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  1. Thanks Mark, appreciated. Mick.
  2. How did they get all the tanks and stuff to the gulf? Would the heavy stuff ie:tanks, go by sea? Sorry for the noobish question, I just assumed they would all have gone by air. Mick.
  3. Thanks for the answers guys,never really thought about it much but just assumed that you would see some kind of signature,live and learn, Cheers, Mick.
  4. IRL would you be able to see a heat signature of someone behind glass with a thermal camera? Thanks, Mick.
  5. Sorry for the OT noobish question,but what is the advantages/disadvantages of a smoothbore Vs rifled barrel? I was under the impression that rifled was better as it "spun" the round making it more stable in flight. Is this now not needed,so employ smoothbore barrel,if so why? Cheers, Mick.
  6. Hi Kyle, Please don't stop with the questions as the discussions that have arisen from your other questions have resulted in good conversation which in turn is very educational and enjoyable to read the information that it produces. Mick.
  7. Yay, Cheers Rotar,it's appreciated pal for the time you take to upload these TGIF vids as there isn't that many uploaders of SB scenarios on YT. It would be really awesome if we got some action from the other side as well but I realize how much time and effort would go into putting this together,keep up the good work man. :luxhello: Mick.
  8. Hi Rotareneg, First of all thanks for all the vids of the TGIF nights you upload,I really enjoy watching them all. I watched the latest one and didn't think it was as good as your usual standard buddy,please don't take this as any kind of slight at all,I just think when they are longer/seeing all the action,it gives a really good idea of your tactics and positioning,trying to see if the plan comes together. For myself anyway,when it sped up and slowed down it kind of spoiled it somehow to watch (watched it all tho),even though I realized why it was done. This is just a little feedback and obvi
  9. Excellent info Ssnake, thanks very much for the help,it's appreciated and just what I needed, :luxhello: Mick.
  10. Yeah,thanks Ssnake, I finally got access to the appdata and managed to integrate the map ter,hgt files and it works fine. Now to figure out where the road sign dds files go,:c: Cheers, Mick.
  11. Lol,I was waiting on the "rtm" reply. :gun: TBH I am a bit of a computer noob and that thread just put me off.I did try and gain access to the app data thingy with no success. Suppose it is about time I bite the bullet and "RTFM" Cheers again, Mick.
  12. Cheers for the info KT,I will check the thread out,thanks again, Mick.
  13. Hi guys,need a little help please, I downloaded the FULDA-BADHERSFELD map along with the German buildings and signs package,which contains various dds,thm,hgt,and ter files. I really have no idea where to put these various files and in what order,if any. Does anyone have any idea where I should place all these different files? I would be great full of any assistance please,thanks. Mick.
  14. Great news,I take it that it is way to early to talk release notes?:gun: Cheers, Mick.
  15. Aha! So that's why,lol I have it mapped to to a button that I flick right to get the view and that is how it always goes to that position,it's been driving me daft trying to figure that out. :c: Thanks Sir, Mick.
  16. Slightly related,I think. When I switch to the commanders view (inside) on the Bradley,and maybe in the M1 as well, it always has me facing in the 3 o'clock position,I then have to move the view to face the front. Is there a way so that when I switch to that view it will have me facing to the front? Cheers, Mick.
  17. Hi RedWardancer, Just wanted to welcome you to the mad house,lol. :cool3: Mick.
  18. I posted this over at SimHQ a few days ago and some generous soul has offered me a graphics card for free which is most generous as cash is virtually non existent at the moment for various reasons. Anyway my AMD 955 be, gave up the ghost along with my card so I was wondering if any of you chaps have an AMD quad core chip socket Am3 for sale. It goes without saying that I would cover any cost involved. I know I could go to E-Bay but it is a bit like a minefield there especially if your not used to using it like myself. So I thought I would throw this out there,you never know one of you guys may
  19. Sounds like you all had a good fight,anyone make any video of the action? Cheers, Mick.
  20. @Mogwa, "Not one person had the grace to say "Hey thanks 12 A." No. Most people were so wrapped up in their pride or ego or whatever it was, and the unfairness of this or that rule or event that they couldn't even say Thanks in a public forum" Erm..... Originally Posted by Tjay "Normally I would be happy to serve under you at any time. But not in this campaign I'm afraid. It's a shame it has come to this, but please accept my genuine good wishes in your endeavours." "Once again, I thank you for going to the considerable effort of putting together this campaign." Originally Posted by Marko "I
  21. Yeah after the main guy gets killed at the end,oops. :c: Mick. :heu:
  22. On a similar note, I was wondering,after watching the tank film The Beast of War, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094716/?ref_=nv_sr_3 One of the crew popped out of a hatch on the underside of the tank to throw a bomb or something,do all/some tanks have a hatch there in case of getting overturned or was that artistic licence? Cheers, Mick.
  23. Gangnam Finally Reaches Russia. http://www.military.com/video/forces/humor/gangnam-finally-reaches-russia/2766785364001/ :luxhello: Mick.
  24. War Thunder seems to be trying to get into tank gaming as well, Not sure when it is to be released,or if you play as a tank while the air war is going on overhead or not. Looks a little better than WOT,but basically the same I think. Mick.
  25. Maybe this can be of some help to you, ToyguyVT's Youtube channel,it has a good guide for basic mission editor use. http://www.youtube.com/user/ToyguyVT/videos?flow=list&sort=da&view=0 I don't know of any others on YT,if anyone does please let me know. Mick. :cool2:
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