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  1. No worries. Just wanted to bring it to your attention just in case it was something that needed to be addressed. Thanks again for all your work and efforts~! ^.^
  2. So, similar issue from other major updates with an interesting addition to it. Commander's forward vision block is again low against the turret top, however, now the gunners sight housing is either missing... or seems to be drawn within the turret. This is an issue for all of the Leo 2A5 variants as well as the 2A6 that do not have the up armored turret top.
  3. I feel the bigger issue is not so much Steel Beasts itself in this case, but the fact that most of this latest generation do not seem know how, or do not care, to do something many of the rest of us do. Research. Steel Beasts, if I recall, is a tool and simulation. I for one appreciate the challenge of learning and the research that goes into this hobby.
  4. Plans do not always go as planned. Please try to be courteous and understanding; recall any experiences when you thought for sure something would turn out one way, however inevitably did not. If it helps, think of it as donating to a project you want to see succeed. I for one am grateful for all the continued effort no matter the obstacles.
  5. Welcome aboard, glad to have another join the ranks. I think you will find that not only is Steel Beasts a great software, but so is the Steel Beasts community.
  6. Just wanted to send out a big thanks to Kanium for welcoming me into today's session, especially to my gracious platoon mates Major Duck, Swordsmandk and Zaphod! Thanks again, I look forward to joining you again soon if that is okei.
  7. Tanks!, Major duck! I look forward to this Sunday! Please know that I am still flexible concerning unit command, especially if it is for a good friend who's evening just became available.
  8. Alrighty, back home and ready to try some online action. Bench warmer or where needed please, thanks all!
  9. Which in turn usually means fewer mistakes hands on, many of which can be costly in ways that are not just monetary in nature. Also, there are things you can do in simulations that you probably don't want to do with live training, like opfor return fire. That's gotta hurt!
  10. Am I incorrect in making the assumption that you are arguing your case mostly on how VR 'has transformed the experience' for you then using mostly data that supports your case without also objectively showing data that shows the disadvantages of using of VR in its current state of implementation? My apologies if I took your posts to appear somewhat opinionated as your introduction as well as, what appears to me to be, your own opinion projected upon those that have 'objections about its use' themselves. Alas, I am only human and have been known to make mistakes.
  11. Wow... for some reason that brought back memories of researching things on microfiche. O.o'
  12. That is awesome, what a great concept! Each round fired comes from all those countries with love, plus the first round hit comes with a bird's nest to boot! Does the V stand for Vorpal? I love vorpal weapons, automatic decapitations. I wonder if it does +5 damage to ogres too. (Sorry, was too amused by the bird this morning when I researched the Leo 2A7V)
  13. Mr. mpdugas, As you may already know, a company needs to be flexible to the needs of the market they are catering to. What once may have been a goal is liable to change through the years to meet the ever changing needs of the market. To stay stagnant in one's visions for the company is suicide in many cases and does not allow for growth in many more. Nokia for instance has gone through several reinventions since its paper mill and rubber manufacturing beginnings and has since let go of those two divisions. Considering its history, I highly doubt their vision is still centered on paper and rubber manufacturing. Why should eSim Games be any different? What once held true for a company may not now. Times change and plans don't usually go as planned. I feel that you are being a bit critical of eSim Games. As far as much of what Sir Nils is saying, if you recall in your research of this forum, many of the points concerning the company have already been addressed in other posts. The reason Sir Nils brings up these points is due to various constraints that prevent the company from being able to tackle every and all challenges dealt the company at once. As you know, there are many things to take into consideration, especially when it comes to new technology. Though VR has been around a while, it is still quite new and untried as far as the commercial market is concerned and is still in very niche applications. Also, having been in the military, you know how slow the government can be when it comes to adapting any new technology. I am somewhat surprised that you mentioned open-sourcing the code however. If you will also recall in your research of eSim Games, they are catering to government organizations and are bound by contractual secrecy not to divulge most of the information they are privy to, even to their own team. There is a good reason why the source code is not available and why it is so heavily secured. Will VR become a viable market for eSim Games to adapt? Perhaps, at the rate technology is advancing we may have holo'-decks before VR takes much of a hold in the market, so who truly knows. In conclusion, I cordially ask that you allow the eSim Games team to follow their adapted vision for itself as I am sure Sir Nils has already steeled himself to take responsibility for any repercussions his decisions have on the company.
  14. If I recall correctly, one can change the infantry stance while in first or third person view with default keys 'q' and 'z' (same keys used to change AFV crew position view levels) as well as the little arrow indicators on the lower right, or from the popup menu when right clicking on the path the unit is taking (not the unit itself) while using the map view.
  15. Thanks for the heads up. Alas, currently about 10.4 kilo-klicks (megameters) away via great-circle from my computer and dongle. Will not be within a milli-klick (meter) till nigh the end of this month.
  16. Thank you for your gracious invitation. I do believe I will stick with this community as at its core it has been quite gracious, friendly and diplomatic. (Especially considering how odd and off the hull my humor can be at times.)
  17. From my perspective, I do not feel that this thread is biased toward military nor non-military use, but to assist those of us who are somewhat diffident about joining the community in their multiplayer session. I for one prefer the use of real world tactics while using this sim over game style tactics that take advantage of programming limitations. (Though I am guilty of using the latter at times.) Thus participating in a session that is leans more toward military or non-military use is then up to the individual to decide thereafter. For me personally, participating with one of the VUs during their sessions is quite a bit more appealing than something like the shorter TGIF sessions. Though, why not both if time allows?
  18. Rgr, thanks. Usually asleep at that hour (except on restless nights) as I usually reside at Zulu + 18 (or 19 depending; because we laugh in the face of simple, reliable and efficient) - 1 day * 3600 seconds per hour. (Thank goodness for the converters, oh wait... Hahaha! ) But yes, should I be awake (which I expect to occur a few times in June), I would enjoy the chance to join you.
  19. Shh! Wez needz-musht be shecretive with our ritualz nowz, yesh. Many do not undershtandz.
  20. Thank you Gibsonm and Nike-Ajax for your kind invitation. Being that I will probably take one, if not both, of you up on your offer (depending on time). I do expect it to end up like boot camp after meeting the really nice recruiters... without most of the physical exertion. I will probably be suffering from time zone displacement for a few weeks, so no telling what times will be convenient for the month of June, thus, if I may fill in supply detail or some such should I be awake and the positions available, I would be grateful.
  21. As always, thank you for your time Sir Nils. Also, my apologies; I did not mean to imply that we should be ignored nor silent, but more along the thought patterns that if we were to first be more appreciative then we might be more civil and open-minded as well.
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