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  1. Awesome! It's like real Samurai !!
  2. Are you doing Kendo? I was doing it too. That is for the training of the mind. It's useless now in Japan. It's basically forbidden to have a Samurai sword.
  3. I'm sorry if I'm offended. I am only happy to know that Wolf and Cub is also known abroad. This movie is popular in Japan, but a little esoteric and profound for also Japanese. I think this movie is popular with expert in movies, not Otaku. Anyway, you are familiar with movies. Are you a movie related?
  4. Wow, Finally my long-standing question has been resolved Thank you very much !!! "For I say".... What a culmusy I am
  5. Good mornig. Sorry for bothering you.
  6. One more thing please. When mission is completed, it sounds to me that Leopard tank commander says " For I say" I think it's definitely different, but what is he saying?
  7. You watch the "Lone Wolf and Cub"!! No problem Jidaigeki - Japanese historical drama is rather difficult for even Japanese people to understand.
  8. To Ssnake. Wow, why didn’t I think of this!? Vielen Dank!
  9. Many thanks. Now I got it! To understand English and German are hard to me Japanese
  10. I hear that the Leopard tank commander says "Hoch" when the shell landing is far, and "Kurz" when it is short. If so what he say when direct hit? To me this sounds like "skapar" Excue my Deutsch.
  11. Hi Ssnake Thank you for fast reply. I'm not very familiar with it But I will try to creat.
  12. Hello, I have v3.028 and bought v4.0 upgrade license, but not install any way. Are there another way to ugrade v4.0?
  13. Dear Grenny Dear DarkAnge Thank you for your kindness. I understand! And I will try it. Many thanks! (^^;
  14. Sorry, please allow some questions. My first install is v2.640. In GAME of Tank Range, when use M1A1 Main gun-normal mode , I can make direct hit while 3or4shot from beginnig, but aftet 3or4shot , however ballistic computer is working correct , trajectry is low. After manualy input data, still trajectry is low. And I can move cal.50 right-left, but can not move up-down. It is due to my incorrect operetion or bugs? :confused:
  15. Dear Gibsonm Tank you for reply. Sorry, I cannot understand English well. I think taht what you say is that I own it jointly. There are few enthusiastsof tank sim in Japan. Regretfully it seems to be difficult for me. Sincerely.
  16. Hallo. Thank you for reply. But procedure seems to be difficult for me. And it seems to cost the expense, I will give it up. Sincerely.
  17. Hallo. Thank you for quick reply. Muuuu, ddsappointed.
  18. Hallo. Thank you for your kindness. I tried to ask price to maker. And I am live in Japan. I wish that Goverment allow it export.
  19. Hallo. Sorry , please teach me where I can buy a control handle, that appear in you tube demo. :confused:
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