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  1. Back after a long absence. What do I do now?

    And if I may be so bold as to be my typical critical self, what is so amazing about this upgrade that requires purchasing that voids my already 125 dollar copy of the game?
  2. Hello everyone, I used to be pretty avid on the forums for a long time and was very much into the multiplayer networking with the original SB but sort of drifted away right as I got good at the single player aspect of SB Pro PE before making it into any multiplayer massacres. Right now I am running 2.328. Where do I need to go from here? I saw on the mainpage that 2.483 is already out since September. Is this a one deal from 2.328 to current patch, or is there a laundry list of patches and updates I need to do to make myself multiplayer capable? Thanks in advance, Alex. EDIT: Put the wrong version.
  3. Anti Third Party software tool no longer works after install

    Good idea, I'll give it a shot. Im surprised no one else had this issue.
  4. Perspective in plain english on 3.70 beta

    What's the big deal with being CO? Its not like you go through battle procedure or anything. And its not like the Battle Group Commander is gonna come and rip you a new one, so what's the biggy? (I'm not being ignorant, I'm asking...)
  5. Last night when I installed either SBs, or CodeMeter (can't remember which one) RIGHT after a prompt came up immidiately saying something is causing Adaware to no longer function. Neither Adaware 2007 nor Adaware Malware is working now. I am running Vista 32, has anyone else come across this problem? How did you fix it? I can't run a computer without a malware program, that's just crazy.
  6. Perspective in plain english on 3.70 beta

    12Aplha - I just installed SB Pro PE yesterday. Tomorrow will be the first Friday I actually have the game. Gotta work tonight (parade night) but tomorrow during the day I'll install 2.70b and you'll see me there tomorrow night unless something comes up.
  7. Sound

    Nevermind, I just ran it again and this time it worked. Is there supposed to be music during the menu though? I remember SB1 had that. Anyway I played the range and the sound was there, no idea why it wasn't last time.
  8. Sound

    Alright I have 2.328 + hotfix, my codemeter is 3.30a and steelbeasts runs no problem, but for some reason there is no sound? Both my speakers and headset work fine, even with windsows WHILE SB Pro PE is running.. but in SB itself there is absolutely no sound, and no sound options in the main menu either? What's goin on?
  9. Perspective in plain english on 3.70 beta

    Is everyone using 3.70b, or is it a personal choice? I only ask because I wonder why it doesn't overwrite the 2.328? Usually a patch overrides so as to update... in this case I'm getting that sneakin suspicion that I should ask what people are still running, IE on Friday nights? Im about to play for the first time (just installed and updated codemeter) with 2.328. If it seems everyone recommends installing the 3.70b then I will.
  10. Generic message of excitement

    I just ordered my copy of Pro PE. Should have it by Friday. I am on excercise this weekend, and when I get back Sunday night I should have it - WOOT.
  11. Mouse gunners, advice please!

    Wireless < Wired for gaming.
  12. My Apology

    Can someone explain to me what a "hopebuster" is?
  13. Modern Insurgencies: Ideas and Stratagems

    I really am having a hard time understanding why intelligent people would consider terrorist insurgency a fourth generation type of warfare? The title itself may be new, but the dynamics of smaller inferior groups running raids, ambushes, and sabotage missions is as old as time. This should be called 1st generation warfare. This crap took place before conventional armies ever faced one another. War has not evolved to "terrorist insurgencies". War is still war, terrorist insurgency is just "a different kind of war". Personally, for all intents and purposes I do not believe it deserves to be called war. A conventional army versus a conventional army is a war. FIghting terrorist cells is like bad ass policing at best. NOT to disregard or take away from the bravery and selflessness that allied soldiers display in fighting in this conflict, and not to suggest dying one way is any less deserving of respect and deepest gratitude than another, but for purely languistic maintenance I really don't understand how this is "a war" by definition in the proper sense. Its a conflict in which a conventional orginzation is policing an area affected by insurgent groups against those insurgent groups. Its a military conflict, but not a war. Does no one else see it that way? Wars change the world. If Germany won WW2, things would be VERY different (supposedly anyway). If Napolean had won, things would be very different (again we assume that anyway). If the insurgents in Iraq win? Um.. Iraq goes back to sucking even more than it already does? And the rest of the world? Unaffected? No one cares? Pretty much... Lets say hypothetically in 50 years once its economy is up and running and the standard of living has increased, China decides its time to take over the world. (I do not necessarily believe this, but its a decent example). Is China going to take over the world by sending small random groups of guys who are going to bomb stuff and ambush vehicle columns every once in a while? That may well be part of it, but only a fraction. China would role over Europe with CONVENTIONAL methods because that is WAR and that is how you CONQUER and utterly defeat someone. Terrorist Insurgents only use insurgency because they don't have the means to a real military. If they could feasibly put together a military that stood a chance and use it to throw out occupying nations, they would. Insurgency is welfare warfare, nothing more. Edit*: Sorry I also wanted to add one last point. I reread my message and don't want it to come off differently than I intended. I am NOT saying that researching, studying, understanding, and learning how to defeat terrorist insurgency is not important. Not at all is that what I am saying. Its the type of conflict that we face today and we need to understand it and overcome it. My arguement is that people are losing sight of what war is. They think that future "wars" are going to be fought the way things are being fought in Afghanistand and Iraq, but they aren't. People are giving insurgency a 10 out of 10 on the "hardcore-scale" and its really like a 2. WW2 is a 10, TI a 2. Any conflict where the kill ratio is like a billion to one in favor of one side, isn't a war.. its a conflict. While we all write books on insurgency, and build armies made to fight insurgents, we are distancing ourselves from threats that actually COULD destroy us, not ones the government scares us into think could destory us, but ones that actually could... aka conventional warfare that is here to stay.
  14. Controversial Strategy

    I know this thread is a few weeks old but I wanted to add my two cents on this; Obviously we are all aware the game in question is not Steel Beasts. I really don't see how you confused the two? Anyway "base raping" is basically the same thing as spawn killing. If there is a legitimate target or objective in the base, then "raping" it is fine. If it only serves as a spawning point, then spaming it is typically a "noob" thing to do. Poorly made maps facilitate spawn killing.
  15. Mailing Address for purchase...

    Is there an issue with mailing to an address thats different form the registered address to my credit card?