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  1. laser range finder has no "aim point". its more an aim area... The laser is not perfectly paralell, and 2995m the laser "dot" is a few meters wide...
  2. Do you actually read the posts you reply to? Using tables from the available analytical solutions and adding modifiers for angles etc etc, is what Sb actually does. Now again: What would be the benefit of a numerical solutions, which also can only be based on guesswork, for the game?
  3. Don't see whats the benefit of that. More economical to use an analytic solution and then add probabilities( as SB is doing currently) Using numerical solutions without any experimental verification, has which advantage exactly??
  4. "large" beams are the primary projectiles: -brown: MG sMG -red; kinetic energy projectile -blue: RPG-type weapon -Green: ATGM -yellow: HE -orange/dark yellow: HEAT -white: Smoke the small beams are secondary fragments. They are shaded white to red, whit white beeing the lowest energy and red beeing the highest energy fragments
  5. Seen a test of several dozen kg vs M48. The turret crew would have been dead...as the turret then rested 50m from the tank. But the driver has pretty good chances of survival, the only thing applied to the driver station was the sudden acceleration of the whole vehicle upwards
  6. You know the reason we put Windows into our houses is, that they let the visible light in, and keep the warmth we are heating for inside. Glass is transparent to IR-radiation as a steel platte or a brick wall....
  7. Well, It doesn't, as there is not coupling between these identified armour weakspots and the turret roof...
  8. Which are usually the parts that don't protect humans....so?
  9. ...and what do basicly all MBT since the 1980(latest) have? Several layers of armour who will deform against each other. basicly any shockwafe runs itself dead...
  10. Grenny

    DF 30 blues...

    Ran into 2 issues with the DF30. 1. how to switch back from MG to main gun? 2. at some point the laser just stops working, no idea why, you just could not gat a lase anymore... Anybody knows what to do?
  11. How do you get this idea? Did you even read Ssnakes comment? How does the shockwave reach the crew inside?
  12. Is it cunningly complex? Or complexly cunning?
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