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  1. and again really excited about the next update! Love this sim, been playing it since the first edition.
  2. munckmb


    That looks like fun, gonna check it out!
  3. munckmb


    As an old veteran of the Harpoon series, from the first one to Harpoon 4, I was pleasantly surprised that 'Command Modern air / Naval operations' exists! It is awesome, brings back the old feeling of being really excited seeing a Russian sub symbol being 'killed' by an ASW helicopter deployed by a small asw naval task force! It's on steam on SALE!
  4. Interesting, would be nice to see this one in SB :-)
  5. Nice! Except the links for part 3 and 5 are still version 010...
  6. Wow! Finally a sensible decision in my country. What's next? Buying bullets so our soldiers don't have to shout "piew! piew!" on training?
  7. Interesting. Active protection seems a must to have these days.
  8. Great info guys, appreciate it. Froggy, what gen thermals did your Leclerc have?
  9. I think it is like hitting a wall with a car, only without a crumble zone and airbags. So major injury or even death would not surprise me.
  10. Hi Froggy, Offtopic question: what would be a good stand-in for the VBCI? Thanks for the info!
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