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  1. Hey they are supposed to catch and kill many of those till the release date 😛
  2. This evac ex looks very painful!!
  3. Grenny

    Tactical FPS

    In 0:24, they've got the Sights of the G3ZF pretty to...just the recoil effect is too little 😛
  4. Yes, in general go to the commanders seat and switch trough your ammo types. Some systems also have an ammo counter visible in the 3D interiour view....
  5. Well, you can make a delta-map which will only tranfer the changes you made...
  6. Found an error in the 16aug20 mission, IED sized now default to one 40mmx46 grenade, adjusted them to a M107 round (9,3kg of expolsives)...trigger detonate 1-5 (IEDs marked M1-M5) on map also changed dugouts and obstacles to better positions... Mission 1_FIN_fKanium 16aug20_V02.sce
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