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  1. Internet guy wantig to be "right" at all cost...think thats his point.
  2. Given the ligth manning, Ich can do CO and make a plan on the fly... I'd just play it a bit different...more like a recon-in force.
  3. I tought he might get the hint...
  4. No more: How to model it with zero reference...
  5. We've been busy this weekend:
  6. Spot on! When someone tries to sell you a Marder gunners set as a Leopadr1's...it gets hard to trust them 😉
  7. Every customer is a win for esim, IMO you are sounding to dismissive. Still, while every customer counts, Ssnake stated as to why he does not want the alternative payment methods. At the end of the day, its his decision as an entrepreneur...
  8. The resolution in FSX is oksich for a flightsim...its game breaking for a groundsim...
  9. 16GB for a full earth model in sub m resolution? Are you serious? Or did I misunderstand you? 16GB is for the maps that are available in Steelbeasts.
  10. Ahm , It does. You need to set that in the options menue. And if you think about the 3D view...if you have LOS to the enemy, you can see it. If you want to film their perspective...jump to red.
  11. This one will be a tough nut to crack:
  12. You can do that using the scenario editor to run the battle...
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