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  1. Marder Gun-range...it still works:
  2. Ah, ok. I just think this functionaly is not realy modelled in SB...these rounds seem to have the same CEP as any standart 155er
  3. Which of the modelled shells of the PzH2000 is supposed to be GPS guided?
  4. I'd like to take Green 1 then. Good to see you here "old-hussar"! 😉
  5. Hmm, there is a niceely done UNIMOG ambulance in version 4.161....think its there since 4.0. Shows you to much time at work but not much time playing 😉
  6. Cold war propagande EASTS vs WEST....as comparison
  7. Hmmm, the dictionary translates "Verschleppung" with kidnapping or abduction...so kidnappingcorrection (just kidding 😎)
  8. So what you mean by this: The M900 round seems not to be the issue...as it shoots fine with the M1...did I get that right?
  9. Tested with both the M60 and the M1...so it does not miss and there is no issue? Its a bit unclear where you're going at...
  10. Angled shots, shots on bumpy terrain...switching between ammos dozends of times. Still not seeing anything as mentioned in the OP? So what are the conditions these happened? And what exactly where you doin?
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