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  1. Grenny

    Bug #0001

    I hate the bug that is 2 numbers lower....
  2. Hope it helps... IMO the best way to figure if Sb is for you or not, get a 1 month licence and try it out. Don't forget to try multi-player! For european timings, there are for example the kanium games at sunday 20:00 CET
  3. 1. Leopard2 /CV9035NL, BOXER GTK(Infantry+Engineer), Fennek "all" variants, PzH2000 etc etc... 2. Yes 3. Yes
  4. Hey, that threat is what I do. mainly to inform... Ok if Information is not wanted...I stop posting // edit: On second thought, well: f+++ y++, just don't read it you don't like it... Sorry for having bothered you
  5. If you do shoot it, then only because its a real emergency an the ICM round happens to be in the barrel...and then still the fuse would be set to a time of flight way beyond the intendet target distance.. It'd be like shooting a KE round...
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