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  1. At least a delay to pull down antennas and disconnect a few cables...the rest can stay there in an emergency move 😉
  2. Well, thats another things esim needs to work on
  3. Did we still have the Kaiser back then?
  4. I plan on showing up without preparation. Then solve the issue by yelling at the NCOs who will proceed with yelling at and beating the enlisted...so all good
  5. I can do 66 if noone else wants to? I'll ...Do my best to role-play this an egyptian officer* 😛 (
  6. Hey, wait 2 years. then there will be better TIS on the FENNEK IRL
  7. Well, these are from 15 years ago basicly. Yeah, they're outdated (still better then having none at all)
  8. Downside is that you'd need small increments of one crank to fine lay the gun....my main beef with the arrow cranking is, that it is not fine enough to lay the gun propperly ...yet to slow when needing to fast traverse IRL the grears are set to achieve smaller then 0,5mill accuracy. But that would mean +6400 taps on the arrow key to go one time around... edit...correct: 12800 taps actually 😮
  9. Btw: Thats why we are switching to those now IRL:
  10. Thats because it is an uncooled TIS. The quality is basicly as it is IRL. In short: not a bug, but a "feature"
  11. Problem is that you only need to place the AEV close, and then put a planned BP on the map = instant breach They should fix it so that the AEV needs to do at least some work
  12. So because the Infantyr model is even worse, the hand crank implementation is ok?? Nah, both should get a rework eventually...
  13. not "AT" =>AD = "algemene Diensten" => general Purpose MRAT, yes thats the ATGM "carrier"
  14. Well, that the menue points are still there...is a mistake...
  15. The VAMTAC Recce was removed, from the release because it was not ready yet (rather complex controls, and still buggy a f***) The menue entries probably slipped trough by mistake.
  16. Well, don't fix this till the other stuff works 😉
  17. Hey, don't tease with the Oksbøl map
  18. For me it did. Untill switching to the dev-mode
  19. Check my post in the beta forum on this issue please...
  20. No need to suspect, 4250 is pusblished...try and look 😉
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