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  1. Thanks! The copy paste of routes after conditions was new for me. Very useful.
  2. Welcome!, another Dutchman here!
  3. That looks like a very nice sensor. 50x optical zoom is sweet!
  4. Hi, does the leo2a7 have a higher resolution gps thermal sight than the a6? I read the commander has the newer ATTICA. Thanks for the info!
  5. Hi, don't know if anyone is into HEMA, but Hellish Quart is a very nice HEMA based fighting game. Techniques from the old manuscripts are used and it's very entertaining! Check it out on steam. Early access.
  6. Wierd bug, a vehicle equipped with the Arrows M2S RWS will not engage targets. However, when I take control with F6, move the reticule a bit, go back to F8 observer view, the AI will fire a 3 shot burst, than a single shot and than stops engaging. This happens with the Pandur and with the Piranha FUS.
  7. No problem. I'm enjoying the sh*t out of SB since the very first release! It has grown/improved amazingly!
  8. Let me clarify. I used an mbt with mine plow to breach a path trough the minefield. Only then I send in a Boxer / ENG in with breach route and it marked the lane. If I send in a Piranha / ENG in with breach route, it does not mark the lane.
  9. As title, after clearing a path with bulldozer equipped tank, piranha V ENG on breach route does not mark the cleared path. Send a Boxer ENG trough same path and it marked as expected with flags.
  10. Hi, when driving in the gunner seat, it looks like the gunner is being trashed around the vehicle. Like his harness is not tensioned properly. See, first part is DF90, then part DF30 then back to DF90
  11. The UAV Sperwer is pretty awesome too. Really nice arty spotter
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