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  1. Seems like it is happing onyl with the wingman vehicles. Me though the error was 50cm in front of the monitor....glad if its not :-) BZ entry is OTW
  2. After sending 2 vehicles on a scout route. The wingman ends with his BAA deployed on 7 o'clock, and there seems to be no way to control it (no inputs seem to have any effect) There is no damage info flashing, but the baa says: "WAITING FOR SNK"... and the "lowerin BAA" light is constantly flashing Am I doing soemthing wrong here?
  3. Well, with a more competitive model of T72...like for exmple the T72M4(with TIS and TRUMS FCS), I belive more people would play them or include them in scenarios
  4. And very good response by the audience...from 09:00 to 15:00, there was always a line waiting to get in:
  5. The SB Leo-simulator and its maker:
  6. Back from Denmark. I had a great day their and can only thank the GHRVPK for their hospitality! They are doing great work keeping the old warhouses in shape. And I have to say: an angry Centrurion comming your way...Is an intimidating sight
  7. Even with small arms it is not easy. The are a lot of different production methods and variations in load that you must have a look into. So some small arms ammo will not match the ballistics of your sights, have a larger CEP or outright will damage your gun in the long term. For example, FMJ rounds made to german army spec, will usually have a rather thin tombak jacket, and a steel-jacket underneeth...this may cause issues with mny civilian guns or mil. guns of other nations
  8. Well, that issue does not really look important. And tbh most likely looks like an issue on the user side... I can understand why it does not receive any priotity.
  9. Well, for me in the west it was basicly a screening operation. Was funn to kill nikes probing attacks ;-)....tough there was a huge gap between us and the rest of the TF, that we could not cover...
  10. Pressing "E" contains no infomration on wether you want to: Observe the area, engage into the area....or at what range you are currently locking. The software has merely you direction of view as reference. Also I do not think the TC head view is the reference level here...but rather the gunners optics
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