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  1. I really enjoy all the missions made by ben. IMHO they all have a high replayability-value. Link to ben's missions Jens
  2. This autoloader would give me the creeps ... Jens
  3. The service.log said "boost::filesystem::status: Access is denied: "C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\packages\Wolfsburg_Dahlum\metadata.mrf" I removed the Wolfsburg_Dahlum directory and now I can connect and download maps. Thanks Jens
  4. Hm, I still have a problem with the Download Manager - Steel Beasts Map Package Download Serice is "running" (and Startup-Type is set to "Automatic - Delayed Start") - no "PackageDownloadManagerMutex" in the eSim ProgrammData directory I start the Manager, click on Connect and get the "Failed to connect to the service! Exception message: The system cannot find the file specified.(7)". The resulting PackgeDownloadManagerLog: [19:22:03,520] INFO : Version 19.000 [19:22:04,066] TRACE: Interprocess emulation folder: 'C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beas
  5. Oh boy, it's even the first sticky of all and I didn't see it ... Maybe it is time to get some glasses. Thx Ssnake Jens
  6. Yup, V.19.000. Jens Edit: I uninstalled it, reinstalled it. Now I get "unable to execute more than one instance simultanesously!" When I start the app with "-- ignorelock" I can start it, but get the error as described in the first posting. Jens
  7. Hi, when I hit "CONNECT" inside the Package Download Manager (v19.0) I get an error message that says: "Failed to connect to the service! Exception message: The system cannot find the file specified.(7)" I did not enter any map-uid so far. At the Bottom of the window it says "Disconnected". Any ideas? Jens
  8. There is an interview with David Lagettie in the latest issue of PC-Pilot, but sadly it has no real additional info on what this is all about. Jens
  9. When I was a kid/teen back in the 70s and 80s, I don't remember seeing any M113 with gun shields moving around (and I saw a lot back in that times šŸ˜) Jens
  10. The new Bundeswehr 1980 theme gives us not only moleskin uniforms, but also H&K G3 Assault rifles. Feels like the good old times. If the Luchs crews got to wear a black beret instead of a steel helmet Iā€™m completely happy ... jens
  11. Can you post a picture of the content? And tell us what the surprise item is? Jens
  12. David Lagettie is also the guy who wrote the Operation Flashpoint main theme song "Lifeless" He even suggest to the Bohemia Interactive Guys to turn ArmA/OFP into a commercial military simulator. Didn't know he is the man behind Titan and now Microprose ... Jens Source
  13. "FREE Surprise Item" (for preorders) I wonder what that will be ... Jens
  14. Hi folks, does anyone know of any Podcasts, that might be of interest to the crowd that usually posts on this forum? I'll start of with a few that might be interesting (if you're into podcasts of course) The Spear War College Zero Blog Thirty Eyes left Fighter Pilot Podcast NDR Streitkraefte und Strategien (german) Single Malt Strategy Modern War Institute Podcasts Veteran Chronicles If anybody knows of any other podcasts, I'd be happy to hear about them. What I'm missing is something about armored warfare, tanki
  15. Good old Games has it for a few bucks ... https://www.gog.com/game/panzer_elite_se Jens
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