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  1. Still one of the best communities I have ever been a part of.
  2. Right now when I was on the tank range I could not hit anything. Need to set up my joystick a bit better. Anyone use the Thrustmaster 16000m?
  3. Thanks guys. About Sunday, right know all I would be is cannon fodder.
  4. Been awhile since I've been here. Wanting to get back into this though, I need to get back on to the range as I can not hit anything anymore. Also going to get into Arma 3 more often. Almost done with college, started going to learn Network Administration and PC support. So any recommended topics I should read to get up-to-date?
  5. We really need to keep things in these discussions from getting personal. Please stop with the name calling.
  6. Wow, nice post. I haven't played in so long I am going to have to go through the tutorials again. LOL Just bought SB 3.0 upgrade, love how much work you all put into this version of the sim, looks great. When I get used to this sim again, I am going to have to try that scenario. Oh man!
  7. Thanks for the info, Furia, but that wasn't the problem. It's working now
  8. thanks guys, Gonna need to see why my joystick isn't working. I'll fix it though.
  9. Doubt anyone would remember me been way too long. Seeing that 3.0 is being worked and some of the screenshots for it, looks like I'm coming back at the right time. :-D
  10. Thanks, good to be back.
  11. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, on some machines Windows 8 locks up, had to search for a fix and got that done, everything is reinstalled and SB Pro is looking good, the "boxes" are gone. Now I need to get to the range. Thanks for the help.
  12. I'll check when I finish reinstalling the OS. Reinstalling my OS as I was having problems with another online game I play not even launching. So most likely a problem with my computer.
  13. Which SB Pro version? 2.654 Which graphics card? Geforce GTX 570 main, GeForce GTX 550 ti for PhysX Which driver version? 304.79 Which Windows version? for the screenshtots Windows 7 Ultimate. ( Upgraded to Windows 8 PR today) Did you completely uninstall the previous SB Pro installation? clean install Did you clean out the mod folder too? No mods. Missing textures in Windows 8 as well.
  14. Hello everyone, long time. I re-installed SBPro, went into the tank range and seen that I may have missing textures. I attached a screenshot. Anyone else seen this?
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