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  1. Ok , so you are talking about the gunners sight, and the sight extension and the Leo2A5. But that is not "better" on the TCs sight extension....or how do you define "better"?
  2. Again, what are you talking about? What vehicle, what monitor? ....dude provide some context, we can not mindread. Or better even: Make a screenshot aand show us what your point is.
  3. IFV version??? lol....sticking a gun to that thingy , doesn't make it an IFV IMO
  4. But one thing is clear now: We need a way to clear trenches in the mid-term. And the only reliable way to do that is: better control of the infantry. It must not be ArmA level...but we need rifles(prone, kneel, standing) and AT weapons in players hands.
  5. This version has a nose mounted 40mmx53 AGL, and a 7.62mmx51 gatling(the MG is not modeled in SB tough AFAIK)
  6. Nike will love this one:
  7. More twist needed 🤪
  8. Have a video about 2 new OPFOR vehicles OTW..still needs some work
  9. So, what is confusing you?
  10. ...have no idea yet why it does not work with overlord
  11. Don't know what the issue is yet... it works in may test sce: BP move test.sce BP move 1.pln BP move 1overlay ROT.mrk BP move 1overlay.mrk
  12. Then you need to search for the map need and download the respective terrain files...
  13. What? Define "where not updated"...otherwise you're just way off.
  14. I don't blame you, its hard to learn new things or even keep up to date at some point...
  15. Oh dear, this thread is deteriorating into: Old people complain about the world because they don't get what going on...sad
  16. What version are you using? what version do the scenarios have? Are there any error message when you try to run them? Anything else to know? Dude...you need to give some information, simply saying "doesn't work...make it work"? Noone can help you
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