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  1. The UAV Sperwer is pretty awesome too. Really nice arty spotter
  2. Quick question: What's the difference between the CV90 35-DK and the (vehicle specific option) 2019 version? I couldn't find it in the release notes. Thanks!
  3. Ha! That was the first one I used 🙂 I figured something was off. Thanks for the update guys, love it!
  4. This week? Next week? What week number is 'the' week?? The third week from now minus 2?
  5. What version number are we by then? With laser guns and railguns I guess. 🙂
  6. It is what it is. Enjoy the holidays, have a great one! Saude!
  7. Love it! Just hearing the LSO yelling power,Power,POWER! is worth is 😉
  8. munckmb


    I've been messing with combat mission shock force 2 and kinda enjoy it! In the old days I played combat mission, this is a nice upgrade.
  9. I would like to see more high caliber turrets like the PROTECTOR MCT-30, SAMSON 30mm, Rheinmetall LANCE 30mm etc. So I can do more turret lego: Matching 8x8's with different turrets!
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