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  1. 1. you can not set units to be immune to fire, and this never was an option in SB 2. you can however set OPFOR units to be "impotent" so the ammunitions fired by them will have no effects on targets
  2. Are unable to read very simple forum rules? Or do you think you're so special that you need not adhere to them?
  3. The days one could wonder if some people brains are still working get more and more when one reads posts by them...
  4. The T72Ms....who's turrets fronts where penned by Leo1 guns?...so what?
  5. Can we get an auto-tracker for the RBS-70?
  6. Grenny

    RPG Ballistics

    Depends on the rounds used....there a sveral CG round types that accelerate with a rocket engine after they left the tube. Which makes those very "fun" to model... part propusion driven part ballistic
  7. Do you think tanks, with a projected lifetime get designed to currently fielded OPFOR ammo? Would be a bit silly... 2A4, with its updates in armour setup, was designed around the T-80 a projected threat tank. With verification tests vs paralell developed DM33 rounds...
  8. Grenny

    RPG Ballistics

    squint harder....
  9. What makes you think that ammunition parameters are correct? What makes you think that the armour estimates are correct and from a reliable soucre? What makes you think Leo2A4 got designed to a ammo standart that was already obsolete?
  10. But no unrealistic...often trenches are dug without surveying-toolset (esp. when you don't have engineer support). Anyway, SB should support the "ideal" solution...and then the user could make it more "sloppy" when needed
  11. We are still in urgent need of "66" personel. Any volunteers? Any questions I need to answer with regards to the mission?
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