
  12. Has someone practical experience with Calytrix CNR? I would give it a try maybe... Easy, just declare it as a standard
  13. AARs Mission 1 - Recce (~16,8 MB, rar packed) Mission 2 - Assault (~19,5 MB, rar packed) Mission 3 - Delay (~26,9 MB, rar packed) Mission 4 - Attack (~16,6 MB, rar packed)
  14. I'm just uploading the AAR-files. Will be done in about 1 or 2 hours. I'll post the links here after it's uploaded.
  15. +1 for the texteditor (in addition to the actual GUI).
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