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  1. Hey guys, happy new year and let's hope 2023 will be better! These are dark times for Europe. Enjoy the little things, hug your loved ones and tell them you love them. It's important. For the team at esim: thanks again for an awesome amount of fun time with Steel Beasts! Bom Ano Novo!
  2. Can you share the scenario? If you want I can do some experimenting.
  3. On YT? I must have missed it. Sorry. I will look for it.
  4. It appears there was a space after the UID, that caused the problem. So no bug, sorry.
  5. In my tests it does work. Unfortunately it sometimes kills the soldier next to it.
  6. Even after entering a package UID from the release notes it is blank.
  7. A bit weird though, because yesterday it worked...
  8. I'm have loads of fun with the combination swingblade munin/STRIX. Also, I really enjoy the heat blur effects. Thanks guys, another great update!
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