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  1. AH shit...hope the guy recovers...
  2. That would be a great addition!! hope someone from esim has the time to link up with you!!
  3. I have worse settings Graphic amd RAM wise...still runs ok.
  4. I'm gonna spoil it: Abstraction...the fire will force them out of building after the timer runs down. Its a vehicle/tactic sim...not a "simulate the world" sim.
  5. Slugging it out with tanks needs much luck...and an AVEPS
  6. Well, you just had to be good friends with S4 section and maintenance plt...that helps a lot in avoiding such situations. But now one should think about getting a TIS, FCS and an LRF strapped to the Cents in game tough...
  7. The EMI-issues on this vehicle must have given the engineers some serious headaches 😮 I'm counting 7(?) antennae on very small space...
  8. Grenny


    can you upload that mission here? Do other missions work or not. Which view are you using? (outside view oder commander optics or gunners optics??) PS.: try 12:00 setting...
  9. Grenny


    What view? What vehicle? If the time is set to night hours...open the scenario in the mission editor and change the timesetting to after sunrise.
  10. There random elemts involved. - is the intercept succeful -does the intercept whack a KE round enough to reduce its effect - does it destroy/trigger the fuse of an HE/HEAT -does it detonate the HE/HEAT ...these are possible outcomes modeled in SB AFAIK
  11. Working "Bodenleuchtkörper" would be fun 🙂
  12. Damn, the tea blongs in the cup NOT the harbour?? Dang...no I know why teas never worked...
  13. ...the usuall drill i found in our handbook where: 1. one tank illuminates for a short time...the rest of the platoon engages 2. then switch illum duty to the next tank 3. any active IR source spotted by passive IR equiped vehicles should be engaged... etc etc That not working at least kind of ok would , unlike the sniper issue, stick out like a sore thumb
  14. + set up "AI" that is behaves in a sensable when using them
  15. Steelbeasts is a public software and therfore uses publicly available data and calculations...otherwise steelbeasts would be classified and we would not be able to use it as a game...
  16. ..also, creating multiple lightsources does not realy work with the current engine AFAIK. It is not as easy a slapping it to a tank either...the AI must be able to deploy this lightsource in a sensable way, and AI must be made to react to the light source in a sensable way. This would be a HUUUUUGE undertaking and I doubt it will make it any time soon.
  17. The very last missle ever fired from a german BO-105
  18. I can not position a squad much better. But they didn't feel like shooting...I mean they have a point...shooting is so loud and stuff
  19. Another game with infantry polishing their nails instead of doing soemthing against an OPFOR tank...we need manual control of AT weapons!!
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