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  1. Time to give this a bump...because of these moments that make you want to bite into your keyboard:
  2. You basicly can modify the size und number of an IED like your want to in steelbeasts right now...put like 5 1000 pound bombs in, and you get a pretty good crater.
  3. ILÜ 2020 (This year training/demostration exercise of the german army)
  4. Grenny

    We love photos

    You know, our roof has hatches the we want to open...and we where no cav 😉 You can(and we did) hang stuff on the outside of the vehicle, but you only must put shit there that is not a game breaker when you loose it.
  5. Grenny

    We love photos

    Imagine trying to pack the full combat loadout into an IFV...and then someone comes along to say: "We may not be able to resupply you for 3-4 days, so add Food and Water* accordingly" (for 9 People) 😱
  6. Grenny

    We love photos

    Packing any AFV with its combat loadout....is highly advanced 3D TETRIS 😛
  7. Grenny

    We love photos

    Only decandent west needs more rounds. Russian gunners so acccurate, every round is kill 🤣
  8. Yes, that would be a great starting point.
  9. Well for me even the 3D weapon would be optional...as long as the virtual grunts shoot what I want where I want and when I want. Not like the current state of the AT weapons. You are allowed to choose "shot at unit"...and then the AT-gunner will shoot when he feels like it. Drives me nuts
  10. Just checked it...funny to see what the plans for 2014 where 😉
  11. Grenny

    UGL smoke

    Not all...will make some pictures later...
  12. Where needed...due to visit at my place, attendance change ~50%
  13. Grenny

    BURBS Spotted

    Chalparjax...as the internal components and FCS of AJAX will be used 😄
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