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  1. Swedish Military Offense and Defense Scenarios

    Well after disbanded all military forces on Gotland in 2005, the politicians has now woken up... But it takes some time to build up enough strength again. Gotland had almost all military branches on the island. Armor, Artillery,Coastal artillery, Air defence battalion and reserves. And now... 1. Mech coy and a tank coy...
  2. Map Request Thread

    Since Palava is delivered maybe Gotland can be scheduled in now?
  3. Palava, CZ map

    Well done as usual!
  4. Map Request Thread

    Some strategic info about Gotland....
  5. Map Request Thread

    Three requests, I hope it gets up on your work list then! :clin: Gotland, Sweden, is south of the 60 degree latitude :luxhello:
  6. Map Request Thread

    I would like to see a map of Gotland. Gotland is a strategically important island in the Baltic sea. Attached is an example of a plan to isolate the Baltics. Capture Gotland to ensure air and sea superiority. Invade and isolate Finland. Capture south of Sweden to ensure the straits in and out of the baltics and set pressure on Denmark Annexation of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and get them back in the Russian Federation. Google coordinates SW: 57.480, 18.010 Size: 50 x 50 km
  7. AS Desert, EU Mirade maps....excellent

    Thanks for the great feedback. :luxhello: The maps are all fictional and for fun!
  8. Swedish Military Offense and Defense Scenarios

    I have read Maj Frykvalls thesis and it will be fun to see the scenario
  9. Rovajärvi map posted

    Watch out for Santa Claus, he is supposed to live in the area! :luxhello:
  10. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    Well that doesn't solve what I want... That's barely a method for applying certain events if somethings happen or not. I do not want to hide some vehicle in the vincinity to do this. I want options for buildings, roads, bridges and objects. :luxhello: Examples: Destroy bridge A after B-company has passed. Secure the fueldepot from destruction in area C.
  11. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    One thing that I would like to see in SB is assigning adjustable properties to objects. F. ex assigning an object the property fuel depot, ammo depot, medical facility, repair depot etc. Bridges is another object that should have properties for destroyed. Why? To have a more dynamic setup for scenario designers so the sim can use the properties of an object to evaluate conditions.
  12. Need beta testers!

    Great scenario KT, I enjoyed it a lot! Interesting when you are low on ammo and fuel, then you need to save your resources.
  13. New map up soon: Meride EU

    Just Download it, it's Work In Progress, so in some time I will upload an updated version.
  14. New map up soon: Meride EU

    I haven't measured but on my old machine their fair enough!
  15. New map up soon: Meride EU

    Thanks for the feedback so far! I'll give you a heads up, when you plan routes be sure to recon them thoroughly since there are very step slopes that vehicles can't pass. The slopes are not easily recognised only by looking on the map. If you choose attack and wedge formation and do not recon the route, you will have vehicles lost! :c: For the Swedes in the forum you can also download Swedish signs on my site to complete the experience