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  1. Operation Scorpion Mission 4: Killing Ground

    Very challenging and nice mission! Bring all your time management and multitasking skills. Oh, you'll also need a towel: if you survive...
  2. Mission 4 of Operation Scorpion submitted

    I don't think you should put the password out for now. I think you should give a little time till it ages a little. The mission is a jawbreaker from the start. I love a mission that keeps you on your toes. Plan well!!! Nice scenario.
  3. Mission 4 of Operation Scorpion submitted

    After a few seconds, mine ended too. Want to fight this scenario. I think it may be as kuul as the others before it.
  4. T-14 ARMATA new russian tank

    Has anyone even considered the failed MBT-70 design with the crew capsule? According to tests, it was horrible; leaving the crew disoriented and so forth.
  5. Steel Beasts: Content Wish List

    M60A3 Crewable. I know this a shot in the dark, but M551 Sheridans for the airborne.