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  1. Don't let that stop you Nils ๐Ÿ˜
  2. Order placed for the bundle, really looking forward to 4.1, it's been a while coming but all good things are worth waiting for ๐Ÿ˜€
  3. Holly thread resurrection Hog man!!!
  4. I can't make it, but hope to do the one in September, I hope you and Hedge have a great time and look forward to seeing lots of pictures.
  5. Well done guys, looked good! I love the idea of taking a Steel Beasts Lan party to a gaming convention, hopefully you had a lot of interest and were busy.
  6. I can't imagine how bad it would be, I saw an overhead shot last night showing the extent of the fire and damage to the roof and interior, to say it was upsetting is an understatement!
  7. Terrible news indeed.
  8. I'm not going this year, the dates unfortunately clash with a prior commitment, have fun guys
  9. I attended I/ITSEC last week and among the many interestings things I saw this collaboration between eSim and Calytrix got my attention. http://www.calytrix.com/products/titan-steelbeasts-integration-pack/
  10. This looks really good, unfortunately all the cinemas near me are sold out, which I think is great for such an unusual cinema showing, hopefully it will come out on DVD so I can catch it then, one for the Xmas list I think.
  11. To be honest I'm not sure, I haven't be enable to find a breakdown of the scoring for each team. And here's a list of tasks that were included, gleaned from the ARRSE forums, https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/threads/cgs-upgrading-challenger-and-warrior.252210/page-161 3 shoot outs, platoon size 1 hand gun firing 1 tank recovery with NBC threat 1 IED attack, tank repair and wounded soldier 1 driving only by following the orders of the commander 1 find 40 targets and report them 1 manual firing using emergency mode There were apparently a further four tasks not listed.
  12. Final scores: 1st place - Germany 1450 points 2nd place - Sweden 1411 points 3rd place - Austria 1321 points 4th place - France 1186 points 5th place - Poland 1151 points 6th place - United Kingdom, Queenโ€™s Royal Hussars, 1140 points 7th place - USA 1100 points 8th place - Ukraine 950 points
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