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  1. Happy to report that my License has been updated .. Thanks to all .. who made it happen. Now, .. if I can just get Hesh to actually hit something .. I'd be able for duty. Cheers Tom
  2. Yay, .. sounds like a good plan .. as they way it's working now, seems extremely inefficient. :confused: Thanks for the update Ssnake. Cheers Tom
  3. Very disappointing ... 4 days later, .. and counting. What I don't understand, .. given that Wibu Germany are +- 12 hours ahead of Wibu USA, .. why weren't they contacted first?, .. given that, according to his location info .. an eSim Sstaff member resides in that same country. :confused: .. that way, we would have been 12 hours ahead of the problem, .. and not 24 hours behind, .. as we are now. Oh well .. :frown: Cheers Tom
  4. ^^^ If you read thru this thread, and/or the other one .. you will see, that many of us have already tried that ... it doesn't work. According to Ssnake, there seems to be an issue with the Wibu Server, and the issuing of permanent licenses. Cheers Tom
  5. Whilst this may certainly be a viable option for eSim games, as it is more money in the bank for them .. it is NOT really a viable option. I really can't see how it's viable, .. that having paid for something, and not receiving it, .. that I now have the option to pay some more money ... just to 'temporarily' get to use it. :icon_frown: It seems certain that the Licensing issue is with Wibu, but .. this is eSim's vendor, and the responsibility is theirs to ensure that their vendor provides Service Delivery. At the very least, eSim should have provided those, affected by their Vendor's lack of support .. a free temporary license, until such time as the issue had been resolved. :rolleyes: BTW, .. I was less 'bitter' about not being able to play SBPro 3, .. until I read about this 'option'. :shocked: ... the cheek of it. :-P Cheers Tom
  6. Yea, .. That's what my screen looks like as well, .. and what confused me about Roguesnake79's walk thru of a manual activation. I wonder if the Server software hasn't been changed, updated or upgraded during the night ... resulting in the problems we are currently experiencing. It looks like we ( 3 so far) have all been trying at, roughly the same time, to upgrade our licenses. Cheers Tom
  7. Yip, .. I have the exact same problem. i.e. Online or Offline results in the same error code .. i.e. 0x18080001 Tried in Windows 7 32 bit (w/ 5.00c) and 64 bit (w/ 5.00d). Same result. Also tried 2 different Internet Connections. Oh, .. I'm using IE 10 .. not sure if that's pertinent. Hope someone has an answer. Oh, .. I also tried following the procedure outlined by Roguesnake79, .. and it all goes okay until one follows the e-mail provided link. I don't see this screen at all:- http://smg.photobucket.com/user/RogueSnake79/media/Page_zps415ffc79.jpg.html .. and where does the Ticket Id come from .. ??? Cheers Tom
  8. Good Day, After procrastinating about Steel Beasts Pro PE for some time, I decided to bite the bullet/shell, and fork out a few hundred of my ZAR (S.A. Rands), and make the purchase. I'm aware that there is no waybill or tracking or what-not, but, should I, at least, receive a notification that the Dongle thingie has, in fact, been shipped? Aside from an e-mail confirming the order, .. and with it now almost 5 business days later, I have received no other notifications/confirmations. Does one receive a 'shipped' notification? :confused: Thanks and Regards Cheers ... :drink: Tom
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