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  1. jlh

    Printing Controls

    How do I print out the list of "Controls" from the "Main Menu"? I can't seem to export the list to anything that is helpful. Thanks.
  2. If I remember correctly, when I made scenarios with previous editions of SB, I could change all of the vehicles in a scenario from one type to another with a single click, changing all of the M1s into M1A2s easily. Is that correct? I don't see a way to do it now with 4.167. Thanks in advance.
  3. jlh

    No voices

    My sincerest apologies for wasting your time. The problem is with my speakers or the connection between my speakers and the computer. Mechanical sounds and even music sounds pretty normal. Human speech cannot be understood and in most cases cannot be heard. I discovered this by going to Youtube. I'm sure it is not SB. Again sorry for the false alarm. I should be able to fix this problem myself. Thanks. Great simulation.
  4. jlh

    No voices

    This might actually be a sound card problem. Please don't go through any more trouble until I speak with Dell. I will get back to you one way or the other.
  5. jlh

    No voices

    Deutsch-five files: Scenarios, voices, credits, initBriefing, pstrings. Size 11,081,792 bytes.
  6. jlh

    No voices

    I've tried all the English languages and German. Went to: Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\sounds. In 'sounds', there are two folders. First is 'FX' containing a file named 'FXList-4_167', it contains hundreds of wav files. The second file in 'sounds" is 'voices'. Voices contains a folder for each language listed in SB. Every folder is empty. Also in 'voices' is a file called 'VoiceList'. It contains a long list of wav files.
  7. jlh

    No voices

    New computer yesterday. Windows 10. Updated the Codemeter. Downloaded and installed the Map Packages from esim. Downloaded and installed 4.167 from esim. Everything seems OK except there are no voices. All other sound effects seem to be present but no voices in any language. So I uninstalled. Re-downloaded from esim. Turned off McAffee fire wall. Reinstalled. Still no voices. This is at least the third computer on which I have had this sim and this is the first problem I've had. I've considered installing 4.162 and then the 4.167 patch but I don't know where to get 4.162.
  8. I'm running 4.010. Thanks for all the hard work. I can't seem to get my UGV or UAV to deploy. I've assigned them to my infantry units in the editor. Tried 'y' and 'shift-t' as instructed in the control panel of the game, also 'Z' as instructed in the manual, after trying both F7 and F11 to put me in the commander's position, with no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. jlh

    CD question

    I realize they are on back order. I was just willing to pay for everything at once and thought it just might be an error on the purchase site. No big deal.
  10. jlh

    CD question

    I'm ready to download 3.0 and I would like to order a CD at the same time. I don't care if I have to wait a few months for the CD. But the esim store won't let me do that. Why not? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the upgrade! I noticed that when in the operator position of the javelin missile team, I cannot control which target is selected. Am I not doing something correctly? (I also noticed this in the previous version.) Also I noticed that the BTR80s do not burn or smoke when destroyed.
  12. jlh

    v2.640 Bugs

    I noticed while playing a scenario (and rechecked with a specially designed scenario) that the t-80u can fire the songster or refleks missile accurately while on the move, even while moving at top speed perpendicular to the line of fire. Is this correct? This might be a false alarm but I was under the impression that with most AT missiles that the firing platform had to remain relatively stationary.
  13. jlh


    I'm considering installing an SSD in my Dell desktop. Could someone please tell me what, if any, advantage it would give me in running SBpe. Thanks
  14. I’m also running windows 7 64bit and had to change the “state” of my Cmstick. The answer was on the Microsoft website: "You should switch the state of your CmStick from local disk to removable disk. You can change this with our tool “Code Meter Disc Configuration”. Start->All Programs->CodeMeter->Tools->Disc Configuration, then go to the rider “Option” and change the value 'Disk Type'."
  15. Sorry, I was not clear. The "Print report" under "File" when the scenario is opened.
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