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  1. History of US Tanks.

    Well said.
  2. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    A not correct, but at least somewhat immersive way would be to have the callsign templates show up on the vehciles as decals. This will not be fitting for all nations...but a somewhat doable solution. The chevron for company ID is also somwhing rather widely used nowadays... add a STANAG platoon/vehicle symbol on the turret back and you'll have a solution that be workable for the game. Given, it would not be a correct solution for all militaries training software.
  3. Scouts please...
  4. I had KT as gunner, it was fun working with him...to think that the swedes are wasting this skill in an eng unit ;-)
  5. CSS, dismount team....one of the fly-thingies...what ever
  6. New Gaming Rig - Thoughts?

    Heresy!!! ;-)
  7. Video Thread

  8. New Gaming Rig - Thoughts?

    What? There is other software the SB pro PE...nonsense ;-)
  9. XBox1 controller on PC

    What version of windows do you use? As what device does the XBox controller show up under windows? Do you have any other controllers/Joysticks connected?
  10. XBox1 controller on PC

    SB uses the primary game controller (only)...so maybe that is the issue?
  11. Video Thread

    The 1st 15 seconds of this video, are just a great characterisation of the Grenadier business:
  12. Hmm, a Dane would fir nicely into A3. You I have this simplistic, slightly outdated view of europe:
  13. Well, in the phase after Molos...getting soemthing going before the timer ticks down was a factor, but not the main one.
  14. The main flaw in the terrain analysis was the assumtion(assumtion are laways bad btw) that the woods on our left provide concealment all the way down to the planned positions for E-3. The Idea WAS to strike from multiple axis...the terrain had 3 lines of ridges where red could defend/dely and wear us down. So E1 should press from the front on those ridges while E2/E3 hit from the side and should* have been able to be effective behind those ridges. (* see assumtions, that was where it went wrong) I also thought that Hill 231 was a cornerstone in Nikes defence...just by that fact that it provides observation over that whole area (except parts EA-2). Remember how I was hesitant to let E1 bypass the mines to the right, wanting them on the left. I knew 231 was bad for us...but failed to act on it. Stupid. (Also an organization thing...I was to keen on moving that chopper around and basicly gave control of the artillery away. Again...stupid) Attack on MOLOS, well not to bad...apart from the fact that E3 broke forward(or had to move forward) while others where still doing replen. A bit more time to get E1 in on the right would have helped, but maybe this would have meant that E2 can hit all of you at once