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  1. sorry i don't understand well if you send me the screenshots how to do it thank you very much. sorry for english
  2. ciao a tutti capisco molte cose nello scenario ma non riesco a capire una cosa se distruggo un'unità posso generare un'altra unità tutte le volte che voglio.
  3. sorry how can i get reinforcement in a scenario example tank or infantry
  4. grazie mille ultima cosa per attivare più unita tipo tank fanteria a caso?
  5. thank you very much last thing to activate more united at random?
  6. good evening I saw the video on you tube SB Pro Tutorial: Random Variables but I don't understand the concept of variables you can explain me well thank you ... if someone speaks Italian thank you
  7. I apologize a representation a video spawn does not understand the concept well. thanks
  8. I am sending you the scenario created by me I can not understand spawn if who explains it to me well through video or the manual thanks iraq.sce
  9. hi guys mission editor how do you put reinforcements together and do like a dynamic campaign? thanks
  10. avuto difficolta con steel beasts 4.019 mettendo piu unita in ciascun lato blue e red...la mie unita non sparano ..e viceversa. in steel beasts 3.0 non aveva questo problema.
  11. sono italiano uso il traduttore di google
  12. Sorry for the last thing there is a way to create a great scenario with so many unions or to create something like that
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