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  1. I attended I/ITSEC last week and among the many interestings things I saw this collaboration between eSim and Calytrix got my attention. http://www.calytrix.com/products/titan-steelbeasts-integration-pack/
  2. They Shall Not Grow Old

    This looks really good, unfortunately all the cinemas near me are sold out, which I think is great for such an unusual cinema showing, hopefully it will come out on DVD so I can catch it then, one for the Xmas list I think.
  3. Video Thread

  4. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    To be honest I'm not sure, I haven't be enable to find a breakdown of the scoring for each team. And here's a list of tasks that were included, gleaned from the ARRSE forums, https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/threads/cgs-upgrading-challenger-and-warrior.252210/page-161 3 shoot outs, platoon size 1 hand gun firing 1 tank recovery with NBC threat 1 IED attack, tank repair and wounded soldier 1 driving only by following the orders of the commander 1 find 40 targets and report them 1 manual firing using emergency mode There were apparently a further four tasks not listed.
  5. Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

    Final scores: 1st place - Germany 1450 points 2nd place - Sweden 1411 points 3rd place - Austria 1321 points 4th place - France 1186 points 5th place - Poland 1151 points 6th place - United Kingdom, Queen’s Royal Hussars, 1140 points 7th place - USA 1100 points 8th place - Ukraine 950 points
  6. Basra map

    That's looking really great daskal, keep up the good work I'm really looking forward to using this map when it's finished 😀
  7. Can you still buy a DVD copy/printed manual?

    Ok, it might be a good time to start a good book
  8. Can you still buy a DVD copy/printed manual?

    brainrotter, are you based in the UK? I'm happy to burn the 4.023 dowload to a dvd and send it to you if that would help.
  9. Welcome to 2018!

    Happy new year from a very damp UK
  10. SB 4.023 TGIF feedback

    CR2 works fine on the firing range, could it be a multiplayer specific bug?
  11. Team Yankee Mission 1

    I played it the other night, I think you have done it justice, quite faithful to the book and obviously where you have improved greatly over Stuart's first incarnation of Team Yankee is incorporating new vehicles that were't available ten years ago, also the procedures that these vehicles can perform now also enhance the mission, great fun indeed I won't attach any screen shots other than the score screen so as not to spoil any surprises for anyone still wanting to give it a go.
  12. Team Yankee Mission 1

    You're welcome Stuart, they're still fun to this day
  13. Team Yankee Mission 1

    I've just dowloaded and opened the file ok.
  14. Team Yankee Mission 1

    Looking forward to giving this a run
  15. Building a WW1 Tank

    Yes it was, in the end it wasn't the local councillors that called time, they were all for it, it was the police that played the health and safety card, and stopped it taking part in the Lincoln remembrance service. but in the end they took the Tank to a place that was just as appropriate, maybe even more so, the Cambrai battlefield.