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  1. Looks like this scenario is becoming more relevant! Russia Makes Threat to Sweden...
  2. Where, then, can I speak of Pro without fear of confusion?
  3. The latest Pro (not PE version) has a few GP Medium military tents in the "military" category.
  4. We are in violent agreement. I wasn't complaining, just musing about what would be good to see. I DO appreciate the tents and other items you added in the most recent version! :luxhello:
  5. Not sure what you mean by "work", as a static object with no movement or capabilities beyond blocking sight and movement are necessary. i don't even want "destructablity".
  6. Unless an object is made to be interactive, you really wouldn't need much at all by way of associated files. I'm looking more for ambiance and more variation of objects.
  7. Well, I am currently using SB Pro (not PE) to create flyover videos of actual terrain. I use Google Earth for positioning of buildings, trees, and sundry other items to replicate actual areas here in the Midwest. It would be nice to have a larger geo-typical building database to work with, but it isn't a show-stopper. Was just wondering if we would be able to access the database and look-up procedures so we could add our own models to the mix. It would really open-up the flexibility and realism I could attain. I would compare it to the data found in VBS3, which allows me to create, import, and use 3D objects. Unfortunately, creating a map is a gruesome and evil bitch...
  8. Any chance of either an updated set of building models to better represent various regions? How about opening-up the process to REALLY create "mods" other than skins? Not talking about vehicles at this point, but only static items in the "objects" database. Thanks, Curt
  9. I keep getting an error saying the shapes I am importing are off the map and showing some funky coordinates for the shapes: 1.15'19.43"N/100.33'57.80"W 1.16'45.74"N/100.32'19.15"W when the coordinates SHOULD be: 38.53'7.98"N/95.36'21.02"W 39.39'28.73"N/94.46'23.49"W This was using METERS as the discriminator when importing. When I try the others, I get 0's for the coordinates of the shapefile. I've attached some pics of the save dialogue from Globalmapper. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Got it. Thanks! I have GM 11, and I should be able to do all of this, no problem. The combining segments and separate files for different roads was/is the key!
  11. I am looking at building a rather large map of the terrain near where I work. I have the elevation data and have no trouble at all bringing that into a map. The problem comes with roads. I could spend the next six months laying down everything from scratch, but I have no desire to do it. I have the shapefiles, but continually get an error when trying to import them. Can someone give me some pointers on the art of shapefiles and getting them into a map? Do I need to do each different type of road in something like Globalmapper? Is there any way to just bring everything in as the same road type, then go through and change them in the map editor as needed? Thanks in advance! Curt
  12. The scenarios and supporting maps I am uploading were used to assist Magnus Frykvall of the Swedish Army prepare a Master's Thesis while attending the Command and General Staff College. The "Offense" scenario was designed to replicate the current plan to repel an invasion by Russia on the Swedish mainland by vigorously attacking a much larger invading force while outnumbered approximately 3 to 1. The "Defense" scenario was based on MAJ Frykvall's theory that a layered defense is the better option, preserving both lives and combat power. I recommend a full reading of MAJ Frykvall's paper to fully understand each scenario. This was my first real attempt at building a scenario from scratch in SB. It's far from perfect, but I believe it accurately represents both the current doctrine and that proposed by MAJ Frykvall. Unfortunately, the file for the Defense is too large, even when zipped with "ultra" compression, to allow it to be uploaded. Hopefully Nils can assist me to get the Defense file uploaded. Curt Pangracs Map_Files.zip SE_MMAS_OFFENSE.zip
  13. I'll be glad to upload them. I should mention, though, that the scenarios were built using a version of SB Pro that may not have been available to others, so I don't know if it will work for others. In addition, these scenarios were created to run autonomously.
  14. I could send you my info. I researched the 1973 campaign in the Sinai quite extensively for a game I made a few years back called The Star and the Crescent for ProSIM. Let me know.
  15. Well, if I were a betting man, I would say that is wadding and whatnot that flies out of the muzzle. Of course, it probably isn't, but that makes sense to me...
  16. None. I already completed what I needed using a map in Sweden. Now I'm building a map of the Fort Leavenworth, KS, area.
  17. I've been able to cobble most everything together, including USGS, TIGER, and even Open Streets map data. The hardest part will be all of the buildings in each city. This is a huge map. It's easy enough importing all the schools and Churches and such and assigning them the same building type. Unfortunately, the editor doesn't allow one to create an area and fill with random buildings. Oh, how sweet that would be!
  18. I got it working. I noticed that I had the map set using Lat/Lon in Globalmapper, but the original map I created for SB was in UTM. As soon as I exported the vector data using the UTM format, everything started to work. Unfortunately, the data I can find for the area is kind of crappy. I tried using Open Streets data, but about 50% of all road segments shifted a node to one position on the map! So, I have to go with some very low-res VMAP data.
  19. So, are you saying that I need to go outside of the map boundaries in Globalmapper? Do I also need to join same-type roads and such? Just not sure how to get the correct .shp files to come over. They are set-up in Degrees in WGS84.
  20. Darkangel - sorry it took so long! I honestly don't remember the exact map. I am (sporadically) working on one of the Leavenworth to Lake Perry, KS area. I was able to get the elevation in just fine, but I still can't seem to load any road data. I keep getting an error saying the locations of my import are incorrect, even though I took all of the data, to include the elevation, from the same predefined region from Globalmapper. I'm stumped, and haven't taken the time to scour these forums for an answer to the problem. If you have any pointers, by all means, I'm open to them! The only thing I have figured I might be able to do is actually draw the roads, bridges, creeks, etc., in Globalmapper and then save them off as individual sets of different features. My issue is that I keep getting the "DATA OFF MAP" error, so something is going wrong with what I'm exporting from Globalmapper. Curt
  21. Actually, it is also used at the US Army's Maneuver Center, more specifically in the Captain's Career Course there. Here at CGSC, it is primarily used in our elective courses for Simulation Operations Officers (FA57). This is the first time a student has used it in support of a thesis. I'm hopeful that, if successful, it may be used by others in support of a tactics-themed project.
  22. Here is a new map in Sweden. I believe it is north of the Scania map included with the game. It was made in SB Pro v3.102 (NOT PE!). Also included is the region I used for some scenarios (to follow). Curt SE_MMAS_Map_v3102.zip
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