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  1. Hey, Ssnake, Since 4.019 version in the game there is a rudimentary and textureless version of Chally 2 interior. Has any work been done on this in 4.1? Thank You for the answer.
  2. Yes, I`ve been doing this for a long time to be honest (using german interior mod and bundeswehr texture). The interior mod works, indeed, however... the german texture does not. Would there be any brave man who would accomodate the texture to the 3.0 standards?
  3. Hello! I`ve been playing around the 3.0 Pro PE and wondering if making a Leopard 2A6 into the game would be a trouble for the devs? We have the 2E version which is afaik based on the 2A6 but with a little worse TIM, so PROBABLY it would just mean adding a class for Leo 2A6, changing ammunition and remaking the 2A5 german texture to fit the new, longer barrell. The 2E interior could be retranslated, like here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/312/p13_fileid/2015 Just asking, if not possible at all - I`m leaving this idea
  4. Hi guys, I`ve been playing 3.002 and wondered if there is a possibility to load rounds manually while being a gunner or choose them manually... It`s pretty annoying f.e on the tank range while gunning Challenger 2 when TC gives You HESH round while targeting tank and FIN round while targeting APC... :shocked: It`s doable of course to hit and destroy but when precious seconds matter it gets complicated, especially on the tank range.... I think there should be additional commands for the loader and the player should always decide when and what round to load before engaging... What do You think about it? Cheers.
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