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  1. Thats in itself is much tied into terrain resolution. There have been many improvemts in that regard over the last years...line objects and the new abilitie to create ramps and banks in the mapeditor. Infantry need cover to be mobile esp. when facing mechanized enemy. If the terrain is to "flat", it does not matter if they are more dynamic or not. So the higer the terrain resolution is, the higher the chance to allow infantry to manouver...and most of it is well useable for a human controlled squad I do not see this working by AI against AFV tough. (least not as somethin
  2. Thats why I added rifles as a remote ...maybe only. While rifle team staring at each other from 50 yards on not hitting each other is painful, but not gamebreaking. tanks simply driving by infantry in wooded terrain is...
  3. completely disagree. For a game that markets itself a realistci combined arms game AND a training tool...this reasoning makes no sense. Might as well argue for AI controlled tanks,so that ALL tanks in SB are on T-90 level of simulation. As beeing able to engage AFV at close range is a CORE ability of infantry, not having any control over it is beyonf frustrating. It would not separate good and bad players...it would seperate between those who play SB like WoT style tanky shooter and those who play tanks closer to real life. Right now you can basicly simply dri
  4. Greetings, the Poll simply out of personal interesst. I'm I the only one bitching about the issue...or are more yaerning to get better infantry control. It does not in any way reflect any plans or even considerations by the developers... So the questions is rather digital: would you forego some new cool tanks...in order to be able to fire personal AT-weapons(RPGs) and rifles?
  5. @chrisreb...note that I also would be grateful to have you as plt-sgt, which is the far more glorious position 😉
  6. Greetings neighbour. Hope to see you for some games soon...
  7. ...and adding the sce file for DL here: 21feb21 SCE 3 counterstrike.sce
  8. Updates manning List mission 3 (post #6 this thread)
  9. I'd like the option in the sce editor to actaully type in unit callsigns into the conditions...instead of having to click trough an endless list
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