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  1. An older film from the austrian army. I really like the military "mountain-german" language. Sounds so cool 😀
  2. Exactly what they did. The moment we tried to manouvre north of hammer, we got whacked... basicly the 2 units there pinned down. Once Nike managed to take out the 2 ATGM vehicles with arty, we where able to do something
  3. Our goal was to remove all ERA-tiles before knocking out the vehicle
  4. Liked it playing as a UAV operator... Having 2 pairs of eyes in the sky, makes it near impossible for red to manouvre a significant force against us and achieve suprize
  5. So you see, we're already in clown-world 😛
  6. LOOOOOOOL ...and that one's even funnier
  7. ...again: SOME WAY TO SHOOT THE RIFLE TEAM AT WEAPONS as this is som frustrating to manouvre the team into a near perfect shot positions, and then nothing happens except that the infantry refuses to fire and the tank picking them off. tanks move to easy in forests because of that here
  8. Sad to hear. He will me missed...
  9. Have you invested with conky dis? I have invested just 6000$, now i enjoy monthly incomestream of 73000$
  10. Was not optimistic using the TOW on that terrain...turned out a fun game still. 3 kills for me, SIX for Apocalypse..........
  11. Apo gave him one right on the nose:
  12. lePzFst (wikipedia article), they use the same (basic) sightsetup as the PzFst 3
  13. I would love to watch trough this type of sight and shoot at tanks:
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