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  1. If thats gonna be on x-games next year, MBT rally-x, im gonna buy a ticket! "And now from the United States of America: Abrams!! And right next to him, from Russia: T90!!"
  2. bmbpdk

    Brians Law

    yeah, its all been said before, just in another way or in another sentence.
  3. bmbpdk

    Brians Law

    Ive made 20 "sayings", ive allways used when i was soldier, and trained the new soldiers. These 20 lines have never failed me, and they should´n fail you, if you follow them. You are free to use them across the internet and in real life, just credit me If you want i can give you some examples from real battle/history 1: Even if you cant see the enemy, the enemy can still see you 2: Even if you cant shoot at the enemy, the enemy can still shoot at you 3: The enemy of your enemy, can still be your enemy 4: Dont take what you cant hold, its bad for morale and a waste of resources 5: Its not how you enter a battle/war, but how you exit it 6: When the enemy is making a breakthrough of your lines, counterattack just before the qlimax of the enemy attack. 7: When starting a battle, make sure it is; Decisive, violent, surprising, simultaneously 8: Strike first, strike deep, strike decisively and agressively 9: Never move without support 10: Move from cover to cover 11: What can go wrong, dont allways go wrong 12: When loosing a battle, move back in order and under support and/or use smoke, ammo not used here, will be deducted from the "Human life" account. 13: A soldiers job is not to die in battle, but to win it 14: If an advance is to easy, suspect an ambush or counterattack 15: A bottleneck is useless, if no one cover it with fire 16: All weapons is useless and bad, if you dont know how to use them properly 17: Infantry cant fight effectively without cover or concealment 18: When near the frontline or behind enemy lines, allways behave and move as if under fire 19: Allways make the enemy think, he is superior, and then chrush him 20: Turn the enemys advantage, to his disadvantage
  4. could´n agree more, ive been playing alot of RTS, FPS and sim games, and perhaps the thing that i hate the most is, when "arcade-ish" (in lack of better words) only plays the game because of good graphics and dont even want to understand the units and their functions, and just bomb the the living daylight out of everything they see, and thinks that war and tactics are all about guns, bullets bombs and more guns, bullets and bombs. The other game i play may have more realistic graphics, but they just dont have any "brain", meaning that all you have to do is shooting everything from your left till your right. I simply love BS and the DCS titles, because the pure complexity and realistic gameplay is enough to scare away those "guns, bullets and bombs" players. oh, and one more thing, in a sim you only rarely hear players complaints about "OMG that is so overpowered", when in fact that the unit they think is OP´ed is under powered when compairing to the real units specs. So in short: Superb graphics dont make a game alone, gameplay and sounds does, and i cant complain about the new SB graphics, i would rather have more crewable russian/soviet tank and IFV instead of new graphics. One thing we have to remember is that, the game have to be backwards compatiable with the various DoD computers, they wont buy new computers because of the new game engine, so that may be the "hold-back", not the developers.
  5. I would say that comparing the BMP and the BTR are like comparing IFV with APC. BMP/IFV are fighting vehicles, meaning that they take the troops; up to the battle, into the battle and beyond the battle. The BTR and APC takes troops up to the battle, dismount the troops, then provide initial support (Like covering fire), and then comes up when its "safe" (Battlefields are never safe, but in lack of better word). The BMP/IFV are meant to "go along" with the troops, to give them the mobility, firepower and protection so the troops can protect the tanks. The BTR/APC are just a mean of transport (It sure beats walking) Thats just my oppinion.
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    Modding sounds

    many thanks! PS Like your signature :biggrin:
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    Modding sounds

