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  1. Finally, you realized that mounting the ATGMs on the Marder is THE thing needed! 😉
  2. I'll stick with my old priority list: 1. MILAN/MELLS mounted on Marder 1A3 2. Player controlled AT weapons for the inf squads 3. Adjustable sights on PKM, M60, M240 4. maybe some basic controls of Helicopters (even fake-sights and triggers would be fine) 5. more playable tank-hunters (BRDM-2AT, Jaguar...) 6. Player controlled personal weapons (rifle) for the inf squads
  3. Next time I'll try joining. Had to work till 2100 today 😞
  4. No, You'll find lists of the available vehicles here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php/Main_Page#Vehicle_information
  5. Burial at sea is fitting. Altough he would have deserved beeing burned in a longboat...to bad thats not allowed (anymore)
  6. Some corrections: AT-mines used for MARS II weapons system are still in storage and are maintained. And no, as they have a time-limited fuse and if triggered by a human they are not designed to maim, they do not fall under the ban of anti-personal mines.
  7. Check out this one. https://discordapp.com/channels/274657393936302080/355498373777719297 Game time is usually sundays at 1800 GMT. + some "ad hoc sessions"
  8. Just got back here, to find that he past away at th 28.12.19...:-( He was an original...he will be missed
  9. Regarding the grids/koordinates...no For the FO teams this models beeing connected to the artillery command-and-control system (for germany it would be "ADLER"). The JIM-LR would have no data-link to that system...hence the need to call for fire in a more traditional way.
  10. Nice christmas gift. tough without a "Marder 1A3 can now be fitted with MILAN/Spike ATGM" ....well, maybe next year 😉
  11. Hmm, reminds me of one of my GÜZ exercises 😛
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