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  1. As of now, these secondary armaments are not modelled in SB.
  2. Yes, when the scenario maker has put a password in, you can not modify the mission file without the password.
  3. As by the OCSE criteria, the centauro is a tank. Weight greater then 16to Gun bigger the 50mm 360° turret rotation (normaly)No dismounts... = tank
  4. esimtrains ...somehow does not have the same ring to it...
  5. Nah, not much done by me...just adjusted loadout for the dismounts. So that is still pretty much your scenario. Thanks for setting it up... Some shots from the day: Drone spotted 2 enemy HIND, we where able to guide R there and succesfully engaged them .
  6. Yeah, that sucked...well, shit happens
  7. As could the MILAN or Dragon launcher (Marder, FUCHS, M113 etc etc) 🙂
  8. Don't know if NIKe can update the manning list intime. But just be there, and we'll find a place fo you. So far A22 looks clear...
  9. The NZLAV is a Ok-ish proxy for that one. But true, the real deal would be better
  10. Well, I'll sit quiet and expect nothing...until some btea version get published, or at least there will be some info on what the team looks like and what they intent to publish... So far, I'm not impressed
  11. If someone want the place in A32...I can step if noone objects. (Plan and stuff will be on the fly at the evening...)
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