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  1. It appears there was a space after the UID, that caused the problem. So no bug, sorry.
  2. In my tests it does work. Unfortunately it sometimes kills the soldier next to it.
  3. Even after entering a package UID from the release notes it is blank.
  4. Just having some fun!
  5. I'm have loads of fun with the combination swingblade munin/STRIX. Also, I really enjoy the heat blur effects. Thanks guys, another great update!
  6. *got sniped* See the hype thread. Post from Nils last friday: "Next week, sorry. Last minute blocker bug. Terrible fix. Unfixed. Fixed differently, needs more testing, some new network issues - in short, no dice. "
  7. It is what it is. Better fix it properly than release early to hotfix later. Have a good weekend!
  8. Wow! At this rate they are going to be one of the better equipped armies in Europe. The Dutch are almost useless, equipment wise, we gave away most of our heavy firepower to Ukraine. Let's see if Poland also buys modern ssk's quicker then the Netherlands. Politics sucks. Well done Poland.
  9. https://militaryleak.com/2022/07/23/poland-to-buy-fa-50-aircrafts-k2-tanks-and-k9-howitzers-from-south-korea/ Why? What's with the mixing of equipment? Is it politics again? Now they are buying K2's.
  10. In the youtube video window, click left, click stats for nerds. You will see that the audio level (volume / normalized) is -18db. That means it is 18 db below the youtube recommended volume. Before uploading I would suggest to normalize the total volume so that that stat will be around 0db. This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPeNZNARkZE helped me a lot. Instead of a plugin you can use the limiter fx build in Davinci.
  11. Shot distance in the aar would be nice. It is in the html reports anyway.
  12. I believe we have a small greenhouse with integrated, multi sensor irrigation for a steady crop of 'Nederwiet' to optimize crew moral. Also to win hearts and minds on peacekeeping missions. Must be quite a task to implement this feature.
  13. It is probably the NL version. We like to invent the wheel a second time.😂
  14. That's a shame. Maybe in V5 we will have the A7.
  15. I hope this one has a more modern Gunner TIS
  16. David attenborough?
  17. I'm 47 but feel like a kid in a candy store!
  18. I did, great! Just the dragon or more?
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