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  1. To all the mechInf Players!! Check you control setting for the CV9035. Especially when shooting at targets over 1500m away or at small targets (hull down), shoot from a closed bolt. Otherwise you'll likely miss. You need to know how to do this.
  2. "4) Rechnerbediengeräte (Kommandant und Richtschütze): Auf Speicherplatz 2 sollten die Werte für Übungsmunition gespeichert sein, auf Speicherplatz 3 hingegen die Werte für MZ. Es sind allerdings auf Platz 2 die Werte für MZ gespeichert und Speicherplatz 3 ist überhaupt leer. Bug 3 und 4 heben sich somit gegenseitig auf." Naja, Üb-Munition ist ja generell nicht in SB Modelliert...es gibt also vermutlich nichtmal eine Schusstafel die Esim dort dahinter hängen könnte. 😉
  3. I have absolutely no other appointments on that day...so I should be good to go. 😉
  4. Nice... Got to check my Bergen Pictures and see If I can do the same there 😉
  5. Manning looks good. Me happy 🤘 That leaves 2 Leopards and 3 Marders open. (2 Leopards are reserved just not yet confirmed crewed). Sign up now!! PzBtl 331 needs you 😉
  6. lol, the orwellian all in one app ...no thanks
  7. I can still do the terrain recce session with everybody here and the mission file I have...
  8. My idea would be to make this into a kind of tactical training/ terrain recce session...and if we have the time digginh some BPs... And who want can ride out on the security mission... That way we have some learning and entertainment provided for those who signed up.... Although I need to mind-flash MD and Nike afterwards so they forget everything that OPFOR could use 😛
  9. One bigger problem: Still noone stepped up for the companies...so we have no feedback on where to actually put platoon positions. So this mission makes less sense that it should have so far... I'm between rock and hard place right now: a. cancel the game tonight and hoping for a changed situation next week b. place positions to my liking, and make work for company CO player harder/impossible next week.... 😕
  10. Thats cheating 😉 Only counts when you're not payed for 😛
  11. btw: I'd need at least 2 Leo2A4 and 2 Marders in the AoR ...IOT to have the measure on where to put BP's...
  12. Role call here!! Nike will post the Briefing and Manning list under this post, so please do not reply here till that happned. But I do need 2 company commanders for this mission...and time to do planning and backbrief... So any volunteers for an MechInf company(+/-) and a tank company(+/-) CO, please PM me...
  13. On the plus side: huge match with 18 players and a ~25x40km map with high detail and loads of units...went well and without hearing from any FPS issues. Like it...
  14. PS.: guns not firing(and no turret control) may be due to the AI crew going into emergency mode when traversing forests...and when the player hops in, he needs to go back to stab on...
  15. can you make a circle atound what you mean? To the right of the guy on tanl overall, there is a ffed-chute that would fit a 7.62 belt indeed...
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