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  1. David Lagettie is also the guy who wrote the Operation Flashpoint main theme song "Lifeless" He even suggest to the Bohemia Interactive Guys to turn ArmA/OFP into a commercial military simulator. Didn't know he is the man behind Titan and now Microprose ... Jens Source
  2. "FREE Surprise Item" (for preorders) I wonder what that will be ... Jens
  3. Hi folks, does anyone know of any Podcasts, that might be of interest to the crowd that usually posts on this forum? I'll start of with a few that might be interesting (if you're into podcasts of course) The Spear War College Zero Blog Thirty Eyes left Fighter Pilot Podcast NDR Streitkraefte und Strategien (german) Single Malt Strategy Modern War Institute Podcasts Veteran Chronicles If anybody knows of any other podcasts, I'd be happy to hear about them. What I'm missing is something about armored warfare, tanking etc. Jens
  4. Good old Games has it for a few bucks ... https://www.gog.com/game/panzer_elite_se Jens
  5. This looks great for a sim that is nearly 20 years old. Kinda like Falcon 4.0 for WW2 tanks ... Jens
  6. Thanks Ssnake, everythings fine. Running SB Pro PE on my 2018 Macbook on a Win10 Bootcamp installation (while sitting beside my wife on the couch...) Jens
  7. Ok, I hooked up the CodeMeter to the new Macbook, and the Stick itself is recognized/installed correctly. But what makes me wonder is, the when I look in the Config-Softwarem, I can see one SB Pro Pe license in the licnese tab (which could be activated by the corresponding button). Until now, I used SB on my iMac (and intend to continue so). Do I need a second license to run SB on my Macbook as well? Jens
  8. I will report back next week when I got an adapter... jens
  9. Hi, I got a new MacBook Pro (2018), which comes with only USB-C connections. Does anybody have experience with the eSim CodeMeter-Stick on a USB-C port (of course using an adapter)? Jens
  10. This is a rebuild of the Arma3 Altis map in Steelbeasts? Wow! Can you tell us a a little bit on the process of rebuilding (e.g. the heightmap)? Jens
  11. There is/was a map for the training area in Hohenfels (adjacent to Grafenwoehr). Jens
  12. Hi, I'm currently replaying all the contest missions and I have a problem running the "Winged Dagger" mission. The Ch-47s that are supposed to insert thge SpecOps guys east of the airfield crash west of it into an open field, get fired at by two BRDMs and the missions doesn't continue anymore. Can anyone confirm this, or is it just me? Jens
  13. Why are they these two guys letting them fall from the streetsign/canopy? Is this some sort of stage-diving? Are they caught by the crowd below? I mean, this might be dangerous. I wouldn't catch him. Very irritating .... Jens
  14. @all germans around here: last december a german translation was published https://www.amazon.de/Team-Yankee-Harold-W-Coyle/dp/3946168515/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1515867139&sr=8-3&keywords=team+yankee Jens
  15. You have to download the app on the iPad and a special driver for the app from the developer's website. Once everything is installed you can "expand" your monitor on the iPad. Then you start SB session 1 (windowed mode), move this session on the iPad part of the screen, start session 2 of SB. Start a multiplayer session in SB an connect session 1+2. Volia, you have two SB sessions on your computer (and you can use session 1 for the map view, arty observer or whatever). Jens
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