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  3. @ Hedgehog Roof first one makes a silly face when suddenly no longer works properly. I also wanted my half platoon leader does not leave you alone. No later than the missile flew me around the ears, I thought it would then change your mind, but too late. @ Gibsonm Switch off the map update would have been enough I think. By the complete shutdown of the card you're already very affected. Despite all this it was still cool. For my pulse then took quite a while to come down! :eek2:
  4. Feedback C Platoon Leader: The EW triggers do it for me and my buddy made ​​almost impossible the Use AI units effectively. This led, among other things to which we had to withdraw despite superior forces at Donop. The EW-trigger use at this time was of course very smart tactically. I think the timing was right, otherwise it would not have been Donop hold of you. But all in all, had also brought us the reach not so much because I think we only use 10-15 minutes before the end Donop. More infantry for the red side would not be appropriate in my opinion, rather more parts for blue. Greetings Ricopico :drink: P.S. Otherwise it was a great evening, and I had a lot of fun. And of course, a salute to all the participants, "You are Great"!
  5. Since you can even assume that this is so. :redface:
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