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  1. I thought you mentioned in another posting , this is not a game? And reality should be the main object? Hmmm... I get so confused what this game / sim is at times.. wonder why? ahh well.. it don't matter..was just a thought thrown outloud.. as some sims actually go that far.. and are considered just "games" around here.. That tar is actually a very nice system / plugin, no need for different channels.. you all stay together and just change frequency... like in the real world... but yeah, I can see we need to not talk about it here.. rgr.. I digress..
  2. My bad, I meant for us lowlife types with the PE edition..lol not in the military side... I will update my posting. It's good to know that this is thought out and is actually used on the military side though..
  3. Still no love or solutions we have found for his headset.. Pretty popular headset, surprised someone else does not already use one. ahh well, he kinda been getting out of SB anyways already..sigh..
  4. Does this mean in an earlier version they worked fine? Myself, as a "new" user coming on the scene in 2.640 I would expect all the maps within the game "did" work if they are still included. Yes, that would be a quality issue. Not everyone been around ten years. If nothing else, a list of maps that currently work and do not work should be included no?
  5. Wow, for some reason my other postings about not steping on old community toes and with "all due respect" added before typing, I don't worry about anymore. Seems forum has plenty of conflict already. Didn't even know TGIF maps are always "first" runs.. or mainly.. that's interesting. Question: All this Friday nite battle stuff, Is there a zip of past TGIF maps so new guys can see what OLD guys have already played? or are they just mixed in with the rest of the downloads? or are they not anyplace to be downloaded?
  6. On the subject of headsets and communications.. for the PE edition.. when is one of the local programing gurus going to add in a system something like TARS for DCS(that other simulator) http://www.excessiveheadspace.com/tars/user-manual/tars-teamspeak-3/ Pretty neat feature for that "realist" feeling.
  7. Actually it works pretty good for Windows 7 32 bit also.. I use to use it for DCS BlackShark 2 and A10 Warthog to get the shadows etc... seems that's all the (64? bit) programs check for is mem size. When released the programs actually had been listed as 32 or 64 bit systems, then changed to 64bit only. Although they both run much better on 64 bit systems, they do work and playable on the 32 bit windows 7 with 4gb memory and this fix/hack.. Note, I also had quadcore AMD cpu running 3.2ghz and 1 gb 460 nvidia card. goto a DOS window by typing CMD into your "search programs and files" type bcdedit /set increaseuserva 3072 and press enter then reboot.. if you wish to reverse this command back to default, simply use "bcdedit /deletevalue increaseuserva" and reboot again... that the /3GB your talking about?
  8. Then I will quit trying to remove it... thanks..
  9. Ok, seems I missed something.. usually do.. when creating a scenario with F8 unchecked(Observer Mode not used) under options, it seems to work fine in single player on each side. When runing it in Multiplayer, it still allows F8 view, what did I miss?
  10. I have a friend with a Logitech G35 headset who does not seem to be able to get directional sound within SB... I have a cheap MS USB headset that picks it up quite easily.. has anyone had or have this problem with G35 headset or know a solution? We tried about everything we can think of..
  11. I noticed "blank" map is pretty flat, but still not completely.. and pretty blank if you want something with nothing..
  12. Welp, Cleveland County, NC anyways.. it encompasses the battle site at Kings Mountain back in the revolution.. Some interesting history. Historians consider the Battle of Kings Mountain to be the "turning point in the South" in America's War for Independence. The victory of Patriots over Loyalist troops destroyed the left wing of Cornwallis army. The battle also effectively ended, at least temporarily, the British advance into North Carolina. Lord Cornwallis was forced to retreat from Charlotte into South Carolina to wait for reinforcements. The victory of the Overmountain Men allowed General Nathaniel Greene the opportunity to reorganize the American Army. When British General Henry Clinton learned of his men's defeat at Kings Mountain, he is reported to have called it "the first link of a chain of evils" that he feared might lead to the collapse of the British plans to quash the Patriot rebellion. He was right. American forces went on to defeat the British ar Cowpens. A little more than a year after Kings Mountain, Washington accepted Cornwallis's surrender at Yorktown, Virginia. The North Carolina city of Kings Mountain used to be called White Plains. When the city was incorporated in 1874, Mrs. James Wright Tracey decided that Kings Mountain would be a more appropriate name since the community was the closest town to the mountain. The City of Shelby is named for Isaac Shelby. Many streets in Shelby including Washington, Lafayette and Marion, are named for Revolutionary War heroes. Shelby and Kings Mountain are in Cleveland County, which was named for Benjamin Cleveland. The county was formed in 1841 and until 1885, spelled its name "Cleaveland," just the way the colonel spelled his name. However, in 1885, Grover Cleveland became president and there was some confusion over the spelling of the county's name. In 1887, a special bill was passed in the North Carolina General Assembly which authorized the elimination of the letter a. The mountain remains and is a very distinct feature of the area seen for miles. Rolling hills till the Blue Ridge to it's west. Then the largest Mountain range on the eastern coast, the Appalachians. Would most likely make another battlefield today comming out of Charlotte, if fate had it's chance. History has the habit of repeating itself. And..that's probably more information then you cared to know..
  13. Ahhh rgr..thanks for the update..I was wondering actually how this all works over the internet(not classroom) as in size and limits... Unfortunate for me..I don't have a classroom connected to a lan.. so I was looking at what the limits on the internet may be.. what's the average size of games before lag appears etc.. I wasn't on a "witch hunt" just wondering how well it performed. I have yet to play with more than 6 guys online and for the games I have played all seemd fine, but they have been limited to size of equipment and players.
  14. Are you sure your not taking personally what others "new" to the game wonder why is not implemented?, which is standard these days? or how they play and see a game? Do you have the certificate that makes "you" the resident online gaming expert? most certificates to me are pure (pardon the word) Rubbish also. He is just seeing a lack of a big community in an awesome tank game. Communities do matter, and this title seems to have a very strong hearted one, but small one. There is always more than one way to skin a cat and opinions like "ours" are usually a dime a dozen and "yes", probably already thought of by those that can actually program it in. I thought these have all been suggestions and nothing more. The last thing I saw written in "stone" was some tablets long ago. (ok, I didn't actually see them..but I heard quite a bit about them) Would have to agree... Common Sense will dictate the future of drop in or not for this title. I think that has been clear and will be decided in the next "year" or two as Ssnake has mentioned, so case closed. As for the Editor, the random feature, Im still learning and love the simplistic abilities allowed within the mission editor. Chance engagements and change of tactics can be manipulated pretty easily. Im still learning as to what extent. the event switch to count members, I guess already allows for the spawn of additional units if "human" player count adds up? But with once again no disrespect to the present community, this is basicly how Arma does it also and has dropin 24/7 servers with the AI losing and regaining areas as the days(yes days) pass. Does not mean Arma Series is better, in fact if the vehicles had any feel to them, I wouldn't be here. We just don't live in a perfect world. But also does not mean adding dropins and 24/7 servers makes a quake gamish type game. Once any scenario in "any" game is played enough, you "do" know what your heading into. If you got the script in front of you of the scenario, you even know before hand. Yes, its all scripted in the end, hopefully this is one mean editor with a great tree branch for this scripting. Looks like it so far! Common Sense is FREE.. and I am sure the development team here knows what vision they are leading to and also have common sense of their own. Till the future arrives.. Im going to be quite happy learning the present.
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