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  1. Even with small arms it is not easy. The are a lot of different production methods and variations in load that you must have a look into. So some small arms ammo will not match the ballistics of your sights, have a larger CEP or outright will damage your gun in the long term. For example, FMJ rounds made to german army spec, will usually have a rather thin tombak jacket, and a steel-jacket underneeth...this may cause issues with mny civilian guns or mil. guns of other nations
  2. Well, that issue does not really look important. And tbh most likely looks like an issue on the user side... I can understand why it does not receive any priotity.
  3. Well, for me in the west it was basicly a screening operation. Was funn to kill nikes probing attacks ;-)....tough there was a huge gap between us and the rest of the TF, that we could not cover...
  4. Pressing "E" contains no infomration on wether you want to: Observe the area, engage into the area....or at what range you are currently locking. The software has merely you direction of view as reference. Also I do not think the TC head view is the reference level here...but rather the gunners optics
  5. No, you set the los bubble after you've reached you BP...
    Good secnario to try out the company command level. (Controlling multiple platoons/callsigns and fire support) The tasking is managble, and suitable for beginners in this field. And you'll still have some chance/time to hop into gunner seats... It is also suitable for MP -cooperational gameplay for between 4(platoon leaders crewed) -15(all vehicles crewed) players Look at the map, identify good avenues of approach and firing positions (then assume that the enemy might notice this too)...make a plan and have fun.
  6. The Icing on the cake would be the VC's GPMG mounted and usable
  7. And this type of caricature/travesty of military protocol, is a reason when I (an many ex-/active- soldiers I know) would never join such an "outfit".
  8. But forgetting that in regards to human interaction...makes things go south in a gaming community. Playing a tank game (IMHO) is about having the fun side of tanking...without the sh++ty side (TD+maintenance, S1-issues, bad wether etc etc etc...) 😉
  9. Simple thing most people should do: Remeber you are playing a game.
  10. One of the VEC platoons (btw: hope the scouts do have some equipment (JIM-LR? UAV? UGV??)
  11. ...or when the mission designer has it enabled, pressing F8 a second time will get you inton a birds-eye view over the units so you can give routes and tasks in the 3D setting
  12. Engieers breaking of some rocks blocking the river IOT to prefent more flodding: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUuO7Zbkgog
  13. Thats the same as saying: Why should I go to jail for burglery?...they should have secured their house better.
  14. Engineers erecting a bridge in flood-reliefe effort: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWiClsGVL1w
  15. This leaves few options: 1. Railroaded scenarios with very little replaybility that take A LOT of work to make. (Why would anyone do that?) 2. Or joining MP games...there you can play a single tank, while other players run the rest.
  16. Apocalypse wrote: And I'd second that recommendation...
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