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    CryEngine 3

    Meh... overbloom and bloated potato soldiers. No thanks.
  2. Looks really interesting, can't wait to try it! I've played a few of your other missions and they were top notch.
  3. My 2.640 install has a Ft Benning GA 1A.ter map in it. Looks pretty large.
  4. Yeah, I saw a post from Snake the other night which mentioned that, that the days of this stick drives this track are over and tanks are controlled like a car now with a single input device, but can't find it.
  5. It's not modeled like that where you're controlling individual treads, more like a car. The direction you press is where the front of the tank will face. When you press "D" you're turning the front of the tank to the right. While moving forward that turns you right. While moving backwards it turns you left. If you turn your view around it'll be "normal", ie pressing "D" will turn your tank to the right if you're looking backwards.
  6. Looks interesting. I'd suggest listing in the English briefing what each of the triggers does. It's mostly possible to work out that "Panzer bei Punkt B" means "Tanks sighted at Point B" for example but a table of translations might be helpful. There's a few translation issues in the briefing as well, but nothing major. If it wasn't 5am I'd try to figure out better wording for it. heh Also, and this is entirely because I'm new and suck, but I forgot to make sure to give my platoon a March route from the start and three of my guys ended up dead in the water: So unless you want that to be part of the challenge of the mission, maybe move them to start ahead of the water instead of in the town before it? Or have smarter commanders than I play the mission. heh
  7. Got my "download only" version two weeks ago and it was only $100. PDF manual gets installed so that's good.
  8. Nope, those are jingle bells! (or shell casings falling on the hull...)
  9. kylania


    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too! I got two weeks of tanky goodness to look forward to.
  10. It's the internet. Thinking you need to defend yourself is exactly why people get into situations where they think they need to defend themselves. You don't need to defend yourself at all and doing so usually ends up with threads like these.
  11. You could try emailing info@okaysoft.de and asking for more information. The order process is pretty standard till you get to payment and shipping, where as far as I can tell, they only accept COD or bank transfers?
  12. Ordered mine on Monday morning, Dec 12th. I got it Friday, Dec 16th. Since you're ordering closer to Christmas, shipping might be a little slower since the post office is super busy this week. Oh, you're also shipping internationally... so yeah, it might be a bit.
  13. For a new player it's definitely a limit. For even established milsim units it's a limit as well. Sure you can request a larger license but that's not something that can happen at a moments notice and that's where the limit comes in. The guys I've been playing with have had more and more people showing up and we've had a few games where we've had to tell people to wait for the next game since they haven't heard back about a larger license yet. You can't be playing at 3am have 2 more friends show up and start playing with 10 people. You gotta email and wait and hope for the best. Even after that as you pointed out, not many people will have the hardware and bandwidth to support a larger game.
  14. Price kept me away for quite some time, but with the improvements with 2.64 and getting the hang of true sims I finally got the game. One other thing to consider however is the license cap. Most "bought off the shelf" people aren't going to understand the entire concept of a dongle based software. Someone mentioned buying SWTOR without knowing it was a MMO. Imagine buying SBProPE and not realizing you had to wait a week for some piece of hardware to even start the program. Then imagine kids trying to keep track of the dongle or not damaging it. Then there's the license issue. Only 8 people can play at a time which is pretty small for a game with this much scope. Sharing a license to let someone play with you is also a pretty big challenge for many people as well. Technology has reached the point where most devices (like your router) are now appliances. You might not know how a microwave works but you know how to make popcorn with it. "Port forwarding" means nothing to most people online so when Steel Beasts asks you forward ports it's like asking you to reprogram your microwave so it only make kettle corn popcorn when you use it. For many "consumers" that would be well beyond their experience. People want to buy a game, put it in their computers and play. They don't want to wait a week for a USB stick, have to reconfigure hardware they didn't know they had and then be limited to only playing with a few people for a game they paid "so much" money for. Steel Beasts, as it works now, is not in any way ready for "main stream". It's fantastic that eSims is happy with sales. It's fantastic that the people with the game can enjoy it so much. But this entire genre just isn't for the masses.
  15. kylania


    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! :smilelove-1:
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