    Hi all, i have made some new artillery sounds, but the sounds dont play ingame, only the standard sounds. They are in .wav format and in the mods/sounds/fx folder. I called them ArtyHeSplash and incoming. Which filenames must i use on the files so the game uses them?
  8. imaging what kind of battle that would be in SB.. m1a2, leo 2, challenger 2 versus t-72 and t-80´s, that would simply be EPIC! i have also seen several documentarys and read books about kursk, that battle and the ardennes (Wacht am Rhein campaign) is my favorite WWII battles. In modern time it is the 1973 "Yom Kippur" and the "six day battle"
  9. Since all on this forum has a interest in tanks and tank battles, i thought i would do a heads up of the 70th anniversary of the Tank Battle at Kursk The battle was fought from 5. july to 23. august 1943, between Nazi Germany and Russia. The battle involved as many as 6,000 tanks, 4,000 aircraft and 2 million fighting men and is remembered as the greatest tank battle in history (Data taking from historynet.com). The battle was fierce and brutal, especially around Prokhorovka, sometimes the tanks ran out of ammo and simply rammed each other! its funny how the anniversary is close to the release date of SB 3!
  10. "...focused on a Danish mechanised infantry battalion versus Soviet Airborne and Naval Infantry forces" I have been told, by "the old foxes", that the armys job was to fight regular battles inland, and to support NATO forces in Northern Germany. The defence of the waterways, harbours and airfields was left to the Navy and National Guard (Hjemmeværnet). The National Guard was also highly trained in fighting airborne attacks and lay ambushes. Before i joined the Army i was in the National Guard, and we could deploy/be ready within 45 minutes to 1½ hour, that was infact a Goverment demand to every National Guard unit across Denmark. Sidenote: The National Guard was not allowed to surrender in the first 48 - 72 hours, no matter who gave the surrender order: The Queen, the General, the Government.
  11. hi, i was a Danish MECHINF/Panzer Grenadier a few years back, so maybe i can help you a bit and did tour in Iraq. The organisation havent changed that much, since the late 80´s I remember the organisation as this: Platoon: 1 x M113 per squad 8-12 INF 1 x M113 for the PL (Platoon leader), allthough he and the 2nd in command often ride with each their squad. Several times in Iraq, we split our squads into two teams: 2 squads in two M113 each (total of four), and the last squad in two GD 270, moving x meters infront of the platoon. COY: The CO have his own M577 (M113 Command version), and in the old days their was a protection/support squad attached to the CO vehicle, the protection/support squad is no longer there. The COY XO usually ride with the one of the PL´s, back in the 80´s he probally had his own M113
  12. waiting eagerly for a Dev to write: "how did you find the trailer for the new SB?" :debile2:
  13. Clearing a minefield at night, before morning attack. Mission: Brave Rifles mission 7 /c16CjfDFl9k
  14. Some screenshot from yesterdays gameplay
  15. thanks for the answers everyone. I might try to "Sign up" this weekend, ive done 60% of all the tutorials. My favorite vehicle is the Leo 2A5, and the CV90, ive done the gunnery tut, and on the leo i have several times had a hit propability of 90-100% and on the CV90 60-80% My internet connection is a 30/30 fiber, and have a pretty high end PC: Intel i7 4.0 ghz quadcore, nvidia 560gtx, 24gb ram, windows 7 64, and for gaming i use a logitech joystick and logitech g13, and a logitech g930 headset
  16. hi all, i have considered multiplaying, but is there any "new guy" scenarios being run for new multiplayers? I have seen some of the multiplayer videos on youtube, and would lke some more experinece, before i join the "Top Gun" guys in a multiplayer session. Since the time would be 04:00 here in Denmark, when the MP sessions starts, i would like to hear for how long the MP sessions last, so i perhaps could join one in the morning (Danish time).
  17. LOL that reminds me of a time when i was training some new guys, on the thermal, in the Royal Danish National Guard (Hjemmeværnet), they followed 2 deers for over three hours in the woods, thinking they was the enemy. The next day the lesson was in "Thermal signatures" :biggrin: P.S. They were superb in tactical movement and stealth, the deers never knew they was there.
  18. SB 2013? Graphical enhancements? ive been away from SB since october, so im guessing im missing something here. tried the search function, but did find any "official" post about SB 2013, does anybody have a link to an "official" post about SB 2013?
  19. rSWB5GIiJNE Clips from mission: Brave Rifles part 1 Download the mission pack at: www.steelbeasts.com Buy the game at: www.esimgames.com Copyright www.bmbp.dk
  20. at 0:22 aint that from the old movie "Joe´s Apartment"?
  21. oh yes... its only mm from detonating
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