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    Here is my personal electronic bookshelf of games/sims: Matrix Games: Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations (Wargame of the Year Edition); Command: Northern Inferno; Command: Desert Storm; Command: Chains of War Content is very detailed and can be played at tactical, operational or strategic levels of war. HP Simulations: Point of Attack 2; Decisive Action Again, very detailed content Falcon 4 BMS - Just because I have been quoted as saying "...that I am a fighter pilot trapped in an infantryman's body...."
  2. Thanks for sharing this nice site. All that Vehicle Identification Training I had back at the Long Ranger Surveillance Leaders Course (circa 1992) paid off!
  3. So I upgraded from 4.0something to SB Pro PE 4.162 and that worked fine......UNTIL i patched that with 4.163 and the install failed. I uninstalled 4.162 and it left what you see below: Re-installation of 4.162 FAILED because these filed could not be over written....and yes I tried to delete these files as ADMINISTRATOR with no joy. Any Ideas....anyone?
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