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  1. Posting unfortunately a bit late, but there has been a recent kickstarter campaign for the remake of a usb star wars yoke, too bad it's over now.. Was selling at ~160usd https://bit.ly/3fxziv4
  2. Back at the '80s, there used to be an arcade game/cabin called Star Wars, which featured a unique control, known as the Star Wars yoke, which resembles pretty much a gunners control. Well, sort of, a few keys are missing.. Unfortunately, the particular controller has not become popular with other games, so original items like this are quite rare (and expensive) and third party copies not available. Several individuals have tried since then to replicate such a controller, many with quite a success, in order to make a usb controller to be used in custom gaming computers. There's even a 3d sketch for it available, which with some edit for more buttons, palm switch etc., could be used to serve the needs of the gunner position in SB.. Check out the sketches here: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=133656.0
  3. A simple (I emphasize on the word simple) gunner controller could be easily made using the electronics of a cheap usb steering wheel. All that is needed is there, I was even able to play SB using a steering wheel -and the acceleration for up/down movement- back at the time. If only we had a proper 3d printed plastic case -no need to be an exact 1:1 replica if royalties are involved- to embed the cables in it.....
  4. Is there any recent development on the field of 3rd party usb controller manufacturing -at an affordable price, may I add-. Is the market still limited to the expensive military specifications usb controller replicas by a couple of companies or the diy solution of buying an original used army surplus controller and trying to modify it? What are the current options of a controller that could be used for SB at the sim market? Is there perhaps a .stl of a 3d sketch available to print your own with a 3d printer?
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