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  1. There have been suggestions that the Rift will come with (or you'll be able to add) a camera that clips to the front of it - press a button and hey presto you're looking at the view from the camera instead of the game. Release the button after you've pressed the key you need and back into the game. Immersion killer maybe, but no worse than looking down at a keyboard is anyway...
  2. The idea was that a US force started at an airfield, and would then move forward to stop a numerically superior Russian tank force. The first phase was a single US M3 Platoon (didn't realise the M3 was in the game, so not using the M2), moving forward to secure a village as an advanced assembly area against a recon group. That's about done. Second phase was to be either a hurried defense back at the airport perimeter if you failed the first mission, or a much better prepared defense around the assembly area if you won it. Then maybe a third phase if you won the first two where the US force pursued the defeated Russian one. Currently looking into whether to make that one long scenario now we have mid-mission saves, or whether this new fangled operations thing would let me do the same job. Graham
  3. Thanks for the answer MDF, looks I've got some reading to do! The Russians are on the advance in the scenario I've got in mind, so at least I haven't got to worry about dismounts too much... every little helps. According to Tesco, anyway! Graham
  4. Hi All, Looking to build myself a scenario, where the initial phase is a screening unit battle before the main event. That's going to be M1's and T-80's, but I'm not sure what units would typically be used for the screen on the Russian side? I'm assuming M2's for the US side. Would it be a mix or BRDM's and BMP's? Or would it depend on the nature of the follow up forces - in this case I'm looking at 2 or 3 Tank Companies of T80's. Any help appreciated. Graham
  5. And another successful automatic license activation here. Thanks Ssnake for kicking wibu's arse so we could play. Graham
  6. I get the same screen as that except in the bottom right corner it says something like offline activation. I tried that but still got the same error. I've also tried updating the firmware on the CM stick, still no joy...
  7. Yep, exactly the same problem here. Both using the automatic version and the manual one.
  8. "For version 2.37 and lower"? Is there a more up to date version of Fire & Smoke, or is that warning superfluous?
  9. Sad looking tanks? Maybe it'd had a bad day and the TC had shouted at it.... :diable:
  10. When did you have in mind, and is there local accommodation?
  11. Someone's been watching (or reading) Band of Brothers. And what a great series (and book) that is!
  12. Been toying with the idea of trying out MP, but have held off as I can't commit to anything regular because of my work hours. With that proviso (and my abject lack of ability!) I'd be interested... Graham
  13. I'd quite like a radio call that asks a given unit for it's ammo and repair state - save me having to jump around every tank to see what state they're in. Graham
  14. Ah, well in that case here goes! Appreciate any comments anyone has... Graham Golan Defence 2.rar
  15. Unfortunately, the user concerned (HotTom) hasn't been online for over a year according to the members list. Oh well, I'm enjoying the scenario. If I do any more I'll have to use a stock map, presumably you can use those freely as long as you don't alter the map itself?
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