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  1. Great idea. Thank you Ssnake I'll give it a shot and see how it pans out.
  2. Awesome, thank you. Another question if you please, is there a way to either penalize a final score or cause an event not to happen if artillery falls into a certain area? I'm having an air assault trigger to bring in troops and some light vehicles. If the runway sustains damage then I want to make them unavailable.
  3. Just to clarify, when you say regular on-map artillery, you mean placed units on the map like 2S3s that are available under the artillery/units menu? thank you!
  4. Quick question on artillery. Can the AI use on-map artillery or are they limited to off map resources? I believe I read in one of the release notes that the AI can only use off map. Thank you!
  5. Thank you. That seems to do the trick. Also, x2 ICM strikes on top of each other works as well.
  6. Thank you sir, very helpful. Worked like a charm.
  7. Hi, I'm in the middle of making a scenario and noticed there wasn't a thread addressing this topic. Is there a way to destroy the red truss steel girder bridge? If so, how much munitions do I need to throw at it? Tried four airstrikes to no avail (not sure if the pilots just didn't pass their gunnery skills or not). If there is another thread addressing this topic please feel free to move. Thank you to the community for your help, Rhyfel
  8. Thank you Ssnake, a fantastic idea. I'll take a look at the scenario again and the scripting logic contained therein. I remember using it back in 2011 for one of my pitches to use SB as well.
  9. I took a bit of a break from SB. Several factors, personal, job, wing men availability, but in the end I always return. The reason is it addresses that nagging desire for me to employ tactics in perhaps realistic military scenarios (author dependent). I've long become bored with first person shooters and RTS games but SB constantly is something I come back to. I've learned that one of my passions is developing realistic scenarios, watching a group plan, and then execute. Specifically watching the commander absorb real time intelligence from the battlefield and make decisions. I was fortunate enough to be an instructor at the Maneuver Captains Career Course and employ SB with US Army combat officers looking to take command of infantry, armor or SF commands. Moving from paper to actually having students fight their plans was invaluable. Especially since they didn't have to keep bouncing around from simulation to simulation like the TRADOC command and Army leadership wanted, destroying immersion. From that, the biggest thing I struggle with are not interiors of vehicles or accuracy of weapon sights (though cool don't get me wrong) but: 1. AI driving into the water. Its not low ground to defend from but a tankers worse nightmare. The saying "Don't go where the cattails grow" is the first thing they teach you at AOBC. 2. Scripting takes way too long. Though this impacts my dedication to make a great scenario. 3. Scoring... honestly I still don't get it. Probably head space and timing on my part. 4. AI wanderlust: seems to have gotten a little worse in this latest version, but the AI linkage of platoons breaks very quickly and the trail vehicle decides to go smell the daisies off to the 3 o'clock. The ability of one person to command a platoon of vehicles with AI help was the biggest reason I was drawn to the game. Well aside from Dr. Sterrett. 5. Updating. I'm not a software designer, just some old tanker and Army Maneuver tactics instructor that loves the sim. But software updating has always been a significant emotional event. In the end its the satisfaction of watching commander's go through their OODA loops. But every once and awhile I love jumping into the gunner's seat and firing off SABOTS at a fast moving T-80. I can almost smell the cordite again and the sound of the aft cap hitting the floor... MCCC_Simulations.pdf
  10. What are people's thoughts on having a video link embedded in the scenario that sends the players to a YouTube video OPORD for the COOP mission? I did this once and wasn't sure of the desirability factor. I thought this would be great to help provide context and visualize the battle-space. Then again, its tough to get constructive comments on scenarios that are uploaded. Thank you!
  11. Thank you Grenny. I'll give it another shot. I think its going to come down to obstacle intelligence for the computer through scouting as well as some careful placing of different regions and conditional routes. Also maybe making some hide sites for the assault elements during the breach. I'm thinking the rollers need to come out too due to lack of speed. Of course this is all dependent upon the player not destroying HPTs prior to the breach
  12. I see this thread is a bit dated but this is the one Dr. Google keeps throwing me on this topic. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on OPFOR computer breaching (no human intervention). I've tried setting some breaching routes and then having the computer flow through it but it always ends up like a bad bumper car session where everyone is stuck in a corner. Any thoughts? Thank you for the help.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    The 10th DTG of the North Korean Army is attacking south to Seoul through the Chorwon Valley. Establish your defense and defend! This file is based upon a historical Maneuver Captains Career Course battalion phase training scenario. The development of this particular SB file started in 2010 and was used by several career course training groups as part of their "battalion phase" staff training. This version of the scenario removed the other company teams in order to make it playable as a medium sized coop mission. Enjoy!
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Attack to seize key terrain. Must breach an enemy fortification to reach the objective
  15. debug log DebugLog_Rhyfel_03DEC2016.txt
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