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  1. You really do hold a very skewed picture ... all what you are counting, soviets had and have in arsenal ... it might not be as fashionable as NATO equipment but it works just fine
  2. What ammo do you use in Leo? If you use period ammo, T72 should have laughed at Leo1.
  3. Thanks for very nice sce. oscar19681. Since you had disabled editing, it would be really nice that one could select different tank from the tarmac ... and then you could set trigger to activate either eastern or western block targets. Also noticed strange thing. TC was calling over no matter where I shot at. Felt as laser reading was wrong as I missed with sabots shot after shot when enemy tank was in emplacement on the hill. I had to lase mid hill to hit it. Anyone else noticed this?
  4. winter fun :thelmut: YCPLj8OiPdo
  5. Vati

    T72 laser returns

    OddBall, tank range is good enough example as it regurally happens there ... comparing to other tanks' "spill overs" this one is really a great contrast. What is interesting is this that early return practically never happen at all - as if tank raytesting has a problem.
  6. Vati

    T72 laser returns

    What is your experience regarding the range lasing in T72? As of now I am receiving 50% error in range reading. I have solid red circle over the center mass and the return is terrain behind the tank or the range does not change (which indicates range 3km+).
  7. You cannot really compare the T72 with the latest tanks ... however when you take it to its proper era, it was a beast (not to mention T64 which west did not know about at all). The biggest error folks make is to put these tanks into an environment which would not be met in real life night operations... the battlefield would be flooded with illumination and other massed arty strikes combined with tank assaults on mass. TIS or no TIS you would been on a fighting retreat in a western tank
  8. There is no simulation of active IR ... sure this 1st. gen is nothing compared to 1st. gen TIS but it would help as now I can spot silhouette in GPS before I do so in IR We must also not forget that SBP does not simulate any weather effects or thermal masking techniques so TIS is always perfect
  9. I tried BTR80 in SBP... it has something more in the line I would expect in 72... bho.. maybe Jartsev will chim in :thelmut:
  10. I did some digging into the russian manuals because I do not belive TKN-3 elevation is modelled correctly based on our M84's TC sight which has more positive than negative elevation. Unfortunatelly I could get data only from the BTR80's TKN-3 installation which says commander can use -13 to +33 deg in elevation. This confirms that russians also used the same logic as we had on our sight which had -8 to +12 deg in elevation (our model used mirror rotation while russian model swings as a whole). Currently in game TKN-3 is useless as you cannot use the sight picture at all even on flat terrain.
  11. Did a quick coop... as a TC I could not hear reload sound of the main gun while gunner could only hear me reloading 12.7 but not coax.
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