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  1. Could this be the reason why I didn't hear the M256 on the M1A2 and the L7 on the Leo1 yesterday? I did hear the L30A1, the 30mm Bushy on the CV9030 and one more I cannot remember at the moment, though... edit: nevermind. 24 hrs later everything's fine without me doing anything. Oh well...
  2. God, I love the thought of that! That'll teach that bastard to muck up my TOW launches! Enough with the torture! When can we have this divine upgrade?
  3. Yeah, it's probably better than moving my left hand away from p, space, m and n and the right hand off the mouse just to switch to TIS on or off. But at least I've got a brand spanking new keychart to whip the AI with!! Woohooo! Too bad I've got nearly two hours more left of yet another boring military-day stuck in my office :mad:
  4. Thanks for the heads-up. I was a really happy little monkey when I figured out that I didn't need to bring the CD around with my laptop all the time....kinda forgot the manual and all :casstet: ...another hate-issue is the laptop keyboard - the Function key is on the left side with most of the essential keys on the right side. But, that's the price to pay to be able to play wherever I am, I guess... but I sure do miss the option to configure those keys. I wish I woke up tomorrow with SB2 in my hands...
  5. After a lot of practice I've finally started to kick the AI around...but, there's one little annoying thing - the soddin' TC is soooooo hooked up about engaging infantry at 3km when there's armour just over a ridge. Now, my manual is some 2000km to the south of where I am, so I might be asking a question it would answer...but, is there a key to press to tell the TC to stop wasting my time with the bleeding infantry that can't hurt me and concentrate on the T-80 that can? :casstet: If not, I would be one happy git if it was added to SB2.....
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