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  1. So you are not interessted in a polite discussion, very well. Do you think putting out more dumb meme material like this " Because that area-jamming "system (of systems)" operated by some whiskerless youth 100km to your rear," will help your point in any way? "Picture a minefield floating 500m over your head, like little Red Bull cans. " Yeah sure, 500m up, undected and powered by magic limites batteries.... lol
  2. If you aim for a polite discussion, why put out twitter worthy meme stuff that ignores large parts of reality? The threat of UAV makes enhanced systems for (close) air defence and electronic warefare neccessary. You still need something able to manouvre under fire and provide direct fires....so: "tank obsolete" is just that...a meme that ignores army setups. You know...that why one uses "combined arms" and noone is using "tanks only" 😉
  3. Yeah, that wasa great one too
  4. hey, thanks to the M61 bug, we had a game with 20+ pause and rejoins ...they worked 😕
  5. Oh dear...new systems pop up and the "tanks obsolete" meme follows.... Why do people always forget that an army is a "system of systems".
  6. Yeah, no problem...this "scenario" can be done in less then 5 minutes 😉
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