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  1. No matter the situation around the world ,Poland needs to modernise it's armed forces becouse of necessity.We have a big gap in our equipment which we have to replace ,simple as that.
  2. Whole military defilade in a 42 minutes video.
  3. Does this link work ??. http://tvnwarszawa.tvn24.pl/informacje,news,samoloty-czolgi-transportery-wielka-defilada,209182.html
  4. Livestream of military parade during the 96 anniversary "Battle of Warsaw" http://tvpstream.tvp.pl/
  5. Inside of T-72B3 + footage of Sosna-U thermal sight
  6. Should the high explosive rounds from bmp-2 have that kind of splash on ground ??.
  7. LAW 80 is supposed to penetrate 700mm of rolled homogenous armour at 90 degrees so maybe he could use Panzerfaust 3 non tandem warhead. http://norfolktankmuseum.co.uk/law-80-light-anti-armour-weapon/
  8. @Ssnake When will the time license be available again ??.
  9. Todays mission on UK Armor Syria vs Syria Mission beggins Steel Rain Beggins Steel Rain Continued
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