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  1. Oh, and maybe (just to be sure), run the DX9 web setup again, maybe something got overwritten here during the CE update, who knows: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35
  2. The crashdumps indicate a problem with Direct3D, so this is most likely NOT a language back issue. Since both 4.019 and 4.010 are crashing for you now, I suspect you have a GFX card driver problem. FYI, I'm running Win 10 15063 (aka "Creators Update") here for testing as well and all is fine, so it is not an issue tied to the Win 10 update itself. Maybe your automatic update settings have been changed, and some GFX driver has been installed "behind your back"? In any case, I'd check and re-install the GFX drivers. And also make sure NOT to run any "screen grabbers" or "
  3. dunc

    SB wont start

    Ah... your crashes look suspiciously like being related to the missing MS update we discussed in another thread. Can you confirm that you did not saw any error messages upon installing 4.006 that told you you were missing some Windows update? Just to sum things up for you in case you want to retry: - uninstall your VS2015 c++ redistributable, - download and install KB2999226 - download and install the VS2015 C++ redistributable again If that does not solve the issue, please comment on my two questions above. Than
  4. dunc

    SB wont start

    Two questions: a) In which path did you install Steel Beasts? b) What complete path is your "My Documents" folder? I'm trying to find out whether you have any non-ASCII characters in your path names. Thanks!
  5. Actually, thanks for pointing that out, it's simply a bug. We did an overhaul to the timekeeper in SB a while ago, and here we simply query the wrong method to check for time drift. It has no consequences (as the "faulty" result will be compensated internally) other than the AAR (and debug log WARN) output. But, yup, it should be corrected, I'll take care of it. However, in the meantime, just ignore the output.
  6. For SB 4.x only: 1) If you're a CLIENT, you don't need to forward/open ports in either IPv4 or IPv6. 2) If you're a HOST, you DO need to open/forward UDP ports 2300 and 2400 in your router/firewall. You don't need the whole range anymore (like in SB 3.x and older), only these two ports. Neither do you need TCP, you only need UDP. 3) You need to do this for the protocol you're actually using on your PC and SB: if you're using IPv4 in SB, you need to open/forward IPv4. If you're using IPv6 in SB, you need to open IPv6 (there is no forwarding in IPv6).
  7. Please check here for a (possible) workaround: http://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/10909-cant-start-sb4-on-win10-simplified-chinese-os-with-crashdump/#comment-161875
  8. Ugh. Looks like we "shot ourselves in the foot" here. Remember that we're preaching about "don't use file- or directory names with special characters!" all the time? Turns out we're actually distributing SB with some directory names with special characters... and this is causing SB to crash when running with a non-english non-unicode system locale. Hrm. Could you please try this as a workaround: With your system set to your usual Chinese non-unicode locale, navigate to your SB installation dir and check the "loc" folder. In there, remove all the
  9. Ah... disregard my former statement. Turned out that the actual bug is something else, it simply manifested in the "boys/girls" units, but it can/will happen in other units as well (no need to go into the details, internal coding issues). So just coincidence. The actual fix will be part of the next patch.
  10. Just FYI, for the SCE maintainer: We're investigating the crash of course, but for the time being: it seems that the crash is triggered when some of the "green/civillian" units are spawning, especially the "boys" and "girls". If you remove the boys and girls from the map (upper right corner, outside the main area), the crash no longer seems to happen. Anyway, we'll continue investigating the *actual* underlying reason, code-wise...
  11. The "funny" thing about the KB299926 update is... M$ has "updated" it a couple of times by now, and it seems that some "older" versions of that update don't "qualify" as proper prerequisite... go figure. If Windows insists that KB299926 is installed, but none of the other stuff works, my next step would have been to uninstall KB299926 again (you can do that via the normal "program" entry from the control panel, there should be a "show windows update" entry in there somewhere... and NO, they are of course NOT sorted by name...), then cleanup the windows update system (using steps 1
  12. Nice to know that we finally have "workflows" for Win7 and 8.1 and 10 that lead to success (leaving the Chinese language issue aside). It still bothers me that we are so completely dependent on having Windows 100% up2date. IMHO, there is no real technical reason for that, and MS simply tries to push everyone to install every single patch *just* to get a "lousy" VC++ runtime working properly... got to admit, I expected that for Win 10 (because MS confused a desktop OS with an always online and noone-bothers-about-security cellphone OS), but MS seems to backport "enhancements" to Win
  13. Please see this thread: http://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/10594-cant-start-the-program
  14. Good question, no idea. In theory, they should NOT be mandatory for anything. However, now that the dreaded "you really should update to Win 10!!!" nagging phase is over, the optional updates probably won't hurt. Personally, when I was still running Win7, I always installed the optional updates (until the Win10 thing started, then I basically reviewed every KB info before installing, and I blacklisted the Win10 update stuff). Sorry, the answer won't get any more specific, it's up to you. But of course, you can always start WITHOUT the optional updates, and if it does no
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