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  1. I apologize a representation a video spawn does not understand the concept well. thanks
  2. I am sending you the scenario created by me I can not understand spawn if who explains it to me well through video or the manual thanks iraq.sce
  3. hi guys mission editor how do you put reinforcements together and do like a dynamic campaign? thanks
  4. avuto difficolta con steel beasts 4.019 mettendo piu unita in ciascun lato blue e red...la mie unita non sparano ..e viceversa. in steel beasts 3.0 non aveva questo problema.
  5. sono italiano uso il traduttore di google
  6. Sorry for the last thing there is a way to create a great scenario with so many unions or to create something like that
  7. I could explain how to do thanks...marko
  8. I liked to play with so many units with steel beasts pro 3.0 i came to 100 units per part and it was fine
  9. I tried blue and red but the same problem I do not know if a scenario problem or something I did that I did something wrong .... try other scenarios. . I apologize for my bad English translation use .. thank you
  10. scenario file... Try the scenario war1.sce
  11. Problems do not shoot enemies with route engage and fire at will attach photo .... I do not know what to do SBProPE64cm 2017-04-22 21-24-02-24.bmp
  12. How do you do Check the fire control settings on all units to recognize the enemies sorry for my bad english
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