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  1. I just ordered mine. I built a new PC last year and just haven't had time to play so I hadn't upgraded from 3.0. I'm looking forward to the update and will make some time to play 🙂
  2. Thanks for the advice. I've been playing Steel Beasts since the original version so it's been a long time for me too :-) It is amazing to me how far the game has come even if it doesn't have as many FPS as others. I think it more than makes up with it with accuracy and realism. I just haven't been able to run the latest version because my current PC is a little long in the tooth. I have all of the parts (almost - I suspect that I'm getting a case and power supply from Santa ;-)) form my new PC and should get my system put together sometime next week. I'm looking forward to playing the latest version soon. My CPU will be an I7-7820X so I'm hoping it will do pretty well. I should be able to overclock it but i'll see how it performs before I go that route. I'm looking forward to the extra threads for the other stuff I do even though I know it won't help with SB.
  3. Thanks again for the info. Card is on the way :-)
  4. Thanks for the info. Looking at the one benchmark for the r7 360 posted by tankenator the input from CavGunner it looks like I should be good to go. CavGunner - what CPU are you running with? I am curious if you think the bottleneck is with the CPU or RX 580? My current system is clearly CPU limited when the scenario gets larger. I ask because if it is GPU limited I might consider spending a little more... Thanks, Bill
  5. Hi All, I'm finally building my new PC. I'm looking forward to playing 4.0 when it's complete (now I can only play smaller scenarios with 3.0). The only game I play is SB so I don't want to break the bank on a video card if I don't have to. Has anyone had any luck with the RX 580? The price is reasonable compared with the 1070 and 1080. The RX 580 will more than meet my other needs. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Billl
  6. Are you running Steel Beasts PE 4.0 on that system? If so how is performance? I ask because I have the same CPU, 16GB RAM, and a Radeon HD 5670. It runs 3.0 well enough as long as the scenario is not too crazy. I found many of the online (TGIF) scenarios too much for the system but haven't had much time to play in them anyway. I would love to get 4.0 but have been hesitant with my system. An upgrade is probably a year or two away :-(
  7. Adding another 4GB of RAM is probably cheaper than the upgrade to 4.0 and will make you PC snappier for other applications as well.
  8. You guys are killing me with all of these videos. 4.0 looks ridiculously good. Playable M-60 and BMP-2, + weather effects, +crew members, + a million other little niceties! I can't wait to get my copy. Any recommended system specs at this point?
  9. I would say that it is better to be in the infantry on the side with IFVs than on the side without them. It sucks to be on the side that's out gunned. They add considerable firepower and can reduce the need for tanks in some environments. Cost is always going to be an issue. If you continually take away little things to shave costs we'll eventually be fighting wars with swords and crossbows again...
  10. I need to start hinting to my wife that I need a new computer - after hearing me talk about it for 6 months she might tell me to buy it just so she doesn't have to listen to me anymore ;-)
  11. I heard the same story as part of a documentary on Desert Storm. They were engaging Iraqi units and a guy stand up with an RPG pointed right at the tank. The gunners reaction was to aim and fire... problems solved :-)
  12. I like it much better than Windows 8. The jury is still out on Windows 7... maybe over time I'll like it better but for now I'm leaving Windows 7 on my desktop.
  13. Thanks for the link. I adjusted some of my privacy settings.
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