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  1. Thanks chaps, my joystick was deselected for some some reason and "Control Handle" was set. All good now . Maybe a "senior moment". :c:
  2. Hi guys, I have been using the latest version of SBProPE on my old PC with updated firmware without any problems. I installed the sim onto my new PC and plugged in the dongle and it worked fine yesterday together with my X52 Pro HOTAS. Today however, I can start the sim and load up an offline scenario but I have no control over the main gun. I have set all controls to default and unplugged the HOTAS but still no change. The sim still appears to be fully functional on my old PC. Can anyone help?
  3. Whatever you think best Mark. Just don't want to make things too slow for the more seasoned guys.
  4. Thanks for the link alboots, now that looks like a manual I can get to grips with. Plenty of diagrams too. Cheers! :thumbup:
  5. Thanks guys. Musn't let frustration get the better of me! Will do better with practice!
  6. Just tried the first Hornfelt scenario for the third time and just managed to get to the second phase line (furthest I have got to) before losing two tanks again. Can anyone suggest any tactics to use or any reading I can do to help? I am moving the two tank groups independently and trying to use overwatch but it is quite difficult to do in wooded terrain.
  7. Ok chaps, thanks for your help
  8. I have just completed the M1A1 tutorials and would like to play some more realistic scenarios to ease me into the sim. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which would be suitable? Cheers,
  9. Hi guys, just started trying to learn this sim so please bear with me if I ask any stupid questions. I am trying to adjust artillery fire from the 3D view. Can anyone give me the idiots guide on artillery adjustment? There seem to be a lot of variables in the adjustment dialog. What is the difference between Add/Drop and Up/Down. How do I adjust fire along a certain bearing? Any help gratefully received. :confused:
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