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  1. Manning list with the available positions is in the 2nd post of this thread. No point asking for stuff thats not there, There are open slots in the 2 MechInf platoons or the tank platoons.
  2. In any case...they made some fun shooting: (Der arme TO, vor die Kamera gezerrt 😛 )
  3. Has there ever been a release thats not 😛 Anyway...I have all fingers crossed that it will run ok even with ze bugs...also until 5th of october(provided release goes as planned) is a good timespann to: get used to new features...learn bug workarounds...of have a patch if need be
  4. 05.10.19 is best suited for me. Also this would be after the planned 4.xx release...and this will give much more interessting gameplay
  5. Grenny

    We love photos

    Can someone pin that threat on? So it does not silde away when there are not many photos to be made? I attached some from the shooting range...some future hard targets
  6. Interessting cooperation...good work guys!
  7. Hmm, If you an duck squeeze into your old tank-jumpsuits, does that count as cosplay? 😛
  8. CVR(T) put to new use:
  9. Ok, Plan: 1.Beg Ron to lend a Scimitar handcrank set and a CR2 setup (Leo2 optional) 2. presure Ssnake to donate Mousepads and Mugs a prices, maybe help with lending hardware 3. Get in contact with a veterans charity in the UK so we can collect on their behalf 4. Set up an Stand with the stations... 5. Make people pay a few pound to take part in a "gunnery competition", with Esims merch as prizes => money taken in gos to the charity I'm willing to offer my hands and 50€ for the insurance? Any takers?
  10. Hmmm , 28th of june? Shall we do it 😉 Edit: Might not be that easy....as one has to provide: Entertainment Application - Apply HERE - Copy of Public Liability Insurance up to £5million - Copy of Risk Assessment (a template can be downloaded HERE) ...
  11. "Iron spear" 2 thoughts: Looks like the BN's technical officer pulled the short straw and had to go in front of the camera 😛 Also, see the shooting: Sabot pedals are dangerous!!!
  12. First aid and track maintenance:
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