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  1. Welcome. Hope you'll enjoy it.
  2. Don't be concerned about it. Rest, get better! If it works...you can join in till the game starts... All the best!!
  3. I use an Nvidia GTX 1070, (8GB)... I get good results
  4. Graphic card would be a good place to start!
  5. Why? It works as it would IRL...so where do you see the problem?
  6. ... as the 2A5 has an electrical emergy drive for the turret, this is to be expected
  7. The map looks great. Damn, I already invested too many hours is making a campaign with recon/delay and counterttack along the Oerze... too late for me to replace the maps now. But next time!!!
  8. terrain effects of artillery and other munitions would indeed be nice. (altough ICM would not do much in that regards anyway...there a model for leaving behind UXO risks for own units after the strike would be nice) Hope there is a way to implement that without too much strain on the games performance...
  9. sorry...delay, need to ermake because of shitty sound Second try..not good, but a bit better:
  10. Grenny

    Gunner HEAT PC

    LOL... "No other tanke game ever has this"...what a jerk
  11. ZZ = Zwischenziel, ("intermediate Objective") Usually the terrain you have to have undercontrol IOT continue towards the Objective....
  12. As I said in the video: now the sce designers need to handle this one with care. These squads are now rather powerful....
  13. To change the topic a bit: time to show a killed bug:
  14. Sure...just don't want to overstep other who'd like to command 😉
  15. O taste drücken...ändert ggf "Waffenhaltung"
  16. So sitreps by every unit? How should they be filtered?
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