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  1. Yeah, he was done so quick, my dismounts didn't have the time to raise their AT-4
  2. cavehat: don't know how far the mixed belts and ammo effects are modelled in SB!
  3. Willing to...but I guess he's better of on one of the tanks 🙂 Manning looks great! Really looking forward to the game... PS.: you received the mission file I send you on discord?
  4. Also you need to consider: DM 101 has a has a zircon-powder tab added to create an incendinary effect. also DM81 has a tip fuse, 101 has the fuse on the base...causing different frag patterns...
  5. Welcome. I think everybody agrees here that esp. new player are always welcome to our games. Just make you you tries out the Leo2A6 and M1A2 so you know how they work in game. Also have you installed team speak? This would be necessary for communication! Try to be there for the game early, so if there are problems, one of us has the chance to talk you to a solution 😉
  6. Also I noticed that the MILAN launcher can't be accessed from the TC position.... Ok, ok, I know the drill ---> Hat--->Coat---> door 😎😋
  7. So what great Ideas do you have...am all ears.
  8. Can confirm that ALL the M1 models only have the M830xx listed as ammunition. Its at least an inconsitency with the previous SB versions....and the Leo2 models which can field diffent types of NATO ammo......will put that to BZ
  9. Well, we had tanks shooting coax at each other by mistake during a range,,,
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