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  1. Thermal Inversions effect

    Can you describe a bit better what you mean? If it is what I think, I guess know...AFAIK SB has the same weather from 0m-Xm height. Also: different air temperature does not effect a TIS, as it can not "see" air in the first place.(you can only see objects that emmit IR radiation in one of the atmospheric "windows"...e.g. wavelengths that do not get adsorbed or emmited by air-molecules) The onyl difference you might see, is different ground an vegitation termperatures...and no, AFAIK SB does not model those either
  2. We love photos

    Steelbeasts has a rather simplified FO/ fire-support-model. But you can crew an FO vehicle and move with the combat units to call down fires...its fun.
  3. We love photos

    Well, we moved on from those: http://www.panzerbaer.de/guns/pix/bw_beobpz_m113_a2_g_abra-001.jpg To those: http://spartanat.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/HENSOLDT_Optronics_JFST_Fennek_BAA_II-759x500.jpg
  4. We love photos

    FIST ? (The thing he works on looks similar to our fire-control and coordination "maschines" )
  5. PS: Guys, just remember that you are "disguised" Try to keep up the mask as long as possible...me and the AI will only attack if you act hostile ot suspicous.
  6. Small correction on the manning list: remove "23" tanks...the tanks are in 3-Tank platoon settings. If there are "too much players" we can adjust and add an other plt.
  7. Greetings; The mission is pretty simple: Attrit the enemy, neutralize parts of its AD-envelope IOT allow own air-force freedom of operation. Own forces -10 T-55 ("TIRAN-3") tanks with EG markings -4 BTR-50 APC with EG markings (RPG-7 and PKM teams, 2 Teams with M-47 Dragon) Enemy:- a reduced Tank-BN + at the local army base, grid area 55-81. tasked with rear area security and patroling - security elements (light forces+ some AAA) at Obj 1 and 2, light inf at OBJ 3) Mission: -Operate freely behind enemy lines -neutralize AD sites at OBJ 1 and 2 -neutralize supply depot at OBJ 3 (secondary traget) -destroy tragets of opertunity -avoid contact with superior enemy -extract via landing craft from grid area 72-93 Note: do not get captured, if you do get captured MoD will deny any knowledge of this operation Sce design note: once the AD/AAA assets have been neutralized, a UAV can be called in to simulate support(recon, air-strikes) by fast-air
  8. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Having platoon markers or company chevrons on the tanks would be of more value me thinks.
  9. We love photos

    Hey Kingtiger, did your guys or even you do that: Thats unfair One has to move back fast
  10. I have it ready. Got to check if I'm available on the 18th....
  11. Didn't you are THAT old Mark